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It was Troy's third month of work, and he was pretty full of himself by now. He was young and ambitious, and was already bored by his current position. What he really wanted to do was take over Jake's job. Jake was his immediate supervisor, an attractive, well-built man in his early 40's who, despite his appearance, never seemed to do any work. In fact, in all his time at the company, Troy almost never saw Jake outside his office: did this man do any work?

Troy knew he could do good things with the department, get himself better and better positions in the company, and make lots and lots of Gay foot slave stories. He had scheduled a Friday morning meeting with Jake's supervisor, Mr. Scarpelli, and was going to present his plan for improving the department's productivity. Troy knew it was only a matter of time before Jake got bounced and he took over, and he smiled as this thought passed through him, staring at his reflection in the mirror as he got ready for work.

This was Troy's first job out of school, but his ambitious streak was nothing new. He started out as a nobody on the college crew team, but had become co-captain by senior year. He was still in fantastically Gay foot slave stories shape, and came to work early each morning to do a work out in the company gym. He finished today's work out and took an invigorating shower. After tucking in his blue, button-down oxford the shirt emphasized the dreamy blue hue of his eyes, which he knew turned everyone onhe combed back his dirty-blonde hair, thinking to himself: you are one powerful and sexy motherfucker.

There was usually no one in the office by the time Troy arrived, so he was a little surprised to see the door to Jake's office cracked open. With gym bag in hand, Troy quietly sat down in his workstation and turned him computer on. He wanted to avoid any contact with Jake right now; he especially didn't want to tip him off about his upcoming meeting with Mr.

But two minutes after he arrived, he heard the familiar "beep" of his speakerphone, followed by Jake's gruff, low-key voice. Since he had been scheduled to work today for the early early lunch shift, he was off at six. That was OK with me, since it had been a late one the night before. Much as I had enjoyed balling all night with this great looking stud, I was a little tired today.

Not as young as I used to be, I guess. I looked forward to seeing him again, as he had been my favorite jacking buddy before his company had transferred him far away 30 years ago. At the time, we were both in our 20s, and experimenting with sex, much less experienced than we'd later become. We'd found that it was fairly easy for us to come together because our timing was synchronized almost perfectly.

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I took one look at him and I instantly knew I wanted him. He is about 5'10, brown hair, brown eyes, one of those sexy hairy chests and a nice tight ass in a pair of jeans. Damn he's hot. My boyfriend and I had already gone to bed and they stayed up talking for hours.

The next morning my roommate had to go to work and my boyfriend had to go to work as well. Could you come to my office a moment. Troy sighed to himself and hit the response key. The room was unexpectedly dark; all the blinds were closed, and the only light in the room came from Gay foot slave stories banker's lamp on Jake's desk. Jake was more formally dressed than usual; he was wearing a finely cut, grey pinstripe suit with a powder blue shirt and emerald tie.

Troy thought he actually looked pretty sharp; he caught himself wondering who Jake's tailor was. Jake was sitting in a leather high-backed chair on the other side of the desk; the desk was finely polished walnut; the light glinted off its surface. As Troy advanced to the seat, Jake got out of his chair and walked to the door. As Troy took a seat, he heard Jake shut the door with quiet firmness, and then heard the door's deadbolt lock turn.

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Jake returned to the desk, but instead of taking his chair, he took a seat on the edge of the desk, just to the side of where Troy was sitting. They were only about a foot apart at this moment. Jake's left thigh was hitched a little higher than the other, and Troy could see the strongly compact energy of the man beneath the pinstripe suit. Troy let his left foot dangle in the air; he was wearing a pair of shiny and expensive-looking black leather loafers hand-cut?

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Irish Spring? Especially so fresh in the morning like this, you know. At the same time, though, he felt a little jazzed by the attention: maybe Jake wants me, he thought. All the same, Troy wanted to put things back on track. He moved his right shoe over to the left, and forced the heel of his left shoe off his left foot.

Troy's senses were instantly aroused; the smell that emerged from the shoe was more sour than he would have expected; it smelled like a sock that hadn't been changed in a week! Jake let the shoe dangle in the air for a few moments, and then let it gently drop into Troy's crotch.

The fully exposed sock was even sharper smelling, and even though the sock was black, Troy could see the contours of Jake's foot within it. The foot and sock smelled pretty foul; instead of recoiling, though, Troy felt even a little more jazzed by the aroma.

It was kind of sickening, but the very fact of its sickness -- well, he couldn't explain it, but the very fact of its sickness made it kind of hot.

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This is one sick-assed smelly foot. You probably want to leave. You can leave if you want to. But do you got what it takes to stay? Jake touched the tip of Troy's nose with his big toe. Troy could feel the texture of the sock; it was matted, as if it hadn't been washed in a while, and a little moist. I can take it away anytime I want to. Tell me you want it, or I'll take it away. He couldn't bring himself to say these words.

But Jake knew he would; Troy was his from the moment he decided to stay in the room. But Jake wanted to move on to the next phase of Troy's conditioning, so he decided to speed things up a little bit. Phase one was over; it was now time to begin phase two.

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But he believed in rewarding his slaves every now and then, and Troy would be no exception. Now be a good boy and do what I tell you. Want to listen to Gay Audio Sex Stories?

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Try a few stories for free and browse the shop and buy just the files you love. No subscription or recurring charges! We had been living in separate apartments but when Jeff lost his job, I offered to share an apartment with him to until he could get back on his feet again. And the fact that it would help me with my finances, too, was a factor I liked. He always had women around, girlfriends, one night stands etc. I, too had my share but I was always curious about man Gay foot slave stories.

He had just turned the lights off and my eyes hadn't adjusted yet. I could hear him taking his towel off, dropping it to the floor. I grabbed the tucked corner of mine and pulled it free. My eyes were just able to tell that he had sat down, just a few feet from me on the bed.

And then he said Brian, one of my co-workers, asked if I had out of town company coming. I told him my landlord was painting my apartment on Friday, and I had to find somewhere else to spend the weekend. Brian said if I don't mind sharing a small cramped apartment, I could stay with him.

Gay foot slave stories

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