Girl thong wedgie stories

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I saw a post from one of the boys at my school about it, so I'm writing one about it from my perspective. About a month ago it became a trend at my school that to be to be socially accepted you had to be wearing crop tops and leggings my school community is really obsessed with fashion, it's awful at times. My school is also very anti-panty lines, so we all pretty much have to wear thongs when we wear leggings to be accepted like I said, it's awful.

Thongs with crop tops is At first we did our best to hide the inevitable whale tails but it was almost impossible.

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So how does this effect the school community? Does the fashion change to something less ridiculous? This is my school so we turned whale tails into a fashion trend like it's the early s! My school sucks I'm not gonna lie, I didn't actually dislike this trend at first.

Now that I wanted to have a whale tail, I didn't have to deal with the stress of trying to hide it. Anyway, I will admit this trend was trashy like most fashion trends at my school. This was just the way it was for a few weeks.

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Pretty much every girl who had a social life was exposing their whale tail. Eventually one guy thought it would be funny if he grabbed one of the whale tails and gave it a yank.

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This was how the wedgie trend started. Every girl with an exposed whale tail in other words every girl would get at least one wedgie at some point. I was on the receiving end of three, and they all hurt like hell. Of course because my school doesn't give a shit, nobody was punished, and nothing was done about this granted if my school gave a shit we probably wouldn't have all been going to school showing off our whale tails. So what do you think this did to the whale tail trend? Fuck all! If you want to have a social life you are still expected to dress like that.

And no, the wedgies aren't dying down either.

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Fuck my school! I've talked to numerous people and they aren't doing shit! And it's not like we can just dress differently, because my schools community is a bunch of ridiculous assholes. Everyday I'm scared of getting a wedgie, it's insane.

At lunch today, my friend got her thong pulled so hard it ripped! It's absurd. Anyway as, I needed to tell that story, my school sucks. The guy who posted earlier is one of the guys giving wedgies, so fuck him. I'm sorry to bother you guys. I'm sorry Erika. When I started doing itbI thought it was a harsh way to send a good message, of not dressing like sluts.

I didn't factor in the ridiculous social standards of our school. I'm sorry I did it. I'm especially sorry I did it to you, I hope we can be friends again. I get where your coming from And trust me, when a friend inflicts a large amount of physical and embarrassing pain for no reason, it kinda makes you stop thinking if them as a friend. I'll try to be friends again, but don't think I'll forget that.

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Found the internet! The story of the wedgie epidemic at my school. Sort by: best.

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Girl thong wedgie stories

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thong wedgie stories