Glove fetish stories

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Please give me the support of your vote. Bill worked long hours as a desk sergeant and wasn't always home to care for such a beautiful woman. As far as Walter was concerned, if Tiffany was his wife, he'd never leave her side but realistically, he'd I was the favorite relative of my uncle the cyberneticist.

He was the strange mad genius in the family, who alienated every one else but me. He recently died in his 80's and left in his will to me, what he called his "prize possession". It had been four weeks since the reading of the will and I had nearly Glove fetish stories about my inheritance, until there was a kn She stepped right up to me in my personal space, but had a shy smile. As she composed herself to speak, she offered me one of her white gloved hands, but instead of waiting for my hand she simply grasped my penis, as if in a handshake.

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Please call me Kate or Cat. This all started about ten years ago. It was a midsummer day, and I was hanging out with my old friend Erica. Now Erica was what you would call a little on the big size. Like, back then I was a big guy- little under six foot and well over two hundred pounds- but Erica made even me feel small.

She was maybe an inch taller than I was, and though I never asked George couldn't believe his luck. He had walked into the office kitchen to find Sammi washing some cups up in the sink, her long slender fingers protected from the hot soapy water by a pair of bright yellow Marigold rubber gloves. George wasn't sure of the exact moment he discovered his fetish for kitchen or household rubber gloves but was remembered clearly Author's Notes: This story focuses on somewhat naive female robot Glove fetish stories, boot and glove fetishism and some adventure of a poor chap that's in the wrong place at the wrong side.

You decide There are four more parts to this story. All together they would be the size of a short novel. This is the first part. Please give any comments or criticisms. She had warned him on several occasions that if he did not satisfy her sexual needs then she would begin looking elsewhere.

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He had shrugged it off as idle threats until one day she called him into their home office and told him she was going out tomorrow night to meet someone who she hoped would satisfy her. He said ok still not believing her. The next eveni This story shares some elements of my other stories in the beginning, but goes in a totally different direction.

The station was old and minimal, with 1 row Kyle Morrison looked over the strange business card once again as he waited in the empty lobby.

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He'd only been sitting there for a few minutes, but something about the place made him uneasy. The lobby was barely furnished, and the grin the receptionist had given him when he arrived lingered in his mind. Kyle had never even heard of SymbiCo, nor did he have a Now, you finally get some willies, but things don't go as planned.

Note: This is a script for an erotic audio. SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Rubber Gloves Stories 41. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off. Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch.

Glove fetish stories

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Rubber Gloves Stories