Granny grandson incest stories

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I was 18 when my Grandfather on my Mothers side passed away. They were not well off by any means, neither was my family. Well, I was concerned about the sleeping arrangements now, knowing math I did the s and I was odd man out now. Grandma is really a sweet woman and has always treated me special, so after considering my options, I agreed to share my room with her. Grandma was nearing 65 and while she not an overly attractive woman but, she was far from an ugly old hag.

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I was already in bed when she came in wearing a wore out a faded old frumpy night gown with the top button gone, exposing the top half of her huge tits. Our first night sleeping together was not a pleasant experience, she snored and kicked all night, keeping me awake for hours. What could I do? The fourth night I woke up light feeling a pressure on my crotch, it was Grandmas hand. She had laid her hand on my dick in her sleep, I tried to move away but she snuggled up to me and in a sleepy voice said. Gerald was my dead Grandfathers name.

Her hand began to massage my dick in her sleepy state I guess she had forgotten he was dead. I was really beginning to enjoy this feeling. She started to rub my dick even thought I had my Pajama Bottoms on.

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Mumbling, something about did I want her to do the nasty thing she did to it. I made a grunting noise and her hand went inside my Pajamas grabbing my dick rubbing her fingertip along the head. I was getting pretty excited at her touch, Then her eyes popped open, and she jerked her hand out, and stared at her hand as if it she had grabbed a rattle snake and started crying saying. Her shoulders were heaving as she sobbed, saying how she was so lonely without grandpa gone now, and she was so sorry she had ruined out relationship by molesting me.

She told me I was a sweet, sweet young man and wise beyond my years and we fell asleep with me hugging her.

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The next morning we had a good breakfast, laughing at silly things with the family, never mentioning anything about our nights episode. Nothing happened again for a few nights, to my great disappointment and then around the fourth night, I felt her hand on my dick again, this time my dick was outside the opening in my boxers, since I had stopped wearing my Pajamas.

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Her hand was moving up and down, my hips had started moving in rhythm to her hand and I started spurting large globs of my hot spunk on her hand and up my belly and chest, all in less than a Granny grandson incest stories from the time I woke up. My spunk had begun to dry on her hand and my belly so I got up and got a wet rag to wipe it off us. She had me take off my boxers and moved down putting her face by my dick as I felt her warm breath on it I shivered at the exciting thought of what she might do.

She put her warm mouth on my dick then, softly using her lips and tongue and gums on my dick. I had totally forgotten she had no teeth. Her head began to bob up and down, gumming the head of my dick and sucking it harder now, my hips pushing towards her face when she did. It only took about 3 minutes and I told her I was fixing to spurt again. Her suction got stronger and her head moved faster as her fingers tickled my balls.

That did it, I shot off my hot young load of spunk in her mouth as she moaned sucking it all down, until I had to make her stop because it tickled too much. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All. Twitter RSS. Wednesday, October Desi English.

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Article Chad and his grandmother, together for the first time. Next Article Your buddies convince your wife to strip for them. Related Stories. My Dirty Whore of a Mother October 5, Add A Comment.

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Granny grandson incest stories

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