Incest stories mind control

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This story from Knifer has been read 8 6 4 1 times. I was laying back thinking. Only one thought graced my mind. The thought of her. I could only think of my mother. The thought of my hands rubbing along her body.

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The thought of her nude ass and breasts. The thought of her simply sitting and taking my dick in her pussy. I imagined how fun mom mode would be. She would be awake but take all my commands. So very many decisions. I imagined all possible scenarios. I imagined putting her in doggy and fuck her in doll mode while she sat still. I ran downstairs and told her to enter awake mode. She kept going on her chores.

She walked through the house doing the things I told her to. I was going to wait for the night to start having real fun but now I had a free use mother. I sat in my room coming up with ideas on how to spend the night. I sat alone watching Netflix in there for about 3 hours waiting for the night. I finally decided it was time to have some fun. I went downstairs naked with my huge dick hanging out. I walked in to the living room. My mother sat with her back turned.

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She was sitting on the couch watching tv. She seemed completely distracted. Maybe the hypnosis did more than I thought. I still continued. I went behind the couch.

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I slowly snuck up first putting my arms up. I pulled myself up and hit my mom in the cheek with my soft penis. She almost fell as my dick made contact. Her body stopped moving and you could hear her breathing. I reached for the remote and turned off the tv. I grabbed her face and squeezed her cheeks together so her lips puffed out. I leaned in and kissed her. She had no movement.

I stood up next to her and made her open her mouth. I stuck my fully erect difk in. I started fucking her cheek. She stated still and trained her look forward. I came quick. I pushed her to the ground. Reader comments on the erotic story.

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Incest stories mind control

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Mind Control Incest Stories