Interactive shrinking story

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Download Submission. Writing - Interactives. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. After a long, long, long wait, another is here.

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Another interactive story is here! It took me awhile to get this one done, mostly because I've been having a creative block lately. Here ya go! I know it's AdFly, but that's how I keep these games free.

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As always, please leave comments on what you think. I love reading them and seeing how I can improve. Listed in Folders Writing - Interactives. FrankHightower Digital Artist link. I've been meaning to post some constructive criticism here. For starters, regardless of whether you click "drink it" or not, the narrative proceeds assuming you have. I also didn't like the way you assumed the reader was, shall we say, male looking for male From a strict story perspective, it was well written, flowed, and i couldn't find any seriosu grammatical errors.

However, I thought the rabbit's response was too quick and unexplained, and didn't seem to vary when the choices changed All in all, a pretty good attempt.

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You're close, but not quite there. Keep trying! Thank you for the feedback.

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It is much appreciated. The main thing about the 2 current games posted as well as the third on the way is that they're more for demonstrating my work. I am also trying to find a balance in the creation. I am glad for your feedback. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Learn More.

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