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Winter break was over, time for the spring semester to begin at Colorado Tech. Chris' roommate graduated in December and had moved out. Erik lived in the apartment across the hall. His roommate had transferred to another university. The landlord told Chris and Erik of each other's situations, and said they'd need to get some new roommates as soon as possible, unless they wanted to pay all of the rent.

After some discussion, Chris let Erik move into his apartment. Even though Chris and Erik knew each other fairly well, they still wondered if they would be compatible roommates.

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His parents were doctors, so money was not a problem. In fact, his father bought him a new Mustang for Christmas. He was a typical Southern California teen. Most of his spare time was spent surfing, waterskiing, or skateboarding. Chris, an agriculture major, was from San Antonio. His family was loaded as well, owning one of the largest cattle ranches in the state.

They also had some oil wells which turned a heavy profit. Chris' Christmas present was a Ford Ranger 4x4. He was a typical cowboy. Most of his spare time was spent picking a guitar or playing any type of organized sports. Both guys were 19, well-built, and in good physical shape. They both had dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Erik's hair was long and flowing while Chris always kept his hair cut very short.

Erik also wore an earring. I was in my third year at a small liberal arts college in South Carolina when I met Matt; he and I shot hoops together at the campus rec center. We became good friends over the course of that year so it was no surprise to me when he invited me to go home with him for a weekend visit. Matt lived a few hours away from Gay masterbation stories college in a rural, backwoods part Gay masterbation stories the state. He was wearing a jock under his trademark tattered jeans, but the touch of his hand still excited him.

Without thinking, he hooked his fingers under his hidden balls and began to stroke the meaty outline of his cock with the crook of his thumb. But not today. John had some definite plans. I had just come in from the rain and was stepping onto the elevator in my apartment building, holding my umbrella by my side.

Just as the elevator doors started to close, a man who lived a floor above me ran into the elevator. His dark nipples were clearly evident through the soggy shirt. I'm a student at an Ivy League College, and I stopped into the gym for a little relaxation after work.

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There were a lot of guys around, including two beautiful French boys with big round asses and nice uncut cocks, sitting in the sauna. He had penetrating blue eyes, and looked shy. Pulling my hand from under the sheets, I brought it in to my body, running up my smooth, bare chest before slapping the snooze on the alarm clock. It was Friday and university classes were out for the week, allowing me, a newly turned 20 year old student the chance to catch up on some deserved sleep.

Halfheartedly, I pulled myself up into sitting position. My friend Ryan introduced me to his brother Shawn who also went to the same University. I couldn't believe how nice looking he was. He stands at about 5'10" and about lbs. My jaw about dropped when I saw him wearing a pair of shorts Gay masterbation stories a sleeveless T.

I of course did a complete check out of him the moment I saw him.

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I about creamed my pants right then and there. I had finished my exams after my second year at college the day before, and felt well pleased with myself. I decided to spend what little money I had left on a trip to the nearest beach, mainly just to watch some of the cute ass out there.

So there I was a slightly disheveled figure waiting for a train. Not as many now as there used to be before they introduced all these hi-tech ideas, but enough to keep the industry going. Of course I go to all the pubs and clubs just in case I get lucky, but I get more Gay masterbation stories my favourite "Gents" than I do from them. That's more sex, in case you were wondering! Yes SEX in all its sucking, fucking, slurping glory. I reached out and took it in my ha. He loved watching their smooth dark skin as they skillfully dribbled the ball with their lean, muscular arms.

The only problem was he had little in common with any of them. While the black boys dominated the basketball court, Danny spent most his time performing on the stage in theater. Some of the theater productions required heavy choreography. He struck up a conversation with the lean, mus. I was trying to be cool, all the while thinking no way will he let me into his life again.

Thing is, - well okay I did dump Danny a year ago, it happens, - sometimes a guy needs to move on, search fields anew, thing is the field I searched did not bear oats - it was a lousy choice I made and the guy was a downer anyway, it really made me appreciate Danny.

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I wanted him back. I had just broken up with my girlfriend and I was drunk and horny. I was surfing the net and came across an interesting website. An online cruising site for men. I created an. I was instantly overwhelmed with the of men searching for sex. I immediately became interested in this man who said he was 20 and was a threesome partner with a 40 year old man.

I began messaging them. Since I worked during the day I took night classes and on this night I attended my Humanities class, when class was over I didn't feel like going home so I stopped by the liquor store and picked up a six pack of beer. I went driving around going nowhere in Gay masterbation stories, and soon found myself way out of town. Fredro watched Sticky suck another tight breath of weed, blowing out a lazy breath.

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The smoke drifted, adding to the heavy stink of the cramped lounge. It was dim, lit only by the glow of the tv, the low light of a short lamp. The dimness, the heavy smell, and closeness of the lounge was comfortable. We started playing a game of Truth or Dare.

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It was my old friend Paul who I was expecting to accompany me that evening. I'm in my thirties but I'm still rather trim and handsome and I have a wide circle of gay friends. None of my friends could come so I decided to go alone and I dressed up in my smartest suit and drove to the railway station and took the train into London.

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It was almost a year ago and I was going through a bit of a rough patch. I was swamped at work and my friends weren't up for anything that weekend. Friday night and I had nothing to do. That's when Miguel wrote me. He's a young Latino twink that I had been chatting with for some time. Chris opened the door to find Erik laying across the couch reading a magazine.

Gay masterbation stories

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