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For now we are stuck in the car, watching the trees pass and fade into desert. My grandfather lives in Arizona, the home if the lizards my momma calls it. Daddy came too, he held me in his lap like a special girl as we drove up the last mile of road and into the dusty drive way near a large white house with a huge all around patio. The front yard had some cactus that grew under the shade of a swing set that looked old and rusty. I ran passed it as I slid out of the passenger door and ran up to the porch into Grandpas arms.

He was big, warm, and his hands always tightly hugged me into him. I smiled and blushed. Grandpa kissed my forehead and then ran a hand up and down my bum. When I was ready I came out of my room and raced out to the back yard where my mom and dad stood eating icecream. My grandfather was in trunks and sat in the pool with a beer. I raced into the pool and waded around happily. It was hot and sunny, unlike Minnesota where I lived. I loved Arizona, I decided.

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Bojangles, the black cat, sprung along the fence posts a few feet away meowing for attention from my father. Daddy patted the kitty as I swam up to Grandpa and snuggled near him. He patted me and sipped more beer. He swatted me lightly as I squealed and giggled with delight. Before he reached I felt my skin sizzle and tingle with each swat. I blushed and then he rubbed my bum curiously. I shook my head and then grinned at him.

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He nodded. After swimming I got my burger and ate in the house while watching TV. The lights were being turned off when I started to feel tired. I sighed and walked in my night gown to the bedroom and laid in my bed without need for blankets. I awoke in the middle of the night in tears, the dream that had plagued me was forgotten but I was still scared and shaking. He sat up looking startled. I sat up and felt tears leak out of my eyes. He looked torn and then patted my head very hastily. This content appeared first on new sex story. He sighed and was startled when I leaned over and hugged into him.

I sat on his lap, hoping he would hold me my momma did and stop protesting. He laid back and hummed, trying to make me fall asleep, but I struggled. I watched the moonlight dance through the blinds for awhile and then wiggled as something poked my leg, and then my crotch. For some reason that second poke caused an electric shock to run up my stomach and ball in chest. I held my breath and wiggled to feel it, I felt Grandpa grunt, his hand instinctively pressing me closer.

I began to run against it, closing my eyes as it made my blood tingle and my skin turn into flames. I began to rock hard enough to creak the bed, gripping grandpa with a new fury of passion,hoping whatever this was would stop and at the same time praying to god it never would. Grandpa lay quietly, only gripping me tighter as his poke got harder.

It got so intense that grandpas arm began to lift my gown until the poke was this warm hard something rubbing into my private parts. I felt the need to pee and stopped, pure fear and dread filling me. I began to move more as a rocket shot of electricity released me of all control and caused me to pee. Grandpa held me, heaving, grunting, but not moving a muscle.

He gave a tiny thrust that slid the hard thing along my privates. I left to my bedroom, scared I was in trouble, but to tired to wait for punishment. I fell asleep in my bed my crotch wet with pee. To be continued. View all posts by StarChan. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Free Sex Chat. Kim s our fun. Published by. StarChan View all posts by Free granddaughter grandfather sex stories. post: Supporting Mum. Next Next post: Sharing a bed with mum.

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