Itching powder stories

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Re: Likes: 0 Shelves: 0 Comments: 0. More Details. Add to Read List. On a crisp autumn day, I was walking my dog, Rascal, when suddenly I got an itch on my back. It was huge, inbetween my shoulderblades and driving me crazy. It was killing me. Good thing I was alone! I was trying to hard to scratch it through my thick sweatshirt. Since I was close to a tree, I ran to it and frantically started rubbing my back on it. It didn't work. I ran to the woods and got a random stick. I stuck it down my sweatshirt and used it to scratch my horrible itch. Oh it felt so good going all over my upper back!

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When I was done, I threw the stick back into the woods and walked back to the house itch free. I loved to scratch his back; I could do it all day. That is why I got some itching powder that will be used right after he takes a shower tonight.

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I can't wait! I casually started rubbing under his shirt with my hand, pushing on some knots lightly. I could tell he liked it, he curled toward me. Then he started squirming. I don't know why The middle was my favorite spot to scratch! When I got enough, I switched hands and begun rubbing the itch powder in. When I rubbed it well, he grunted.

Then he gasped and I knew he felt the powder. He stood up, obviously needing relief. He ran to me and turned around so I could scratch all over. My nails were a perfect length for it too. It is killing me! He gritted his teeth and agreed to stay in place while I went. I grabbed our backscratcher but as I did, Rachel came back. She told me to to lie down on our bed, and I didn't say no.

The itch was spreading to my shoulders and back of my neck. Rachel straddled me and began scratching where it itched most. I sighed in relief and let her scratch until there were no itches left. I wonder why i was itching so much. She squeezed out a little of the cool water from the washcloth on my back and started rubbing it around the hurt areas. It felt great! Young Adult. Ugrade to Premium Membership to feature this review at the top of your content and also on listings across the site.

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Itching powder stories

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