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When Vikram entered his suite it was already 4 AM. Vikram was damn tired. It had taken so long to solve the problem.

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He had thought that he would be able to finish everything in an hour or two but it had taken the entire night. Shnaya must have been upset waiting for him but the problem could neither have been delayed or postponed. He would apologise to shnaya for spoiling their first night together. He himself had been anxiously waiting for tonight but then family honour came first. After changing he was tempted just to just look at her.

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It was then he saw her dried up tears. So she had been upset afterall. It was all his fault. It was the beginning of their new life and he had hurt her. The next morning Shnaya woke up abruptly because she felt a hand at her back. So her husband had arrived after all. Maybe her fears were true. They would be married in name only.

But then why had he lied to her? Pretending to be attracted to her? She decided to ask him when he woke up. But first she needed to get ready as their must be some family rituals to be performedThr moment she came out of the bathroom there was a knock at the door. She quickly covered herself with a gown and opened the door to reveal a servant carrying a tray with tea and biscuits.

It was as if she was more interested in visiting the bedroom rather than serving the tea. It was the first day of her married life. She had expected that they would have tea together. She wanted to wake him but he must Hot wedding night story arrived at an ungodly hour so she let him sleep. Send me an if more parts are published. Rate This Book. Currently 4. Current Rating: 4.

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