I cheated on my boyfriend story

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I know this is a "bad situation" but Here's my story. My BFF got married. She had a wedding celebration in Aug. I went stag because my boyfriend recently broke he's leg and was embarrassed, and he told me before he broke his leg that he was not going to attend. He denied it of course, said it was just texting. I feel that he meet up with women Or men I also found out that he was texting one of his BF older sister. Telling her that he missed her and whatever.

Ok so that was in July. So Augs back to the wedding, I had a good time solo and was faithful all night He starts messaging me felt good so I let that happen. Then the bride and groom head upstairs for bed. He is good looking and I just love the sound of his voice for, some reason. We start messing around I refused sex, but he went down on me.

He said he loved the way I taste. We were pretty fucked up from the Celebration so we went to sleep. I'm on the couch he's on the floor.

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So it's like 5am we both wake up still tipsy and we have sex. We exchanged s and I left. I was avoiding my boyfriend for like 2 days. I felt guilty, but he didn't when he was going behind my back talking to other women. I guess that's the women in me. Oh yeah FYI I'm 27 my boyfriend is 26 and the "other guy" is my age and successful. So whatever I saw my boyfriend and pretend not to have a text buddy now. So like a week or 2 went by and I decided to go see the other guy. I did we talked had drinks and fucked again. He let me spend the night at his apt even tho he had to leave for work in the early morning.

He told me I could stay I cheated on my boyfriend story if I wanted to. But I really just wanted to get out of there lol. So I left like 2 hours later after he left. Avoided my boyfriend again. Continued texting the other guy, the other guy was going on Vacation to Jamaica so we stopped texting the week he was over there. So he text me when he was waiting for his flight short texts, but it did feel nice that he told me he was on his way back to Cali. He has a beach apt I know and he's still on vacation so he invited me to go over. I was debating weither or not I should but decided to go see him.

After all I been dying to go to the beach and wanted to go have fun with him. I didn't know what to expect. Wasn't sure if we were gonna go out and have fun or just stayin. He text me before I took off and said that he would wait for me to eat.

We took the scenic route walking on the beach it was still sunny out but our walk was perfect we got to see the most beautiful sunset we both ever seen. We found a place to eat, he had tacos I got a salad.

I wasn't that hungry. Ordered beers and we talked. He was telling me about his trip to Jamacia. He had something on his lip and I took it off with my fingers. Then he just kisses me. It was pretty cute. Continued to talk orders more drinks left that bar. We went into another bar and the Dodger game was on so we watched it. I don't watch games but he was letting me know wha was going on. Left that on went to another. This one was more of a clubish style we both wanted to dance.

It was super packed so he found me a stool by the bar and I sat down, him behind me standing. Had a fun time dancing sitting down if you get what I mean. We got drunk not too drunk and walked back to his apt. Holding hands talking, he was telling me that I need to say what's on my mind and to speak up.

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I'm kinda shy. Or I was nervous idk. So that made me feel good that he's just a cool guy to talk to. He likes to party and travel and I admire that. My boyfriend doesn't like to party or go out. I have to beg him to take me to TGIF so we can have drinks.

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Doesn't like I cheated on my boyfriend story or bars we been together since I've always like to have fun and live in the moment but I guess I calmed down because of my relationship. That's a good thing right??! So we are now at his apt. We go at it. I couldn't cum. I was too drunk and couldn't. He did and I told him that I had a boyfriend and what he was doing and he just said "Creigslist? He's not a "cuddler" but he did that night but I was hot and moved away later. We woke hung out while he was getting ready to go with his Mom.

It was her birthday, walkes me to my car we hug and kisses me bye. I went to the beach on my own since I was there might as well enjoying it. We text a little I sent him photos of the water and I was messing with the seagulls like feeding them sent him a video of it head on home. I'm not sure if I'm just a booty call or something but I've been out of the dating game for so long that I don't know what this is. I know what I'm doing is wrong.

I know but I can't help it. This guy is so interesting and smart he likes to drink I do too, dancing and just living. I want to get to know him even more. I just want some opinions. Is this the norm now? Is dating just hooking up and whatever happens happens.? Please read our commenting guidelines before responding.

Read now. You are commenting as a guest. If you see a comment that is unsupportive or unfriendly, please report it using the flag button. I cannot believe there are no comments. I can see why you would want some excitement in your life.

Plus, your boyfriend has been lying to your for who knows how long, that probably added a lot more motive to you hooking up with this guy. I was with this guy for 3 years, we talked for 2 years before we got together so a total of 5 going on 6 and the whole relationship he lied to me. He was always texting other girls, writing girls on facebook, and I know he went over this girls house before that he claimed they were just friends, but earlier in our relationship he told me that she was his first, so I found that hard to believe.

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So after forgiving him COUNTLESS times, he continued to do the same thing and the last straw was last January when I found him writing this girl on facebook talking about he should have "dicked her down" when he saw her. When I confronted him, he seemed to think it was funny because I threatened to leave him and told him he could get all his stuff and leave he stayed with my family going on longer than a year After that, I distanced myself slowly from the relationship because I was getting ready to let go for good and didn't want it to hurt so bad, he was the guy I wanted to marry, I took pride in calling him my boyfriend and for what?

He probably had me out here looking stupid as heck. So anyway, he loved playing basketball so we use to always go to this rec center where I befriended this other guy. He was in a relationship for 2 years at the time. December before my boyfriend was on facebook in that girls inbox his girlfriend left him for a guy she had just met that moved next door to her.

Me and him were best friends and had been for about a year by then. I ended up falling for him hard and we both were each others shoulder for a while before we both found ourselves falling harder for each other. I broke up with my boyfriend 3 months later because I felt like I was pretending when my heart was somewhere else.

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Me and this guy had never had sex but we had kissed and it felt so good and right. I later told him that we couldn't kiss anymore because I was in a relationship and I felt so guilty. Then I cheated on my boyfriend story started to think, what has my boyfriend been doing behind my back. One day he came home with hicky's on his neck and blamed it on the pressure washer at work which I still dont believe to this day but I was stupid and stayed We all play someone's fool and it turns out to be a learning lesson. To make it short, you don't want to risk your happiness. Choose who makes you happy and don't stay with your boyfriend just because you are comfortable.

But you don't want to move too fast. I miss the guy I was with because of course we shared a lot of memories, he was my high school sweetheart and my first boyfriend every girls dream is to stay with her first boyfriend I was blocked on facebook by him because said he didn't want to see any pictures of us He was hurt. He started leaving notes and stuff in my car, sent me flowers and everything before he knew I was talking to someone, he really wanted me back but I didn't want to look like a fool I still feels stupid a little because I feel guilty, I have dreamed about him and everything.

I was angry and sometimes I think it was so easy to put my feelings into someone else because of the anger, but you don't want to regret the decision you make. I'm still with the new guy and it will be a year in a month. But I can tell I moved on too fast because I still think about the other guy, even though he was unfaithful I never knew if he ever had sexual relations with another girl tho.

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Everyone makes mistakes, you have, your boyfriend has, and this new guy will too. It's just what you're willing to sacrifice or if you think it will last and has potential to grow stronger and longer. Hope this helps. Maybe you could just take a break? Thank you for your story. My boyfriend is my 2nd boyfriend. My "first love" was the same to me also. Lying, cheating, I don't regret leaving him. If you are not happy with your current bf then just break up with him!!!

In that way you would be able to date this guy or any other guy you like and stop blaming yourself for cheating on your bf. Cheaters will always cheat. I have just used this guy'service Loop and he's a legit hacker, he can handle any social networks hacks like Facebook,whats-app snap chat Instagram s and school grade.

I cheated on my boyfriend story

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True Story: I Cheated on My Boyfriend