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By: Halo sex stories Miranda Keyes is in love with John, who knew? But it turns out that someone else has a liking to our armoured friend. This story is set after Halo 3 but was written before Halo sex stories 3 was released so I am sorry if it doesn't make sense due to a character in the story dying in Halo 3. Cortana is not crazy in this story and she doesn't have the 'Accent' she is meant to have in Halo 3. Mechanical Breathing Jason Jones I am your father!

Suddenly he felt the ground shake and he instinctively got up and into a fighting stance facing the tall rock face 2 miles east of his position. He heard something now, coming from where he was looking, only due to his augmented hearing he was able to know that it was the engines from a Pelican and right on cue a Pelican flew over the rock face and coming right over his head and stopped. The Pelican descended quickly and out jumped Sergeant Johnson.

Like I'd know. John unbuckled himself from the Pelican and jumped out then quickly surveyed his surroundings. Four high class security officers walked up towards him. Good luck," he glanced at the four security officers and then back at the chief, "your going to need it. You know, if you ever need to contact me" Johnson slipped something in John's pocket so that the officers didn't see him do it. Johnson got back into the Pelican and started talking control for clearance when John turned round to look at the oncoming officers.

The officers finally reached John, a bit unsettled about his height, the lead officer spoke out. They moved through many corridors, the chief quite frequently got glances and when he passed a few soldiers they all cheered until the security officers shot looks at them. Finally they got to a large door two of the soldiers stood on the outside of the door as the chief and the other two officers entered the large door. They entered Admiral Keyes' office.

Keyes looked at John and gave a small brief smile then ordered the officers to leave, they glaced at each other questionably then left. The door shut then Keyes spoke, "This is a bad place for you, most of the Admirals here don't like you, after all you have done people still hate you, I don't get it.

It's me Miranda, you can be open with me John, there is no one i trust more than you. You faught with my father, you faught with me, and yet, I still feel like a stanger to you. Miranda sighed, Halo sex stories hate being an admiral, I never wanted a desk job. She was wearing a short black dress, so short infact, that if it was any shorter it wouldn't be classed as "formal". The dress ended just half way down her thigh her legs were toned and tanned. The entire event was boring for the Cheif, Miranda could tell, she would make it upto him, later.

She thought to herself. The two of them left the event, She was awarded a Medal for Quick thinking and bravery, but he got a statue built for him in the heart of the city, it was of him in his armour running with a battle rifle in hand and a rocket launcher on his back. It was no secret that he didn't like the event, he didn't need a statue, he was raised for fighting not social gatherings, but what was a secret was that he was glad he was in the car with Miranda.

Not just because he hated the gathering, but because he appreciated her company, she was a fine officer and he felt safe with her, shes like a substitute for his armor. Miranda drove the car down the super highway towards the Mederterrainian bridge, the vehichle sped upto miles an hour, the vehichles automatic pilot kicked in and the steering wheel finding into the dashboard.

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John thought about this, as a matter of fact he had never set foot on earth until the covenant attacked Mombassa. He replied "No. They watched as the security gate opened and allowed them to pass through. The car stopped and John got out, secretly glad to be on good solid land, Halo sex stories took a look at the 'house', it was more like a mansion than a house.

Unbeknownst to them a blue cortana had appeared on the holographic panel near the fireplace but they didn't notice. They entered the house after a retinal scan which Miranda did. They stood in the middle of a large living space, "So what do you think? John looked around and looked at her, "It's very, secure. Miranda look at him and asked, "Do you always think defencively?

Do you run little battle simulations in your mind every second just incase a suprise attack should occur?

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Miranda smiled at him for trying, but knew there was nothing she could do about it. She nodded, "On Reach, my father was stationed there as a luitenant, I was there because I wanted to see what my father did at work, we were pinned down by convenant forces until your men arrived, clad in green armour. John could remember Reach, he spent years training on Reach ever since he was.

Are you OK? Miranda still walked slowly towards him, almost there now, " When you and your men saved me and my father I was so aroused, that I masturbated as soon as the doctor ran a check up on me, I masturbated for 3 whole hours and I vowed I would do whatever was nessesary to find out what the man who saved me looked like under his helmet, I ended up ing the Marines, and then, over 10 years later I finally got to see your face.

She masturbated? Over me? She was upto him now, she pushed him back hard, knowing that if she did it gently it wouldn't have worked due to his balance, he fell back over the arm of the couch, and he landed on the soft cushions, before even his insticts could react she pounced on top of him, straddling his waist.

John was in shock, he had never had someone do this to him before, except when he and Kelly had a short passionate kiss behind the barracks when they were nine. She unbuttoned his shirt quickly and took it off, she ran her hands up his abs and over chest, breathing out lustfully. She moved herself so she was now straddling his stomach and she moved her hands behind her back amd removed his trousers and under garments without looking behind her.

She leaned forwards and kissed him gently, and moved so her mouth was near his ear, breathing heavily, she whispered in his ear, "show me your augmented strength, wrip my dress from my body. He discarded the wripped dress pieces and dropped them on the floor with the other clothes and looked back at Miranda, so his astonishment she had worn nothing underneath, he rememered the people in the front row gave Miranda dirty looks while she tood on the podium giving a speech.

She was in a heightened state of lust, John could feel it, the heat was beaming off of her like an engine, Halo sex stories he could hear her heart Halo sex stories quickly as well as her breathing. Miranda positioned herself above his hard shaft. Take away my long lasting virginity! John was shocked at the fact she had managed to stay a virgin, she was far from unattractive. She probably saved that for me as well.

He thought. Not one to disobey orders, although this wasn't an order but that didn't matter. He eased her onto his shaft gently.

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John was confused, he just layed there with his mouth open. Who taught you how to be gentle? You have been trained for war since you were a kid and now you are gentle! Actually the people who taught him how to be gentle were his parents and Kelly, he was a very strong child, and the only memory he has of his parent were of them saying he should be more gentle with the other students. He was snapped back to reality by her shouting again. He positioned himself at her entrance again, not sure whether to really use all his strength or not, but he did, he pushed in, hard, her verginity broke, she screamed in pain.

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He didn't stop either, he carried on shafting her hard and fast, just like he told him to. After a few moments she had stopped screaming but her face showed a bit of discomfort, but he carried on. After another short while, she replaced the discomforting look with a pleasurable look. This is when he decided to take action. He picked her up and puched her up against the wall, knowing that much of the force of his thrusts were nulled by the softness of the sofa.

He felt something unexpected, he was never taught about this sort of thing so it was all alien to him but something built up inside of him, but he did not linger to wonder, he was going to complete his mission. The feeling did not subside however, it got stronger and stronger, he felt himself weaken somewhat, then he Halo sex stories the walls around his shaft tighten and then another feeling surged through his body, he came, it felt extremely good to him.

Unknowingly to him, so did she. Cortana had seen them both come, the fluids overflowing her and gushing out onto the floor. John looked to Halo sex stories what Miranda was doing. Her face was that of pure joy and happiness, which is understandable since she has just got what she has wanted for 13 years. Until finally she spoke, "thank you John, you can put me down now. John lowered her down to the floor where she stood into the puddle of their misdoings, but she didn't care about that right now.

She was to busy wondering how to proceed, she walked towards the console. Cortana quickly disappeared and reappeared on another holographic stand near the window. Do you even know what love is? I am learning, but it is a slow process. Cortana, still watching, was in total shock, she felt something, something she never knew was possible, she clutched her chest as if her heart was about to explode out of her chest, ironically this wasn't far from the truth.

This hit a chord in John's mind, all the tiny cogs he knew stopped spinning, and ones he never knew exsisted started spinning wildly. Johns reply caused Cortana to double over, she felt pain, still clutching her chest, she disappeared. She went to try and discover the origins of this pain. Miranda was in shock, she had expected him to say no, pick up his clothes and leave but he said yes. She was crying now, crying heavily, but laughing at the same time, this confused John more than anything, she laughed herself and hugged John rather tightly as if someone was going to scoop him up and away from her.

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Halo sex stories

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