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Welcome to Free Gay Pictures Too! Home Contribute Advanced Search. It had been just over 6 weeks since I had last met up with Daddy as he had been traveling a lot with his work. I was getting eager to see him so when I got the call on Saturday morning to let me know he was back and wanted his slut badly my instant erection was followed by worry on what I was in store for.

The last events were still worrying me. However my need to be used and dominated by him and the adrenaline rush of not knowing what would happen overpowered any worries I had. We agreed to meet at his place again 2 hours later to give me a chance to get fully cleaned and drive there.

I arrived right on schedule and was greeted at the door by Daddy who was already naked. He unzipped my pants and pushed his hand straight to my balls taking hold of them through my boxers. Grabbing both balls in his hand he started to squeeze and pull on them tightening and loosing his grip constantly as he firmly massaged and milked my balls.

I closed my eyes and started to moan. As his grip became firmer I felt his other hand move to my head and grab my hair hard. His mouth meet Gay forced milking stories and he drove his tongue deep down my throat working my own tongue with his as he pulled me by the hair onto his face all the time still massaging my balls hard.

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After a few minutes he told me to go and get ready for him and then wait in his bedroom. I went to change, removing all my clothes and putting on my black suspender and stockings, short mini which barely covered the top of the stockings, 6" stilettos and see through black lace thong.

I was transformed into his slut at that moment and I walked to Daddys bedroom. I called to him that I was ready then waited several minutes for him to arrive. He arrived with ropes in his hands and told me to lie on the bed on my stomach. I did as I was told and I felt him sit on my ass taking my hands and binding them together tightly behind my back. He then bound my ankles which was unusual for him. He rolled me over onto my back then sat over my face holding his own balls and ordered me to take them in my mouth to suck and massage them gently with my tongue. I did as ordered and gently sucked his balls after a minute I could feel him push the head of his semi hard cock to my mouth as well.

Squeezing my balls hard Gay forced milking stories gasped in pain and he pushed his cock even further into me. Before long his cock and balls were filling my mouth and as my mouth acted as a cock ring around his balls and shaft. He rode my face and I felt his cock grow deeper and deeper down my throat. I started to panic unable to breath as his cock filled my throat and tried to escape but he leaned forward and slapped my balls hard telling me he would remove it when he was ready.

The pain of the slap forced me to jerk upwards even further onto his cock. Knowing I was close to blackout he removed his cock and balls wand while I gasped for air made me lick all his precum and my saliva off him. He asked me what I did while he was traveling, had I seen others or did I jack off or do nothing. I told him the truth that I had jacked off when I got horny thinking that it would be normal. His hand again met my balls as he slapped them telling me he hadn't given me permission to jack off.

As a punishment he was going to force milk me once for each week he was away. He calculated 7 weeks when I tried to correct him by saying 6, he simply grabbed my nipples and squeezed them hard. He got me off the bed and stood beside it. Next he took a ring gag which seemed huge and forced it into my mouth before securing it with straps behind my head.

With the gag in place he pushed me back onto the bed on my back. He lubed both his hand and my cock and started to jerk me. Slowly and sensitive at first but he quickly increased his pace and before long his hand was a blur as he worked over my cock harder and harder.

Through all my moaning I finally started panting and moaning louder, he knew I was cumming and with a few sharp jerks he pulled back on my foreskin exposing my whole cock as I exploded into the air and then over my body and face. When I was done he rested my cock for about 2 minutes then started all over again. This time he toyed with my pussy with his fingers as he jerked me off. His hand slid up and down my shaft faster and faster as his fingers entered my pussy. Every few minutes he added an additional finger spreading me wider and wider and I moaned out loud through the gag and exploded a 2nd time over myself.

I didn't think I would be able to cum any more. I felt completely spent and Daddy noticed that too, but he simply said, "2 down, 5 to go". He worked over my balls for the next 10 minutes, pulling them, squeezing them and even slapping them until my cock started to get hard once more. He then took the 2 inch wide dildo and Gay forced milking stories to push all 7" into me. I was moaning and panting wanting to be fucked so badly. He started working the dildo in and out of me with one hand while his other went back to my now hard cock and jerked it again forcing out a 3rd load. The sensation was mixed.

My cock was highly sensitive and sore now but my pussy ached for more and more. Each time I came, it ripped through me and Daddy went back to pounding me with the dildo for the next 10 minutes. Eventually he removed the dildo and brought out the Rascal Links. Slowly he inserted the first link working the full 2. Pain mixed with pleasure as my pussy closed around the first link which was now filling me up. He then pushed in the 2nd link even harder than the first.

Again I was moaning in agony and pleasure but before long I once again felt my muscles close up as the 2nd link filled me. Daddy worked Gay forced milking stories 2nd link in and out of me for a while then as he was fucking me with the links he reached to my cock and started to jerk me again.

I tried to turn and move his hand from me but his grip was firm as he jerked me. The more I tried to pull away the more it hurt. Eventually I gasped and panted loudly screaming through the gag as I came for the 4th time.

At the exact same time Daddy forced the 3rd link deep into my pussy. Looking at my cum I could see how it had gone from the very thick creamy load I first shot to being more fluid looking now. Daddy then said, he though I barely had 1 more load left but he still needed to get to 7.

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He left the room for me to rest and catch my breath. After about 15 minutes he came back. He pushed it into my mouth and told me to suck on it making sure I lube it with my saliva which I did. I had no idea what was going on until Daddy took my cock then started to insert this length of plastic into my cock. It hurt a little at first but I was amazed at the ease of its insertion and at how far it entered me.

Daddy then started to slowly move it in and out of my cock and I wasnt sure which was the more dominant, the pain sensitivity of my tortured cock or pleasure of feeling it inside me. Daddy then polled out and pushed the 2nd and 3rd links back into my pussy a few times before using tape to pull my my ass cheeks Gay forced milking stories. No matter how hard I tried I could not push the links back out of me. I became hard almost instantly and with the 3 links filling my pussy and plastic stick deep inside my cock Daddy jerked me off for a 5th time.

I was done, totally spent. No matter what I couldn't cum again and my cock was in so much agony. Daddy looked at me and said, "you arent going to be able to give Daddy 2 more lo for some time are you? I tried to muffle no Daddy through the ring gag and shook my head.

Daddy simply said " Ahh well at least we tried". He scooped up all of 5 lo of my cum off my body and into a glass. He then said he would take me to another room where I could rest and he would help me dress. Daddy removed the ropes from my ankles but kept my hands tied.

At first Gay forced milking stories thought he would have wanted me to suck him off or something but he merely held my balls squeezing them gently as I tried to walk without stumbling to the other room. As we passed his front door crossing the corridor, Daddys grip tightened until I started to moan loud and almost scream out in pain.

He pulled me to the front door and opened it. Then dragging me into his front yard he slapped my balls hard and I collapsed onto the grass. He told me when I was able to get hard again and cum I could go back in but for now I would wait. I was stunned. With the exception of a few bushes which I tried to hide behind I could be seen by anyone walking by who looked in. As well as that trying to walk in the 6"stilettos on his front lawn while still gagged, hands tied and 3 links deep into my taped ass was almost impossible.

I cowered behind a bush willing for my cock to get hard but it just was too sore. About 5 minutes later I saw a painters van pull up next door. Thinking I was safe I relaxed behind the bush. Suddenly the van started to reverse back into Daddys yard. I thought that they were probably just turning around but then the van stopped.

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For about a minute nothing happened then the passenger door opened, he got out and said back o the driver, "I told you I saw someone there, its a slut just begging for it". With that the driver got out. Both guys were in their mid 50's and looked in good physical condition. They walked over to me smiling grabbed my arms and they stood me up. Suddenly they started to drag me towards their van and through the mouth gag I tried to scream for help.

All I got was a knee in the balls that doubled me over then I was lifted and thrown to the floor of the van. They put a blindfold on me, closed the doors and drove away. It was only about 15 minutes of travel when the van stopped. I heard a garage door open, their van pull forward and the garage door close. They opened the back door of the van and pulled me out. The driver walked to me, removed the blindfold and said that his name Gay forced milking stories Brad and his friend was Steve.

He informed me that they were going to fuck me over and over and I was going to be receiving two huge lo in my pussy and two lo down my throat. I tried to cry protests but Steve grabbed my balls and squeezing them hard said to me "you don't understand, you Gay forced milking stories have an option in this, its going to happen no matter what you say or do so it would be best for you if you enjoy it as best you can". With that they led me to a small room in the middle of which was a work bench that had been bolted into the floor.

I was told to stand by the bench and while Steve still had a firm grip on my balls, Brad tied my ankles spread wide to the legs of the bench. He then untied my wrists from behind my back before tying another longer rope around my left wrist. Steve tied a similar piece of rope around my right wrist. They moved to the sides of the room where a ring was fixed into the wall about a foot off the floor. Pulling the ropes through the loops they pulled them tight forcing me into a bent over position on the stand with my ass in the air while my head was about a foot off the ground.

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They tied the ropes off and told me that if I got free they would return me untouched. I struggled for about 5 with both of them laughing before giving up. There was no way I could move from the position I was in. Steve them moved to me and removed the ring gag from my mouth.

Gay forced milking stories

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