Funny breastfeeding stories

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Funny Breastfeeding Stories.

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Sherry: You walk around the house for a few minutes before realizing you never put your boob away. Amy: You Funny breastfeeding stories and apologize to your friends for smelling like a mixture of sweat and milk due to random let downs. Dana: You are happy to have limo tint on the back windows of your car because you spend so much time pumping in the back seat.

Christine: Your knit shirts are all stretched out because of your toddler reaching down and grabbing for self service. Melissa: You question how much milk spillage is acceptable on a shirt before you change it Suzanne: You use your milk as a cure everything from sunburns to eye and ear infections. Alethra: When hunger, tiredness, getting hurt, or any other dilemma is solved and smoothed over with whipping out the boob.

Problem solved! I hope I put on my breast p today! Angela: When you bring your breast pump on your Vegas trip and plan everything around your pumping schedule. Times have changed! Our Story. Our Team. Our Foundation. Inducing Lactation. Returning to Work. Bottle Feeding. Tummy Time. Speech Language Pathology. Office Covid Protocols.

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Group Classes. Prenatal Classes. Back to Work Class.

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Doula Education Program. Support Groups. Resources Overview. Monthly Giveaway Partners. Amazon Store. Working Parents. Nursing In Public. CA Rights.

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Covid Book an Appointment. Cyndi: You have to plan your work meetings around your pumping schedule. April: All your shirts open in the front. Amy: You go to run a 10k and pack your pump as part of your post-race routine. Kelly: Every shirt you own had a stain from leaking over one or both breasts.

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Bethany: You feel your boobs all day to see which one needs to be nursed from next. Ruthii: When sitting next to you becomes a splash zone. Jennifer: You catch your toddler breastfeeding her dolly. Julie: When you cry over spilling an ounce of milk on the counter. Jacqueline: Your boobs are often lopsided.

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