I fucked my dog story

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I was laying in bed reading erotica stories and was becoming super damp between my legs. I was laying on my back and had my knees bentmoving them far apart to where I became spread eagle, then back upright knees clamped together and I would squeeze my vagina before repeating. I loved the sensation it gave my rose bud.

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I continue reading and lay spread wide open when out of no where I feel a hot wet lick penetrate the opening of my pussy hole. I let out a surprised OOH! I dropped my book and clenched my sheet ,uh uuuhh ooohh! His hot powerful tongue was lapping me up deep inside as his wet cold nose was grinding against my very erect hard knob! My dog heard something that alerted him pulling him out of my pussy right before I came. I jerked my head from side to side trying to make sense of all this ,why was I enjoying this?

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But i did! At that very moment my dog jumps back on the bed and is painting heavily now.

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I can see his lipstick starting to protrude as he is pawing at mehe is trying to hump me! Why was this making me so horny!? My pussy was throbbing aching and soaking wet. I could feel myself closing in on an orgasmI looked down between my legs and could see a clear watery substance dripping from my clit as I cried out a moan to the sound of him splashing his cum inside of me ,I was dripping soaking wet. Fu uuhh kkk meee! He was packing my pussy with air and cun causing me to queef with every hump smacking againsed my cuntI exploded a orgasmic pulsating squirt all over the bed.

I cried out, tears running down my cheek as I clinched my teeth in pleasureable pain. I could feel him throbbing inside me causing me to contract my last bit of orgasm and cum. Out of breath I realized we were stuck together, he was pulling me so hard I felt like my pussy was going to fall out,i was stretched to my Max but oh how it felt so good!

He was trying to free his self from me and it was causing my pussy to contract and spasm.

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I was soaked, I looked over at Roy and soon realized what caused that orgasmic stretch, his cock was huge! About 7 inches long deep purple with a dark red tip and a huge knot at the base the size of a baseball!

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That is what he pushed deep inside of me causing me to explode with a powerful squirting orgasm. I could see his boner still throbbing and dripping clear watery substance from the tip… After a few minutes he laid down and began licking his boner away as I was trying to wrap my mind around what I just endured, I lay there with guilt and satisfaction.

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Next post. I accidentally posted without finishing the story but it is finished now?

I fucked my dog story

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My First Dog Fuck