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Click the picture above for more details. My husband Steve and I were just a couple months away from our thirtieth wedding anniversary and we had invited our neighbor over to share dinner on a warm summer evening. We have known Chad, a handsome man a few years younger than us, for several years.

While in bed with my husband, he and I had even, if infrequently, fantasized of Chad and my husband sharing me in bed. Lounging around now with drinks after dinner we found Chad pleasant and charming. Before dinner while my husband and I were showering and dressing for dinner, Steve had teased and reminded me of our sometimes fantasies and remarked that I seemed attracted to him.

I said maybe a little, as he was handsome and charming. As the evening wore on I found Chad sitting next to me and I could feel his thigh pressing lightly against mine, and as I casually glanced down from time to time as we were all talking, I thought I could see the beginning of an erection.

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It was exciting, feeling the warmth of his thigh and sensing the desire in this handsome man, and I felt a little tinge of arousal, a slight moistening between my thighs. The effect of the drinks and pleasantness of the evening was having an effect.

Steve was leaning back in and arm chair, appearing sleepy, but still aware, and Chad was sitting beside me on our sofa. My husband stirred himself enough to turn down the lights and closed the blinds so we were almost in shadow, and I wondered why he wanted the lights so dim.

Our friend took advantage of the lighting to place his arm around me, drawing me against him. It seemed to be going somewhere, as the next thing he turned me towards him and kissed me. It was so exciting, feeling his lips touch mine for the first time. No response from Steve, so he kissed me again, this time his mouth opening and his tongue gently caressing my lips until I opened them slightly, drawing in and gently sucking his tongue, and teasing the tip with my tongue.

After another kiss he lightly leaned me back on the sofa with him beside me, holding me in an embrace. I glanced towards Steve-I knew he could see, even though it was dark, but he said nothing. Did he want to see what I would do? Was he going to call a halt to this action? I was going to find out. When he began to unbutton my blouse I did nothing, and I did nothing when he pulled Husband watching wife sex stories free, exposing my bra which opened in the front. I allowed another long wet kiss, and then he opened my bra, exposing my breasts.

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I was flushed and breathing rapidly with this turn of events. I looked at my husband again-I could see his eyes and I felt he wanted this to happen. Everything about this night, the comfort of home, and the drinks we had consumed lent itself to an erotic evening, and it seemed to be getting to all of us. Chad was caressing my nipples with his finger-tips till they stiffened, and then he was using his mouth and tongue on my breasts, and I was becoming more and more aroused.

I wondered if my husband had an erection-Chad certainly did-I was very aware of the pressure against my leg. His fingers dipped down to my knees, sliding under my skirt, slowly sliding up my thighs, pushing my skirt up. His hand was gently pushing my thighs apart, his hand now between them, stroking and caressing them, finally pressing against my panties.

I felt myself moistening, becoming more aroused as his fingers slipped inside the leg of my panties, finding my moistness. I moaned softly when his finger moved in me, not wanting my husband to hear. I murmured again when his finger found my clitoris.

Steve was leaning forward watching and listening. Did he want us to go ahead? Although we had fantasized about this, did he really want to see Chad doing it to me? I could feel his very hard cock against my thigh, and I knew I was very close to doing it with this man-being penetrated by him.

I raised my hips to allow him to pull my skirt up under me, but I hesitated when he gripped the waist-band of my panties, attempting to take them off. I took a last look at my husband who sat there immobile. This scene was so far out, and I was so aroused that I lifted my hips, allowing him to slide my panties off, and now open to him.

He pressed my legs and thighs apart, lightly caressing my wet vulva, pressing my legs open more as he Husband watching wife sex stories between them, preparing to mount me. I gave a last look at my husband whose eyes were shining Husband watching wife sex stories the dim light, now pulling his chair closer to us. There was no way now that we could stop, and I lifted and opened my thighs so he could enter me. He directed the head of his cock against me, moistening the tip with my wetness.

Feeling another cock, another man, touching and opening my pussy with the head of his cock for the first time in years. He then began to push. I felt myself opening to the insistent pressure, my cunt stretching as he pressed firmly, giving a gasp as he entered me. I was so excited and so close that I began to groan and shuddered.

He waited till I relaxed before pushing into me, gradually filling me, penetrating me till I was fully impaled on this cock, giving a hoarse cry and feeling my pussy pulse around this new cock. It was done! I was sure my husband could see his cock entering me-I wish I could see if he was as hard as Chad. He remained still, his cock rigid and fully into me, finally moving slowly back and forth, almost pulling out each time, then slowly but firmly thrusting in me until he was grinding against my clit.

It was so intense, this very hard cock slowly fucking me with my husband watching. I forgot about him as Chad began thrusting more powerfully into me, my body moving with him, my ankles hooking around his legs as I do with my husband. It was so erotic, this scene right out of a hard-core movie. Chad was having his way with me, taking me with my husband watching, observing our friend fucking me as he was squeezing his own cock, seeing him doing it to me.

The sheer naughtiness of what we were doing made it so exciting, so intense. I was soon shaking with an orgasm that came so quickly that I cried out, my legs and arms clutching him as warmth flowed throughout my body. He held himself fully into me till my climax subsided, and slowly began moving again, thrusting steadily, taking plenty of time, lifting me to another erotic high. I made no attempt now to be quiet, my gasps and moans louder and louder, filling the room.

He was soon pushing powerfully into me, and his cock seemed to swell. I felt him impale me fully, groaning, his cock swelling and spurting against the walls of my vagina, filling me with his semen. I gave a cry as he flooded me, emptying his cock in me.

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He finally moved away from me, but I lay there with my legs spread, emotionally exhausted, feeling our combined wetness on my thighs. I sat up and looked at my husband. His penis was out, hard and wet with pre come, so clearly he had enjoyed watching his wife getting screwed by another man. I thought a little kissing and touching was sexy but harmless, and I thought it would just end there. But then I got caught up in the scene.

I got so excited watching him working on you that I was in a daze. And then when you he got your panties off, and you spread your legs for him, I almost came. And seeing you making him come in you…. We went to bed but it was a long time before either of us went to sleep. My pussy was so silky smooth Husband watching wife sex stories wet. Steve said it felt wonderful, and it felt even better when Steve added his cum to ours. I felt so sexy and fulfilled, going to sleep with the semen of 2 men inside of me, and fantasizing about Steve and Chad both taking me together the next time.

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Husband watching wife sex stories

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