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I imagine my family is a little different from you. I have a brother and two sisters, all older than me. My Aunt Sandy lives with us, and her daughter Harriet as well. Mom and Dad are old hippies that used to live in a commune in Bend, Oregon, back in the day.

Anyway, we were raised around constant nudity, and, when we got to be young adults, casual sex between anyone who wished it, and that was pretty much everyone. They keep it enlarged a lot. Annie is a year older than me and works in an office downtown. She is single, and still lives with us. She likes to waterski and hike, a real skinny, tanned, lithe outdoor chick.

She is a bookworm and anime fan, and hides behind thick glasses, which only make her cute face sexier. Mom and Dad are greying a bit, but still attractive and both are quite fit, since they bike and walk everywhere, and are both vegetarians. Also, they smoke a lot of weed, which is now legal, and it just makes everyone around here happier and hornier.

I was a little tired because I had been out with some friends, and was still lying in bed this last Saturday morning. I was naked, lying under the sheets and looking out at the Pacific Northwest summer sun. My door creaked and I looked up Freeuse sex stories see Mom walking in. As usual in the morning, she was bare chested, walking around in some thong panties, and that was all.

Can I suck you off real quick? Her slim hand felt cool as it wrapped around my cock, and without hesitating, she leaned down and began licking the head of my dick. Her mouth was warm and wonderful as it descended on my shaft, and I could feel her Freeuse sex stories around my morning wood. She moaned with pleasure as I began moving my hips up and down, fucking her throat, as she loved me to do. Her hands were on my six pack now, resting on my torso, as she slurped and sucked, and I fucked her mouth. Her eyes looked up at me, catching my gaze, and she managed to smile around my cock.

She popped off of it, huffing for breath.

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One of her hands wormed between my legs, and a finger popped into my ass. She moaned with pleasure as she sucked and lapped up the cum flooding her mouth. Finally she stopped, and came up for air, still licking her lips. She clambered up to my face and gave me a wet kiss, spitting my own cum into my mouth. I nodded, and she flopped down beside me on the bed, pulling off her panties. I bent down with my head and began suckling one of her tits, like an infant, with long sucking strokes of my mouth. At the same time, my hand was down at her soaking crotch, and by twisting my palm a certain way, I slid two fingers in her tight butthole, and two into her sopping cunt.

Her cunt began spraying squirt water, filling the air with the fertile smell of wet satisfaction. My hand and arm was covered with her squirt as she began to stop moving. We lay there a minute, and I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and ass. You have no idea how erotic it is for me to drink your liquids. Now Freeuse sex stories me.

She sat on the toilet, and began pissing. I could see and hear her own stream. She opened her mouth, and as I have done many times, began focusing a stream of piss into her mouth, half of which she swallowed, and half of which ran down her naked body in a yellow sheen, and ed with hers. When I ran dry, she licked off my cock, and then got up. I hopped into the shower, and was cleaning up, wondering whether anyone else had a Mother half as awesome as mine, when I heard the bathroom door open, and then the shower curtain moved, and Melanie was looking in at me.

She was naked, short and curvy, covered in tattooes, with large, pendulous breasts, a small but pooky belly, and a splendid fine BBW ass. She also had a thick bush of cunt hair, which was different than Annie, who shaved her kitty. I nodded. But if not, maybe you can eat me until I cum. I reached over and turned off the water. We hopped out of the shower and spent 30 seconds doing some quick towel work, but Freeuse sex stories still soaking wet when Melanie slid onto my bed, and spread her curvy white legs, and then pushed aside her hairy bush pubes with her fingers.

Her pink labia were spread. She breathed out with pleasure and relief as I began fucking her. I bent down and we kissed intimately- Melanie loved to kiss and could kiss for hours. That was different from Annie who would rather spend that hour sucking your cock and being ass fucked.

After she finished, I pulled out. Melanie sat up and gave me a peck on the cheek.

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Thanks for the dick. I need to go get dressed.

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See you downstairs. And then my sister walked out of my room, also a little unsteadily. I moved quickly for my clothes, hoping to get dressed before my other sister Annie or my Aunt Sandy or my cousin Harriet came in for some morning fucking. Source: reddit. post. Next post. post [FF] I ate pussy for the first time. Next post Stoned sex le to mutual orgasm [MF].

Freeuse sex stories

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