Inuyasha sex stories

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Thank you for visiting! Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Invalid E-mail. Password: password is required. Minimum 8 characters8. Exceeded 32 characters. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update. Kagome is often taking breaks to relax and relieve her stress, much to Inuyasha's annoyance.

So Sango decides to show Kagome how she "relieves stress". So she ran faster. Chased by a monster with only one chance to survive Or would she save them both? A story of betrayal in the name of honor and love. Posted on other sites. The day love found me. A young author gets flung into the past only to find herself in the company of a certain group.

Will she become a valuable asset or a hinderance? Sesshomaru is a Japanese adult film actor. Kikyo, head director at Tokyo adult film studio Reiki Films, contacts him to replace InuYasha on a 'shoot' after InuYasha sexually harasses her two top female stars, Kagome and Sango.

Sesshomaru accepts and sex ensues! Years of exposure to the radioactive energies of the Shikon no Tama have made Naraku deathly ill. To survive, he launches his most heinous plot yet: to seize fathered by Sesshomaru or InuYasha and use it as his new host body. Lots of action and explicit sex, with the sex delivered through several different combinations of characters. List of sex scenes in Chapter 1. Now with metal soundtrack! A single error sends Shimazu Toyohisa nearly one hundred years into the past where youkai still exist, and then there's the strange Miko who can relate, only she's from five hundred years into the future.

When Rin and Sesshomaru get frisky, Rin finds herself in a new position that she never thought she might enjoy trying.

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Koenma receives a very strange request from a girl of supposed legend. At fifteen, she had found herself pregnant and abandoned by the man she thought loved her. With the help of her mama and brother, Kagome was able to move past the heartbreak and built a life for her and her. Now wanting to go back, the teen mother risks exposing her secret to those she hid it from, especially the Inuyoukai that walked away. Zink Published : November 5, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are going about their daily live when lights flash across the skies as beings rain down. Much to their surprise and dismay they find themselves face to face with one another from the future and much come to terms with the fact that they are a mated pair.

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They find it hard to believe but the evidence is right in front of them in the form of 4 inu children. Sesshomaru is a step dad who is attracted to his step daughter Pheonyx but wants a divorce from her mother. Toga has had his eye on his son step- daughter for some time now.

Dark web. Kagome is seduced by two handsome men, ignoring that her passionate night with them is being recorded to be sold on the Darkweb. When Kagome's holy power begins to turn on her Miroku realizes that she needs to be trained at the temples hidden in the mountains, a place meant for those with the greatest of powers such as Midoriko herself.

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Inuyasha agrees reluctantly after learning that she could die if not trained. Miroku swore to train her, but he never meant to fall in love with her, but what startled him was when she let him kiss her. They had not meant for it, not at all, but when two souls bond it is not something that can be undone. Due to a minor incident and a lot of fate, Ryoga s forces with Inuyasha's group.

Zink Published : June 20, Inuyasha is more than just your typical street rat, with mysterious powers and mysterious life will our Royal King Sesshomaru be tempted. Faced with choosing between the uncouth shiro inu half-demon and the rude Inuyasha sex stories inu demoness, is he making the right decision? Or does Inuyasha have a little more in store for or King that he's just not ready for. Challenge: 1 month 1 story AU. Inuyasha finds out he is an uke. Sesshoumaru can not control his heat any longer.

Against both their wishes they are brought together and have to deal with the consequences of their union. May or may not inclue: Dub-con. Read and find out what happens.

Inuyasha sex stories

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Chapter 29 contains sexual content