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Bittu sat on the couch drinking a beer while his wife of the past 6 years Jaya was in the kitchen making dinner. See Bittu is your normal 30 year old heterosexual male. He has short black hair and brown eyes. He thinks he has a nice body for his age.

However, Bittu also has a secret. See Bittu is Bi-curious. He has been interested in making love to another man for the past 5 years. Of course he has never acted on this fantasy. I mean he loves his wife. But sometimes when he is fucking her up the ass, he imagines in his mind that it is another man beneath him. So Bittu sat on the couch drinking his beer trying to figure out how to tell the woman he had spent the last 6 years happily married to that he was interested in having sex with another man, when the doorbell rang.

Even though they had been married for over 6 years, Bittu had never met Tanay. Tanay was 28 and had spent the last 8 years stationed over in Gulmarg with his Army outfit. He was home now, after finishing up his time. Jaya and Bittu had talked about Tanay staying with them for a while until he got on his feet, as her parents Gay brother stories tumblr moved to Mangalaore two years ago when they retired. When Bittu opened the door, he had to cough to keep from drooling as he stared at the man standing on the doorstep.

His hair was cut close to his head. He gripped the door handle tightly to keep himself on his feet. Suddenly he felt Jaya move up behind him. Tanay swung her around, laughing as he hugged her. Tanay looked her over. Her short hair had darkened in the sun, her 36B tits pressed against her top.

His eyes moved down over the small bulge in her belly. Tanay had always teased her for how small she was. Jaya smiled as she punched her brother playfully in the arm. Bittu and I are expecting our first child in about 4 months. He turned to Bittu, the smile never leaving his lips.

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Bittu was finally able to get his body under control while Jaya and Tanay greeted each other. When Jaya had disappeared back into the kitchen, Tanay did something that shocked Bittu. The younger man pulled him into his arms and kissed him right on the lips. The mouth was hard and demanding. At first Bittu just stood there unsure what to do. The two men kissed for a minute, and then Bittu reluctantly pulled away. Bittu looked over his shoulder as he heard Jaya in the kitchen serving dinner.

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Tanay was saved from answering when Jaya came back into the room. Tanay gave Bittu one more smoldering look then sauntered into the kitchen. When they were alone, Jaya looked at him.

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Bittu nodded, trying to figure out what had happened. Later that night, Bittu was lying on his back in bed with a roaring hard-on. He had emptied himself inside her, and then rolled over onto his back as she rolled onto her side and fell asleep. Bittu knew what was wrong; he was picturing Tanay in his room, probably naked. Bittu groaned quietly as he pulled himself out of the bed. He pulled his night dress on, wrapping it tightly around his body as he moved silently down the hall to the guest bedroom.

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Tanay was lying on his side, with the sheet pulled up to his waist. The lamp was on and his eyes were moving as he read his book. When he heard the door open, he lifted his eyes, then smiled. Bittu walked slowly into the room, closing the door behind him. Instead he just sighed. Tanay put the book on the nightstand, and then sat up, pulling his knees up until he could rest his arms on them. That was easy. I kind of figured it out when you undressed me with your eyes when you answered the door. Tanay chuckled making Bittu look at him again.

Not caring about his nakedness, Tanay threw the sheet off of him, then repositioned so he was sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. Bittu looked at him in surprise, but obeyed the command. He watched as Tanay opened his robe, exposing his body to the other mans gaze.

He just reached out, taking the hard flesh into his hand and slowly stroking it. He hesitated to answer until Tanay took the head of his cock into his mouth, sucking gently on it. I want you. Tanay sucked him for a minute then let the hard cock slip from between his lips.

Tanay watched him; he could Gay brother stories tumblr the struggle that Bittu was going through. He had gone through the same struggle when he figured out he was gay. He knew the only way that Bittu would come to grips was to give him what he wanted.

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Bittu watched as Tanay pulled a bottle of lube out of his nightstand drawer then lay back on his back on the bed with his legs against his chest. Now lube up your cock and fuck me. I need to feel you inside me. One hand was resting against his chest while the other stroked his cock. Bittu held himself buried in the other man for a moment. That feels so good. Tanay chuckled beneath him. Bittu opened his eyes, looking at the man beneath him. He had dreamed of this for the past 5 years. He still was having a hard time believing that the ass he was buried inside belonged to another man and not his wife.

He felt Bittu push deep into his body then pull out only to be Gay brother stories tumblr back once again. The two men kept their mouths locked on each others as Bittu impaled him with his cock. He groaned when Tanay tightened around him then moaned louder when the younger man released him. The two men were so involved in the pleasure they were bringing each other with their bodies that they never heard the bedroom door open or Jaya slip over to the chair at the desk to watch the action.

She spread her legs wide, slamming 3 fingers into her hot hole as she watched her husband spear her brother with his cock. The moans from the two men were rising in volume as Bittu quickened the pace of his thrusts. It feels so fucking good. Ride my ass baby. Impale me on your love stick. I could fuck it forever. When the two men came, Jaya brought herself to orgasm with her fingers. Both men looked at her.

It was about time.

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She pulled her fingers from her spasming pussy then made her way over to the bed. Bittu looked at her then looked at the smile on the face of the man below him. Tanay nodded as his body suddenly was rocked with laughter. Jaya knew I wanted to quit the army. He wanted to ask how Jaya knew, but when he saw the smile in her eyes as she laughed.

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Gay brother stories tumblr

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