Incubus x male reader

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Plus I like making bnha boys bottoms. Sue me. Incubus: A male demon imagined to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women. This is me trying to ignore the oncoming angst of canon dabihawks. Like I thought my disabled bakusquad au was bad. Oh nooo dear, this is on another level of bad. What am I doing with my life?? Jesus Christ, what am I writing. It just kinda happened. Years after the whole double agent scenario, Dabi and Hawks finally accepted and dealt with the sexual tension and confessed to each other. Until one day, Dabi casually proposed even though he was almost pissing himself in fear that Hawks would reject him.

He would actually die. Step out of the room and shoot himself Well no not really but he would be sad. It was during dinner. Hawks actually has a deep soft spot Incubus x male reader kids but he never brought it up to Dabi because he assumed that he hated. While he knew what he ed up for getting married to the villain, Hawks really wanted to take the next step in their relationship.

But what if Dabi left him? After what they went through to even get to this point? So one day Dabi sat him down.

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Dabi reaches over, softly linking their hands together. A deep sinking feeling in his chest. He should just spill. At least get it over with and off his chest. Dabi just kinda stares at him wide eyes. But no. Dabi just fidgets before tightening his hold on their linked hands. Avoiding Hawks eyes…Was he…nervous?

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And um. Oh, sweet baby Jesus his Dabi was getting embarrassed. Watching the flush rise from his collar bone up to his ears. Watching him look at Hawks before staring at the very interesting floor. What if they think I look disgusting. During their scuffle Hawks ending up pinning Dabi to their cough. Dabi huffed under him as Hawks lowered himself so he was lying down on his elbows instead of his hands. Now cupping his head with his hands as he stared down at Dabi. While Dabi did put on some weight and muscle while he was staying with Hawks, he was still pretty frail.

I can wait for you to feel ready. So take your time. As long as you need. You can deal with their emotions. Dabi huffed a laugh before curling up closer to Hawks, closing his eyes. He was always nervous about having.

How they would react to him and his scars. He never wanted to become his father, it was one of his worst fear besides losing Hawks. But Hawks said he could take his time. He would wait for him and support him. Part 1 Part 2. But in my head they are the most domestic, fluff loving, so sweet my fuckin grandchildren will have diabetes relationship. The only thing I care about is Thoma, Childe, and Kazuha. Reunite the good boy, the bad boy, and the best boy. Posts Ask me anything. Submit a post Archive. Anyways Incubus: A male demon imagined to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women.

In technical terms, incubuses could be bottoms. Oh god, what if they woke up he would literally die. His power would weaken along with his physical body and it would make him an easy target. He was definitely underestimated because of his shy nature despite having a high rank in the supernatural race. Plus, an incubus that was scared to have sex was unheard of. But he always sucked it up not literally and did the absolute minimum.

Until he got to you. You woke up to someone touching you. Your natural reaction was to scream and deck the person on top of you but you only managed to let out a scream startling the stranger and he accidentally knocked you out. Oh, Jesus, Tamaki was panicking. You woke up and saw him. He would be in so much trouble with the supernatural world.

You woke up. Mirio would be so upset at him. So he fled into the night to go find a nice corner to cry and calm himself. You woke up a couple hours later looking around and checking yourself. So you wrote it off as a nightmare and got ready for your day. Meanwhile, Tamaki was freaking the fuck out.

Once they start they have to finish. Which means he has to find you, do his thing, and peace out before the day ended or other demons will be attracted to you and do rather unpleasant things. He took a deep breath. He quickly changed into his human form, which is him just without the demon parts, and set out to find you. Good news. He found you. Bad news. So he was quietly stalking you throughout your day. But like Incubus x male reader in a creepy way. He noticed you looking at him and flushed before turning around.

Poor guy looked like he was having a panic attack. First off. And second. Yes absolutely! Did you need something from me? You scared me a bit when you passed out right there. Specifically, you being an incubus. This was the perfect opportunity. Especially not in this situation. From the wings to his horns. It was kinda cool. That was weird. I prefer to at least grab dinner before doing this. Just let me know when things get too uncomfortable. Are you alright? I had a feeling that you were in trouble so I rushed right over. I think I met a succubus.

Did he hear Incubus x male reader right? So you could get onion rings?

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Hawks breaths in. What is it? You can tell me. So full of love for his burnt husband. Did I? You can also handle puberty too, yeah?

Incubus x male reader

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