I had sex with my little sister stories

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There are problems attached to having little sisters, as many of you guys out there know.

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That was not quite two years ago, and things had been going just fine between me and Karen until right now. This morning I got up horny as usual and as I usually did when I was in that condition at that time of day, I padded down the hall, and climbed into bed with my little sister. Karen was asleep of course, everybody else always is that early but slid over to make room for me almost automatically.

Only being only 12, and not even a teenager yet, Karen is too small to take my prick that fast, even after all our practice. Karen worked herself onto my prick as far as she could before answering. I knew she was enjoying the feel of my prick stretching her tight little hole almost as much as I was, and I was in Heaven. I knew that Karen could no more stop screwing me, than I could. Only a bucket of ice-water tossed over the both of us would have stopped our frantic coupling now. Once I had Karen sit on top of me, and dared her to pull off once she got me inside and we had started fucking properly.

I was just about to ask Karen if she wanted me to pull out, or squirt inside her like I knew I was going to do whether she wanted to or not, when I got hit with that bucket of ice-water. She just sounded. Like she would be interested in anything else we did, like what we learned at school, or some new game we were playing. Only THIS type of game, no boy is supposed to do with his own sister. Oh Shheeeiiitt! A second later millions more ed the first batch, as my prostate emptied itself through the meat pipe connecting me with my year-old little sister.

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Problems With My Little Sister