Human cow story

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Your farmer made way down the hill towards the barn. You followed, casually sauntering down the hill, managing to pick up some speed in your descent. Moving on all fours had become second nature to you. Keira followed slowly. You turned and looked back at her with the dopey smile of a placid cow.

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She looked sad. You couldn't figure out why, maybe she needed This is the second part of my story about Anna, the cow girl. Obviously I would prefer that you read the first part before you read this part. The first story was from Anna's perspective and this story is from her owners perspective. This is the story of how I, Kazuhiro got my very own cow girl named Anna.

At first she hated me, but now we are in love. Long ago, Mars was a thriving, bustling planet. Its three billion inhabitants lived in peace and harmony, enjoying the fruits of an industrialized society. They had even ventured out into space, having managed to send their very first satellite into orbit. They had hoped to find their place in the universe. What they discovered was an asteroid. They glimps Claudia was still spaced out when she saw the Mistress' face appear hovering above her. She lay in her pool of shit She looked down, not meaning to look at her full udders, but also not being able to help it since they were so large and displayed on the shelf bra.

The sight of them brought her back to Human cow story decision.

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Sten Erikson was a normal dairy farmer except for the fact that some of his "cows" were human. Stens farm was a legendary sex filled paradise until the government came and shut it down. Just how this strange human dairy farm could exist require some explanation and a look into its history. This story will focus on how the farm came to be, what the farm was Sarah awoke a couple of hours later to the feeling of a hand rubbing something on to Human cow story ass.

Her ass ached where the hand was rubbing. But whatever was being rubbed on her, she assumed it was the salve the doctor had prescribed, was helping. A few minutes after the rubbing stopped, she started becoming aware of the pressure in her udders. She stood, wincin After saving the man's life, Kal was invited back to his house for lunch. He Insisted it was the very least he could do as thanks. His wife was wary of the mage until her son excitedly told the story of how a cat-girl fell out of the sky and ripped open his father's arm then moments later Kal appeared and healed him.

The man confirmed the boy's story and exp You'd zoned completely out as the farmer had worked out the cream from your breasts, taken far away by your pleasure.

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How long had it been? All you knew for sure was that the small bucket set beneath you was now about half full, instead of the bottom of it just being barely covered. The pain of engorgement had faded away now to a distant memory, long since Constructive criticism is always welcomed. Earth had been united under a single government. SmutMD Log in.

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On Off. Cat - College Cowgirl Ch.

Human cow story

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