Gainer stories bhm

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Hoping to find the perfect feeder to help me get there. He groans quietly, and you turn to look at him. You smile, arousal at the sight washing over you. It started with larger meals, a less intense gym routine, letting go and having a burger once in a while. It took time, but he was amenable to the changes eventually. Then meals turned never-ending, his gym shorts gathering dust, fast food on the menu daily.

He eyed off his growing figure with suspicion and concern but your positive reinforcement kept him going Gainer stories bhm his better judgement - the more he ate, the better the sex. As his stomach stretched and he became used to his new lifestyle, he even looked like he was enjoying himself a little. And now here he is, past the point of no return. He reaches to his side and grabs a fistful of fries from the paper bag next to him, cramming them in his mouth, still staring at the TV. Grease smears the sides of his mouth, his round cheeks glistening with it.

He stifles a burp and goes in for more. Now he avoids moving where he can, begging you to bring his meals to him on the couch. Even now, just sitting, you can hear him breathing heavily. You imagine him trying to do a sit up and frown.

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Ah, that belly. It sits on his lap, spilling out of his shirt.

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At first he was embarrassed by his increasingly flabby gut, but now he lies back as you rub it for him after meals, pacified by his fullness, surrendered to his size. It takes him a few tries to get up off the couch when he does decide to move - his gut pinning him down and obstructing him.

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You take him out to dinner in button-up shirts and order for him, waiting for the satisfaction of seeing a button fly off in public. Morbidly so. His reward for sitting through that appointment was a stop at the buffet where he ate until he had to unbutton his jeans. You smile at him again, your sedentary hog filling out the couch.

God, he drives you crazy. And I could definitely do with some rapid weight gain at the moment. I like the feeling of being big and heavy, but nothing beats the feeling of being soft and jiggly and sinking your fingers into your own softness. I definitely think ripping a seam is hotter. Your Growing Boyfriend. Getting fatter is great. Being fattened up by a wonderful partner is magical. Anonymous asked: mutual gaining?

Anonymous asked: size contrast kink?

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These were great questions. See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked. Kisses on double chins and soft jawlines.

Gainer stories bhm

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