I came in my sister stories

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Hey all, I took a long time to come back with another part. Sorry, I was very much busy with work lately. Now I have free time, it is time to write new ones. For new readers, I am Deepak, I am from Chennai. Our family is compact.

Parents, myself and my little sister Kavi. Both I and my sister Kavi share the same room. A lot of things happened and for the past one week, we crossed all the borders and fucked each other like rabbits. All these things are covered in parts. Go and update yourself with those. This part I am thinking of narrating it like a novel and giving some information about us here and there. I am just experimenting with this so help me out and bear with it. I woke up when I heard my mobile rang. It was mom. She told me that she will be here in 30 minutes.

I was still lying in bed and my sister was lying under the same blanket. We both were nude. My head started spinning. I tried to wake her up. She was in no mood. I went, brushed and wore casuals. I came back and saw my sister moving slowly from the bed. Kavi winked and closed the door. I was dumbstruck. When have my sis turned so naughty?! I hastily arranged our room. Our parents reached home and dad asked for a coffee. My sister prepared coffee and we all started having it. You seem a little dull, kutti.

I turned my head away. He is so caring and loving till yesterday. Just today he is acting all strange. I sighed. Things settled down. We all went to a movie and had lunch outside. I was avoiding my sister the whole time.

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She was trying to speak but I rose and sat near mom. After all these fun? I went upstairs. Kavi followed me. Why are you acting strange all of a sudden? We were sleeping naked. What if our parents had found us? We would have ended up in trouble. I think we need to stop our little game. For readers who think that I am chickening out — yeah, I only initiated all these things with Kavi. It was good. Nah it was great. I like everything about her. Her smell, her smile, face, lips, curves and all of her.

But I feel that I may develop something for her which I may not able to get it the future. That night, we split the beds after many years and slept separately without even uttering a word. And yesterday, we were having so much passion for each other. Things became so formal from there on.

We spoke minimal words to each other, that too only when necessary. No physical touch whatsoever. This phase lasted two and odd months lol, I am not exaggerating, it happened just like that.

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I got busy practicing for my football matches which will come in our circle. My sister was busy with her own things. In those two months, there were occasions when I saw my sister doing yoga in the morning and I instantly getting a hard-on. But I controlled myself most of the time. All things went well. One day, mom asked me to help her arrange the other room. It was the room originally meant for my sister.

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Since she was sleeping in my room the whole time, we stopped using that room much. We reserved it for guests. I was shellshocked. She said it is true Kavi asked her. Can we change it tomorrow morning? I decided to settle this once and for all. I waited for my sister to come home. She came home and we had dinner. She changed into her night casuals and started to read a book she re it before going to sleep. She is a fanatic of fiction and has lots of collection at home. After getting some thoughts, I called her. No progress in our relationship.

I decided to move on for good. What we had that week was something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I like you a lot, I like everything about you. My sister slapped me — not once, but twice. Do you ever understand what women think? It sucks, bro. We do a thing thinking of a reaction from her but the reaction we get is totally different.

Do you guys ever got into a messy situation like this with your gf or wife? Are you that thick-skulled? Who asked you to marry me, huh? You started all these. I already said that I want to go with the flow. Do you know how bad I felt being silent in this room?

I came in my sister stories

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