Frat pledging stories

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I'm a freshman in college and have been hearing quite a few tales about hazing. Really I don't understand why folks would go through it, but it's pretty fascinating, and a tad horrifying. My cousin was in a sorority. They had all the pledges go outside in bikini's while fraternity members came out with sharpies and circled all the fat on their bodies.

That's fucked up to do to girls. I'm not even a girl and i know that would kill a girl's already somewhat shaky self-esteem. Hmm, sharpies and bikini girls.

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Sounds like its 4chan fall rush. The cruelest things I had to deal with when pledging to a fraternity were on the low end of what I've seen sororities do. For a guy on a power trip, you embarrass someone and you're good. Keep it within the guidelines set before you, even. Sorority Sisters are unadulterated evil. Not necessarily. A sorority on my campus got kicked off because they would make their pledges choose between doing a line of coke or dildoing themselves in front of their sisters.

Not me: this was a close friend who I would trust with my life, and thus I trust his word. Hazing process for a frat- aside from the generic being made to clean, fix shit around the house and pick up after everyone. Kidnapped after class- pillowcase over the head tossed into a random van which then sped off, hands zip-tied behind the back. One of my high school teachers has a similar story to your first one:. They would Frat pledging stories the pledges drunk and then drop them off on the side of the road at 2am and they would have to find their way back.

They had to stop though once one of the pledges got hit by a car and nearly died. These don't sound that bad really. The fact that they didn't make him drink the nasty stuff shows that your friend's fraternity was relatively tame in their hazing in comparison to others. The worst one was the vodka one because you're forced to binge drink, but I wouldn't be suprised if his other pledge brothers were allowed to help since any task is technically the whole pledge class's task.

That sounds like a memory for a lifetime. This is the kind of hazing I don't have a problem with. You're making the whole pledge class work as a team to find a solution to a problem. The hazing that I don't understand is kind that's solely for the purpose of making the pledge suffer eating nasty shit, physical punishment.

I'm assuming you didnt make it through pledging if you're writing a book on this. Chances are doing so would bring shit down on the fraternity nationwide. The absolute worst was sitting in the basement, with only a candle, separating colored sprinkles into separate piles based on color. I think some of the worst stories we had was phone tag, run around the damn town answering payphones all night, Campfire night eating weird shit alllll night the kidnapping, the quitter, all Frat pledging stories and what we called Puke Piss or shit. Think of a 5 gallon gas can with a 3 inch hose, setup like a beer bong Case in your face was worse than red zones in afghan.

I think I read that wrong. My fraternity routinely has keg races with teams of 8 for fun Hey everyone, I'm actually the inductor for a fraternity in California, so I think I can help you out a bit. I'm going to "gift" some pledges tonight by making them do navy seal exercises on the beach or a few hours. Last week we made them do a scavenger hunt to LA 3 hours away that lasted all night, making them do things such as get a stripper to your ass, and sneak into universal studios.

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If Frat pledging stories didn't make them go through some shit together they wouldn't become brothers. They could be great friends, but it takes going through trying experiences with another man to truly create the kind of lifelong connection that we want. I can see how someone no familiar with the Greek system could think otherwise, but ask anyone who went through it, and they'll tell you that it was necessary. I'm the inductor for my fraternity too, and we have similar activities.

We called that watching TV. And there was an analog - holding a 10lb weight in front, back ramrod straight up on toes and elbows - that they called 'playing nintendo' - we had to make game noises and thumb the controller etc. Yep, we got the shit hazed out of us, but they called it basic training. Same diff. My fraternity didn't do anything I would call hazing. We did some improvement type projects for the house and had fun. I think that there are probably more jokes about hazing than actual abuse. That being said, stand up for yourself.

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If any "brother" tries to make you do something you don't want to do, then just leave. There is no reason to be part of an organization like that in my opinion. Found the internet! Hazing Stories: you got any? Sort by: best. Continue this thread.

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One of my high school teachers has a similar story to your first one: They would get the pledges drunk and then drop them off on the side of the road at 2am and they would have to find their way back. Do tell. That's not what I expected.

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Frat pledging stories

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