Hunger games sex stories

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Author's Note: And onto the main event. Let's re Katniss and see how she is doing following the Cornucopia. Reviews are always very much appreciated, especially on this story. I feel like this is my most controversial story in terms of where it sits amongst the fanbase, so reviews are always encouraging.

And if you have critical feedback, feel free to give it without being a dickhead. But, hey ho, ultimately, it's a smut story so who gives a shit. Enjoy Katniss and her escapades! As soon as Foxface had bolted into the forest, Katniss, amidst heavy breathing and a racing heart, did the exact same, picking a direction that led away from the central Cornucopia and deeper into the forest.

Running until she could no longer hear the Careers filtering their way into the trees, she ducked across a dirt hill and down into a small protected alcove, surrounded on several sides by a steep dirt bank. Sliding onto the ground, she caught her breath, using a tree to prop herself up. A little disorientated, she tried to count up the of points she had accrued as a result of the events at the Cornucopia and with Foxface but found herself unable to remember the exact details. Confident that she wouldn't be ambushed by the Careers and pinned to the ground in order to be gang-fucked, she Hunger games sex stories the backpack she had grabbed off of her shoulders and unzipped it.

A part of her honestly expected to find a series of survival tools and pieces of useful gear, yet she should have anticipated what was actually going to be stuffed in these backpacks. The first thing she pulled out was a beaded butt-plug, tapered with three different widths and fitted with a crummy plastic jewel that would proudly flash from between her ass cheeks if she chose to use it. She also found an incredibly anatomically detailed ten-inch dildo. The ridges and veins marked along its side honestly tricked Katniss into thinking that there was a very real severed cock in her bag.

Next came a bottle of lube alongside a small silver vibrator standing at six inches long. Most curiously, there was a set of frilly lingerie with hairy lining along the fringes and hems. It was so small that Katniss was confident it would snap if she tried to put it on.

The fact that these were included at all was astounding given the fact that they were already prancing around naked through the forest. She then realised that this was ultimately to benefit the sponsors who no doubt loved seeing scantily clad ladies getting their lingerie torn from their bodies before launching into an intimate foray of sexual deviancy. At least Katniss could probably make use of the g-string in some form of animal trap. There was a second bottle inside the bag which Katniss pulled out and visibly sighed as she realised that a bottle of massage oil had been included in the survival pack.

The final inclusion with a metal chain with what was presumably two nipple clamps fastened on either side. Again, Katniss was completely shocked and immediately planned to make use of It in some other way than abusing her sensitive nipples. It was safe to say that she had next to nothing to work with. Regardless, she stuffed everything back into the bag, thinking that it would all hopefully be useful at some point. The only thing she didn't immediately put away was the small silver vibrator.

Her ultimate plan prior to entering the arena was to find herself a toy that was both sizable and Hunger games sex stories and sequester herself away in some corner of the map playing with herself constantly. The points were measured by orgasm and whilst the big point scorers involved fucking someone else, if she could rack up constantly points from masturbating, she thought that she would be able to outpace the others that went for more traditional means.

Hooking the back-pack over her shoulders once more, she rose to her feet and began to fiddle with the vibrator. Flicking it on, she didn't hesitate in turning it onto the max settings, watching the silver shaft shudder and pulsate in her fingers.

Unceremoniously, she lowered it to her folds, sawing the length back and forth across her slit. Underestimating the intensity of the vibrations, Katniss clung to a nearby tree, breathing heavily as she continued to work the toy across her folds, the slickness of her pussy swiftly gleaming across the vibrator. Soft moans escaped her lips as she ran the toy back and forth, angling it towards her clit and gasping as a burst of intense pleasure surged through her body. She knew that she wasn't safe here with the Careers running about, yet she knew that she needed to rack up as many points as possible.

So, it was on shaky legs, she began to stagger through the forest, clinging to tree after tree for support to keep her collapsing in a pleasure-ridden mess of quivering flesh. Breathing deeply, she made her way from tree to tree, clinging to them whenever she could as she pinned the toy firmly against her clit.

The vibrations seemed to grow more intense the more she pressed it into her flesh, yet she forced herself to maintain her position, weaving from tree to tree, her chest rising and falling as her toes-curled against the forest floor beneath her. There was a cool air in the forest that rushed across her body, Hunger games sex stories through her slit and causing even more satisfying pleasure to tingle through her body. With each step she took, her body seemed closer to collapsing. As she rocked the vibrator through the slickness of her folds, it grew wetter and wetter.

As she cleared the first a hundred metres, she found the toy was gleaming and glistening with her juices, her arousal coating the surface of the shimmering silver length. The trouble with allowing herself to relish the sensations rushing throughout her body was that as she came to the next tree-line, staggering her way down a slight embankment on weak and uncertain legs, Katniss found herself unable to deny her body the satisfaction. Cursing beneath her breath as the pleasure rushed through her body, Katniss leant against a nearby tree, hearing the steady rushing of a nearby river.

Comfortable that the river would hide the sounds of the vibrator, she made her way a little closer, working her way towards the flow of water, checking behind each and every tree for an ambush, until she was comfortable that small clearing in which she found herself was truly her own. To her surprise, she had kept her toy pressed against her pussy the entire time.

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A little perturbed by the fact that she didn't see the sense to abandon playing with herself as she sought to ensure her safety, Katniss ultimately ignored the pressing need for some self-reflective psycho-analysis and instead dropped down onto the ground, propping herself up against a tree and letting out a sigh of relief.

This was ultimately the first opportunity she had to relax.

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After the chaos of the Cornucopia and the countless orgasms she had experienced in that mad scramble; not to mention the rush through the wildness, Katniss felt exhausted. Her body gleamed with a thin layer of sweat, her thighs glistening with arousal as her body felt a little grimy. As she laid against the tree, her hand continuing to rub back and forth across her pussy, slowly guiding her vibrator back and forth across her clit, sawing it through her folds whenever she needed a brief moment of reprieve from the intensity of having it pressed against her most sensitive areas.

Reminding herself that the abandoning of modesty was all for her ultimate survival, she continued to rock the toy in place, letting out soft, meek moans of satisfaction; all of them forced for the pleasure of those watching her on their screens. At least, that was what she told herself, yet as she glanced down, she was met with the reality. Her hand was drenched in arousal.

Positively glistening. It was to the extend that her hand was more slippery than the toy. She had assumed the unwieldy slickness of the vibrator was all down to the rapidly wettened toy, yet it was her fingertips that were dripping with her gleaming arousal. It didn't stop her from moving Hunger games sex stories toy along herself.

She was more pre-occupied with banking some points so that she could worry about gathering herself later. Right now, the priority was as many orgasms as possible within the short period of time. To that effect, she angled the toy towards her entrance and eased it inside, biting her lip as the overwhelming orgasmic pleasure of being filled with a rigid piece of perpetually shuddering plastic coursed through her body. Breathing wildly, she arched her back, writhing against the tree, keeping the toy sheathed as deeply inside herself, forcing an orgasm to burst across her body, pleasure climbing and peaking in such a way that she was forced to stifle an unbecoming squeal of delight out of fear she would be heard.

But she was heard. In fact, every single subtle squeak of pleasure that she had made after stumbling away from the Cornucopia, including the pleasure ridden moans that she had shared with Foxface, had been heard. Unbeknownst to Katniss, her every move was being watched and relished. The bounce of her ass as she worked her way from tree to tree, the wet slaps of her hand against her pussy, the soft jiggle her breasts made whenever she stepped down a slight incline; all those subtle details of her body were being watched, relished and enjoyed.

And in particular, the writhing ecstasy of her current orgasm was being savoured alongside her voyeuristic stalker's own inclining pleasure. In the tree-line above, slightly further away from Katniss's current position, angled so that she had a complete and unrestricted view of Katniss's entire anatomy, the silent stalker watched. Spread across a couple sturdy bows, the lithe and limber form of the girl from Eleven laid, supported by the branches as she watched Katniss's body intently, adoring the rise of her chest and the way her ass was squashed and spilled across the forest floor beneath her.

The girl's hand was buried between her lightly toned thighs, rubbing her tight dark-skinned pussy, coating her own fingers with her own slickness. It had been quite the struggle to maintain pace with Katniss through the trees as she rushed away from the central fuck-fest; yet it had proved to be completely worth it. Her own orgasm began to rear its head, her dark chocolatey nipples hardening in the cold breeze of the forest air. And it was in that moment, as her pleasure peaked that Rue knew that she had made the right choice in shadowing Katniss Everdeen. Katniss wasn't the only one with the same plan of banking points.

Both Rue and she were well on their way to using just that tactic to win. Not only that, but half a dozen tributes had already dipped into the forests and begun doing Hunger games sex stories same, with the cameras displaying rather proudly to the Districts and the Capitol, a compilation of all of them writhing in ecstasy, all driven from their own hands.

Rue had a backpack stored on the branch she was resting on, her eyes locked on Katniss's writhing and contorting body. She was certainly and exhibitionist in this regard, taking no small measure in making sure it was known how much pleasure she was feeling. Rue couldn't help but enjoy the show the brunette was providing. With her own hand working its way through her folds, Rue felt her slickness beginning to bead and roll down the crack of her ass.

Her fingers were already drenched, soaked from tip to knuckle with her arousal. Rocking her fingers back and forth, she rubbed them against her clit every couple of seconds before dipping them down to her actual entrance, moaning as she sank her petite little fingers into her cunt, pumping them back and forth. Her dark nipples were fully erect, standing proudly at the Hunger games sex stories of her small tits.

Her lithe body was surprisingly meaty in places, with her breasts being an ample handful, yet remaining small enough to work with her smaller figure. Playing with her pussy, Rue wondered if she should simply bite the bullet and drop down to Katniss, however, ultimately decided against it.

She and her mentor had devised several plans in order to gain attention and ultimately appeal. Rue would never win a contest decided explicitly upon sexual appeal. Whilst there were those amongst the Capitol who favoured her stature, she wasn't particularly voracious in sexuality, experienced or adventurous.

So, her appeal was surface level. And so, her tactics had to be sharp. People were far more willing to pay attention to the lithe and limber young girl that followed Katniss Everdeen through the trees, masturbating to her every move and sharing in the Capitol's dogged obsession with the brunette from Twelve. It at least gave her a gimmick if nothing else.

People would be far more interested in her first explosive sexual encounter with Katniss if it had a little subsequent build up. And so, she fumbled around towards her back-pack, reaching inside for the dildo that she had found within. Feeling its juicy plastic girth, she pulled it hold, letting it flop onto her belly. Breathing heavily, she glanced down at it briefly.

Ten inches: far, far bigger than the ones she had practised with. Of course, she had the unfortunate luck of getting a gargantuan toy. Regardless, her cunning and sharp mind suggested that the perverts of the Capitol would be more interested in seeing her trying to work that monstrosity into her thin body. Her cunt was certainly wet enough. Looking down, her pussy was drenched, gleaming. Her fingers too.

So much so, that as she gripped the toy in one hand, the rigid plastic began to glisten itself, her arousal coating it after nothing more than a simple squeeze. Lowering the toy to her pussy, she grabbed it not by the base, but by the head, rubbing the bulbous tip against her folds, tentatively teasing her entrance, watching as Katniss slowly reclined across the Hunger games sex stories, moaning with such intensity that the subtleties in her sexual expressions were as clear as day to Rue, who used them as encouragement to her sexual affairs, running the beaded head of the toy along her folds, steadily unfurling the folded nest that was her pussy.

Moans escaped her lips; softer moans in comparison to Katniss, but moans nonetheless. Everytime she tried to push the toy inside herself, she winced, the head being thicker than she anticipated.

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Regardless, she continued to try and slip it inside, finding it more pleasurable each time she bottled it and pulled the toy back, letting the entrance to her untouched pussy slowly tighten once again, the flesh constricting in on itself, bringing moans of delight to her lips. Finally, she felt her pussy give away, the very tip of the cock slipping inside. Looking down, she saw her pussy lips stretching to accommodate, the pressure of having herself plugged in such a manner causing her to breath sharply inwards.

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Fortunately, Katniss was too consumed in the pleasure of the moment to even acknowledge the slow tepid moans emanating from the tree-line nearby, instead focussing on the rutting animalistic fantasies tingling through her body. Easing the rest of the head inside of herself, Rue began to moan constantly, her pussy incredibly sensitive to even the slightest inclusions.

There was an innate satisfaction in being slowly filled by a thick object, and whilst she had revelled in that sensation when it came in the form of the more manageable sized dildos she had experimented with, this was on a whole new level. Whilst Rue was definitely far from being a size-queen, there was something to be said for the level of increase in pleasure found with the satisfaction of probing her cunt with a cock of such a size. It wasn't anything incredibly pleasurable, but there was a profound niggle in the back of her mind telling her that there would be immense satisfaction in taking the entire length.

Perhaps it was some desire to simply have it completely submerged for the sake of compulsivity, but it lingered there nonetheless. It may have lingered there, but it didn't make it any easier to weave another inch of the toy inside of herself, the plastic seemingly swelling and bulging to a new level of thickness the further it went inside of her.

With her heart racing and her body thrumming with pleasure, she called it quits and simply began to rock the toy in and out of her pussy, fucking herself with the short three inches that she had mustered then and there. Lightly fucking herself with the toy, she angled her head to watch Katniss more intently, her eyes widening with lust as the brunette rolled over onto her hands and knees, lust overcoming as the increased pleasure of the wildly throbbing vibrator drove her to wilder and wilder lengths to get that next delectable orgasm.

Rue could definitely empathise with that desire. As she rocked the toy into her depths, plumbing her tight virgin pussy with the thick cock-head, she found the steadily increasing pleasure to slowly begin corrupting her supple lustful mind. Moaning softly, she dropped a hand to her clit, rubbing the sensitive bead with increased intensity, her eye-lids growing heavy as she watched Katniss play to her strengths.

When on all fours, Hunger games sex stories rested her cheek against the forest floor, Hunger games sex stories caring as the dirt pressed into her skin. She cared all about cumming.

Hunger games sex stories

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