Gas pedal pumping stories

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I went there yesterday to pick up some stuff. The best part was I used my friends car. An older BMW. I was coming out of the supermarket and one of the kids who gather the carts comes up to me while I am walking to my car and tells me he likes my shoes. I say thanks and then he starts asking me questions. Then he asks me how high they are so I say they're just shoes and pull up my pants to show him. Then he asks me how I put them on. I thought that was a little weird and so I tell him that I just slip them on and off. By this point I am at the car. He is still standing by me.

I say Happy New Year and go to shut the door. Then he says. I was hoping I can see you slip them off. OK, so I use this to my advantage.

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He is about 19 or so. So I slip out of my right shoe. Now the BMW is not fuel injected.

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So I say to him, "If you like that. I know you will like this. He says "damn! He is staring and asks if it won't start. So I ask him if he wouldn't mind trying it for me while I look under the hood. He says sure.

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I look under the hood. Before I tell him to try it I state that it's only fair since he made me take my shoes off that he takes his off. He smiles, says that's fair and then takes both shoes off. Then he says he'll do one better. I was in heaven. There was this hot little 19 year old in the BMW about to try and start it. He wiggles his toes a little and smiles. Then asks if he should try it. I say yeah go ahead. He puts his bare foot on the gas pedal and pumps it a couple of times, then holds the pedal all the way down and cranks it.

The car attempts to start but doesn't. He lets off and pumps it a couple of more times and floors it again and cranks. It doesn't start again and this time while he cranks it he pumps it real fast. Heel off the floor. Bouncing in the seat. I tell him to hold on and go to the front again--to readjust myself.

And while I'm tinkering he asks if I like his feet. I say yeah I do. Then he tells me about his foot fetish and while he is telling me I tell him to try it again. He again puts his foot on the gas pedal and turns the key. The car is just cranking and he is pumping the hell out of the gas. Pumping then flooring really hard his toes are mashed and pumping again.

This time Gas pedal pumping stories don't let up Gas pedal pumping stories turns the key again and pumps the gas super hard bouncing up and down in the seat and cussing. Finally he shoves his toes to the floor. And he cranks again and just holds his foot there. Pushing harder and harder, saying "come on start! Just pushing the gas as hard as he can. His toes are separated and butt still in the air. Finally the car starts but stalls out. He says no way. For a long time then mashes his foot to the floor again and cranks the engine.

It's cranking and cranking and again. He pushes his toes as hard as he can to the floor. And cusses again. This time the engine catches and he revs the hell out of it. Then he asks if we can get together again. Next time he wants to massage and lick my feet. I say, "Well I can always use help getting the car started".

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Gas pedal pumping stories

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