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Moments later I was clad in a short white straight gown that stopped just before my knees and a silver stilettos. I live alone with just the maids tho. Sweet mother of Madagascar!! Am so late for my interview, I yanked the blanket off my naked body before running to get dressed. Girls go gaga when they see me, I have cute small lips Hot stories episodes that of a lady and hazel eyes too. I grabbed breakfast in a hurry, gulp down my latte before running out, I flagged down a cab almost immediately.

The look on her face was that of terror but I care less I need to give all of them a piece of my mind. I QUIT!! Want all the details tonight I said. I got to my flat really pissed, I wanted to fuck so badly so I put a call across to Hot stories episodes one of my whores. Dropped her on the bed while trailing kisses from her neck down to her belly button, made sure I left some hickeys on her need.

My private investigator found some info on the guy that tried to step on my toes earlier on. He should be here any minute to fill me up on his info before I think of the best way to deal with him. Just as I thought he came right away. This sure is gonna get interesting and have got the perfect plan. Nobody insults me and get away with it never not even a family friend. I said with lustful eyes.

I spank her ass making her moan in pleasure. I put her two legs on my broad shoulders before thrusting into her. It was slow at first but later increase the tempo, I know she is loving it. I could feel my cum building up so I pulled my dick outta her ass and inserted it in her pussy hole, fucking her with full speed till she fainted.

After ordering for pizza I sat down on the couch in my mini sized living watching Netflix. The pizza guy came and left. Later on another knock disrupted my thought I wonder who is that cause am not expecting anyone today. Argh sky stop this! Just need to think this through I dragged my lazy self to the bath tub To do my manly stuff. Another beautiful morning for a beautiful queen like me, wanna go for a jogg at the park today.

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Positive vibes all the way. I jogged all the way to the park, other people were also workout too.

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I plugged my earphone and started jogging around the park when I collided with someone. Are You blind? I question not looking at the fool. Was stunned when he spoke up turns out to be davis. So ice queen why do you keep crossing my path huh!

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All this while he was busy ranting I was paying attention I was thinking of the possibility of what am gonna do to his lips if I had the chance. Without wasting any more time I crashed my lips on his, He widen his eyes in surprise I wanted to withdraw from kiss but he held my waist and deepen the kiss not minding our environment.

I was so lost in my crazy fantasy. Okay is this a dream or what! Ice queen is kissing me right now! Am kissing a billionaire kid right now!! Somebody pinch me already. I lift her lips and trail kisses down her neck making sure I leave hickeys. Kiss got so intense that I wanted her badly but had to stop.

She rapped her legs around my torso as we kept kissing. I could feel her pussy dripping wet I need no one to tell me that she needs my cock in her life. I placed her on the dinning table, well have always dreamed of fucking my girl on the dinning. I kissed her nose, kissed her lips down to her boobs but this stupid shirt is denying me assess in one swift I ripped it off To see nice boobs starring at me.

I grab of the left boob sucking it like my life depends on it. She moan sweetly into my ears sending al to my beast. In no time the beast was fully risen. I kissed her belly down to her belly button, he tug and fondle with my hair. I reach for her joggers and dragged it down revealing a sexy lacie panties, how I love seeing my girls in this pretty little thing. I grabb hold of Hot stories episodes both line and curse inwardly, she was looking at me wondering why I was fondling with her pant.

I ripped it off aggressively, damn Hot stories episodes is fucking wet. She got the nicest pussy have ever seen my urge to thrust into her increased. I kept eating on her clit earning another sweet moan from her. Inserted two of my fingers into her honey pot fingering her gently. I know she is enjoying it with the way her body is shaking. Fucking like never before not caring if the maids were watching. I could feel my release building up fast but I need her to suck me. I pulled out and asked her to give a blow job.

She only nodded, ice queen squats in front of me grab hold my beast and started deep throat sucking my dick like a professional. Damn my ice queen sure knows how to keep her man, I moan out loud, this cutie here is gonna kill me.

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My cum came out splashing on her face and boobs while she licked up every single one of it. I collapse on the table exhausted. Am resuming work on Monday said. I got really exhausted and hungry, slumped on the couch for some seconds before heading upstairs to shower. Man needs a good bath from some major fuck. Skyler please just get outta my head. After taking a good bath I came out later with only to see Vanessa seating comfortably on my bed guess she is waiting for me. Wait did I just had sex with that arrogant jerk?? Got dressed in a very sexy short satin gown that brought out all my shape any man would die to have those.

It was a braless gown, my nipples were p pointed out but I careless just wanna get drunk and party after party. Club here I come I smirked to my self. I know how to dance. Some Hot stories episodes basically un dressing me with their lustful eyes. Just then I someone grabbed my waist from behind making me shivers I wonder who it was, wait who am I kidding I know that touch, I know that scent. Me I just sat quietly sipping my drink. I stood up quietly not after glaring at my friends for staring at her.

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Walked to the stage and grabbed her tiny waist gently making her shiver its good I had an effect on her. She stared at me with a supprise face. We were dancing like a cute couple. I grabbed her butt and started rocking it on my torso I know she getting turned on as much as me. She felt my erection and gasp.

I ripped her clothes again for the second time woow thiz kitten is braless. I kissed and sucked her neck like lollipop leaving more love bites she kept calling my name sweetly getting me more turn on. The helped in removing my shirt as she use her hands to trail an invisible line on my abs, I groaned in respond to the pleasure I felt while she did that.

She stood up knelt before she un buckled my belt and pulled down my trousers which I kicked off, she smiled at what she saw. I attacked her cute b bs and gave them equal rights. She is pro and c k sucking. Swears I almost died of pleasure as I moan crazily with my hair tented backwards. She suck me for sometime before I angrily made her seat on my c k, she used her p y to rub my shaft in a teasing way she moaned crazily while I groan.

I sucked her for a while before inserting my d k again. This time am gonna make her scream my name Nonstop. I groan and hold her ass more tightly, because of the sweet feeling we moan enthusiastically. She shook viguely obviously enjoying it. She did the same. We were both breathing heavily, I closed my eyes and opened them again only to find her staring at him she looked away away almost immediately. That was the best makeout ever.

She stood up quietly and walked to the telegram and ordered something in no time a bouncer brought freshly packed clothes. She collected it and shut the door. Went to the bathroom and came out later looking refreshing but still not talking to me. I decided to break the silence. Picking her shoes. I got dressed afterwards and left the club I really need to have a good night sleep or am gonna get sick.

I laid on my queen size bed cuddling my teddy bear thinking of the crazy romance have had last night. I never wanted to say that to davis but I just had to, ion want Hot stories episodes start having the feeling that skyler gray the youngest Hot stories episodes. I just have to push him away. But no it has to stop I need to kill whatever feeling am developing for him, Moreover he is my employee. I still have lots of hickeys on my neck tho, am wear a turtle neck dress so nobody will see em. All I know is she is special to me, Am having the strange feeling but ion know what is it I feel for her.

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Is it mere infatuation?? No I doubt now she wants to sideline me.

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Never gonna happen babeI know I still had an effect on your body. I dragged my self lazily to the kitchen and decided on beacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast today. I grabbed her boobs aggressively and started squeezing she left my ear lopes and started kissing me, with both our tongues trying to gain dominance. I broke the kiss and went for her boobs.

Hot stories episodes

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