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The confessions of a male escort are everything you could imagine, plus some things you could never dream up. Thanks to a Reddit thread, men who explored life as sex workers—whether stumbling upon it accidentally, working casually or full-time—share their experiences to appease our curiosity. These men also discuss their reasons for seeking out or accepting the job and spill details to change the public perception of the industry.

All in all, their stories don't sound too abnormal, but they are fascinating for inquiring minds. Keep reading to hear the true stories of five former or current male escorts—free of charge. Oldest client I took on must have been around Dinner at a fancy restaurant, drinks in some VIP Lounge, followed by spending the night at her hotel room. Being her date at an event, her showing you off to her friends, basically acting as her boyfriend for the night. Then spend the night at her hotel room. The most memorable one I can think of was when I was asked to have sex with a something woman in front of her much older husband.

She kept yelling things at him in Chinese while we were having sex, as he was sitting on a chair in the corner of the room, wearing nothing but underwear, a shirt and a suit jacket. He also looked super pissed every time she yelled something at him. I was a university student; he was married with Gay prostitute stories. He was actually a very attractive man. Paid off all my student loans and I'm now debt free! It was by complete chance; I was lucky.

He messaged me first on a Gay prostitute stories app. We chatted a bit and he asked if I wanted to hook up. I didn't reply because my League of Legends game was starting and I was distracted. When I went back to the app to tell him yes, I found out he interpreted my lack of response as lack of interest and offered to pay.

I was intrigued and asked him how much he was willing to pay and that's how it all started. Looks-wise, I see everyone. All ages, from 20 up until nearly All body shapes and sizes. If you're working as a sex worker and you're discriminating based on looks, you're not going to be very successful.

There's a common misconception that there must be something wrong with clients, that they're not able to go on a date or sleep with someone outside of seeing a sex worker. In my experience that's never the case. For the majority of clients it fits into one of three :. It's convenient. A client might not be able to invest the time in seeing someone.

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Or they might be in an unfulfilled relationship that, for whatever reason, they're not able or willing to leave. They have a particular fantasy. Sometimes they'll want something specific and it's easier to hire a sex worker than it is to go through the process of dating to find someone that will do what they want. A bucket list item. I've seen other sex workers who wanted to know what it was like to be a client.

Lesbians who wanted to see what sleeping with a guy was like. A lot of the time it comes down to wanting a certain sexual experience in a safe environment where it's all about the clients desires. The most common type of booking is just one that involves a fair bit of talking and sex.

Nothing overly kinky with my clients for the most part. Sometimes there'll be a bit of light bondage involved, tying someone up, blindfolding them, using toys and perhaps some light spanking. When it comes to the 'least common' requests, I don't do anything I'm not comfortable doing. I'm a sex worker, not a sex slave. I still choose what I want to consent to. There have been plenty of times I've said no to a request. I would just strip down and do various housecleaning tasks in the buff.

If they had a secluded yard, I sometimes did gardening. I got paid dollars an hour on Gay prostitute stories. Sometimes they made me wear skimpy underwear or a jock strap. There were a couple of creeps, but mostly the guys were nice. It was uncommon that I slept with my clients. Sometimes I let them touch me. I charged more for sex, depending on the act and how unattractive the client was.

If their house was really nice, usually I asked for more just because I knew they could afford it. Yes, the money was good, but I was a full-time student and had a social life, so I didn't do it enough to make bank. Some retired guy who had some business in oil. I didn't clean a thing that day. She was attractive and fairly drunk and I took her back to my place. It was a thing on my bucket list; she was 47 and I was We had amazing sex, she was very confident and direct with how she liked things and I was happy to oblige.

We met many more times at hotels, bars and restaurants where she always picked up the tab. Each time we ended up in bed. She was divorced, financially well off, kids were off on their own. Once Gay prostitute stories went to Mexico for 2 weeks at a snazzy 5-star t.

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Our social lives never intertwined. About 6 months in, she asked me if she could 'loan me out' to a couple of her girlfriends. Of course, I jumped at the chance. I went out with 3 of her friends a couple times each and it was always the same. Dinner, drinks then sex.

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Occasionally, I just showed up at a hotel for sex for a few hours or overnight. Two of them were unhappily married and the third was divorced. They always paid the expenses but no cash directly to me. They bought me clothes and gifts occasionally. All of those women just wanted the companionship and sex they weren't getting at that point in their life; a good long, sustained pounding and the original woman was a master at oral like I've not experienced since.

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Eventually I moved, but that was a pretty sweet run I had. For wealthy women: "The clients were usually wealthy, high-end women over 35 years of age. The most common requests would either be: 1. Go directly to her hotel room, have sex, then leave. I didn't have many weird requests, no pervy stuff. A stroke of luck: "I wasn't a full time hooker, but I escorted exclusively for just one man. Funny thing is that he's hot and I would have hooked up with him, even for free. One who knows his limits: "I only see female clients.

For the majority of clients it fits into one of three : 1. A naked housekeeper: "I worked as a nude housekeeper in college for what I assume were gay men 30ssthough there were several times when I saw pictures of the guy with a wife or. A loaner boyfriend: "In the 90s, I met Gay prostitute stories older woman at a neighborhood bar on a quiet afternoon.

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