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Nonetheless, I do still care about what people think of my disability, especially those who hopefully want to sleep with me. Of course, the thought of doing this made my anxiety soar faster than a Britney Spears song racing up the charts btw, FreeBritney. Typically, I would wait until I have been chatting with someone for a while before exposing that part of myself.

Surely, that would get the message across! And to keep myself honest, I came up with three rules for myself:. I had heard horror stories from other, braver people who showcased their disabilities on dating apps. How long would it take for someone to notice, or bring it up?

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What would they say? An hour passed.

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Then two… and still nothing. In that time, I received plenty of taps many of which I tapped back, because I am a gentleman, duh and messages. And not. Before I knew it, my 30 days was up, and still nothing—save for one guy, DeafBi, who tapped me but did not respond to my messages, go figure! Had I rigged the system? Were people just so evolved that my disability meant nothing to them? Or, more realistically, did people simply not read bios? For all my years of internal turmoil on whether to disclose my disability to potential suitors, I had finally worked up the courage to do it, and here I was, with nothing to show for it.

It was anticlimactic beyond measure. Putting my metaphorical lab coat away this was an experiment, after allI decided to remove my disability from my profile and go back to the way things were a. You can be the most hilarious person ever in your bio, or admit to being a complete psycho murderer, and no one will ever see it! And who knows, maybe this would have played Funny grindr stories differently on another app, like, say, Tinder?

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