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Awkward is defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as lacking social grace or insurance or causing embarrassment. Sometimes you have to question the intelligence of the creative decisions by any pro wrestling organization. Someone on that booking stuff just loves jokes about everything from being fat to being dead. There are many thorns in pro wrestling history which are not entirely equaled by the roses. The following are the moments that were the most disgusting, horrendous, embarrassing, business-destroying and just plain awkward in professional wrestling's long history.

The fact that Nash sold a finger poke to the chest like a "cannonball to the chest" was just bad.

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It is made even weirder thanks to Sting's Joker ripoff gimmick, and the fact that he is putting over Hogan as a major threat because he can hit a guy with a steel chair. Apparently, Randy Orton has mental issues, which gives him an excuse to crush anyone and get no retribution.

As if the idea of two men having intimate homosexual relations didn't already rile up enough people, this ended in an even worse way. Well, that just made the whole situation weirder, especially since WWE had gained GLAAD's support for the angle by originally saying that the two would actually get married.

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Apparently, McMahon actually orchestrated the sacrifices of several people including his own daughter for no particular real reason. It was a horrible time for WWE Diva division, and it had some horrible moments with Santina trying to act like a girl.

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During this feud, David would taser his father, be committed to an asylum and make out with the divas. This has got to be weird for everyone involved, and it also spawned a moment that involved Big Show's own club with one member. The ultimate example of TNA thinking it was cool to put together reality and storylines. So Dixie Carter, after originally putting Jarrett on a leave of absence for the situation, eventually decided to have him come back and use the angle as a storyline.

While Kane 's search for his brother was interesting, it also brought us many uncomfortable moments. In the end, he was the man behind the attack that threw his own brother into a coma, which made his abductions all the more pointless and uncomfortable. Sure, it was weird that we were parading around that Vince was unfaithful, but let's face it: It had been done many times before. Let's not even try to think about who the mother was, or the fact that Finlay ended up being Hornswoggle's real father.

As if mass media wasn't bad enough, WWE ed the fun of showing us all that women need to be toothpicks to be pretty. Mickie James, who is not at all fat, was called "Piggy James" by Laycool again and again. It was just another way that WWE showed that it has no sense of its affect on its audience. He could have used a prosthetic if he wished, but he chose to wrestle without it, usually to add to his appeal. During his tenure in the WWE, Gowen was beat down, abused and thrown down a flight of stairs all because he was missing a leg.

Then he was released. At first, this was an honorable and heart-warming thing to see as Rey finally won the World Title. While it may have looked happy from the outside, it was disturbing when you really began looking at it. ECW had lost a man for a tag match they had planned, and a year old boy named Eric Kulas, who looked much older and lied about his age, convinced them to let him wrestle. This angle actually includes credible stars in Rey Mysterio and the late Eddie Guerrero. The worst part: one day, they decided it would be a great idea to make fun of JR's real Bell's palsy.

It would lead to an even more awkward moment for the audience as the two would compete in a Kennel From Hell match which was just horrible to witness. The Undertaker was beating down Daivari, who was Hassan's manager at the time, when Hassan decided to pray for thugs to help him. As if it wasn't awkward at first, this episode would air right after the Al Quaida terrorist attacks on downtown London.

However, nothing is stranger than watching this fighting between Funny pro wrestling stories Piper and Goldust. During the match, Goldust would attempt and successfully kiss Piper along with being stripped to the point where he was only wearing women's lingerie. Funny pro wrestling stories a feud with a stable named Kaientai, Venis apparently slept with a young women who was the wife of stable's manager named Wally Yamagauchi. Needless to say they were mad and decided to castrate Venis for what he did.

Heidenreich was a crazy superstar who decided one day that he wanted to "study" Michael Cole personally. During a strange time in the WWF, Hawk was supposedly booked as being drunk or on drugs. It was a horrible play to try and gain controversy and led to the Legion of Doom leaving the company.

What makes this story even worse is that Snitsky would try to say he was sorry for the attack later. The moment was big and garnered a large amount of media coverage, but it never went anywhere.

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During the build up here, McMahon made fun of every facet of religion, and the WWE even acted as though the match wasn't a handicap match with God being portrayed as an overhead light in the promotional pictures for the match until it started. With the religious sentiment in the world today, I am Funny pro wrestling stories McMahon did not get in serious political trouble for this.

It is hard to imagine that anyone thought this extremely serious real-world issue was worthy of comedic music and a regular spotlight. No matter how much they try to move on, Triple H and Kane were still involved with this angle. For those who don't know, Triple H was feuding with Kane at the time when he decided it would be a great idea to make fun of Kane. He decided it would be hilarious to portray Kane having sex with his dead girlfriend's Katie Vick corpse. ECW decided that would be edgy to have Raven, who was in a feud with the Sandman, actually crucify Sandman in front of the audience.

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