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Sarah Frost Diary Entry Revenge swift and cruel Who ever said revenge gives no pleasure, obviously didn't know what they were doing Date: April 26, Dear Diary So what can I say Revenge is a dish best served with spices. I found out who the skanks that flushed my stuff.

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What do you get when you put three blonds together to plot revenge? It must be so hard to share one brain cell among three people. So my retaliation lets just say it is a lot more inventive and cruel to the first girl well I will wait until gym class, I'll get into her locker and put itching powder in her panties.

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Safe to say people are going to think she has genital herpes's. It's a gift so nice, I almost gave it twice, but I decided to customize my revenge punish them individually then as a group. The second girl will be little harder to prank,i will need to move swift and fast so no one sees me in the general area. I am going to get a balloon and fill it with brown paint. There will be brown all over her skit and legs, it will look like she had an accident, best part was no one wanted to go close, thank the fart bomb for that, it just makes things so much more authentic.

So I decided to spread the theme to not just clothing, but the crapper too.

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I started out small, step one find a scapegoat I will ask one of the guys to ask another guy, to ask one of the cool dudes, so the cool dude gives the brownies to give to the football guy so he can deliver a special Laxitive has brownie to the last girl. She will have to go to the bathroom, all the stalls, but one will be locked.

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The last one will have super glue on the toilet seat. I will add onto todays diary as soon as I get the chance, wish me luck. Everything went according to plan, I kept my distance of course while the pranks went off it was Hilarious to see one of the girls scratching herself constantly while walking down the hallways, to hear the whispers and rumors begin. The second was a riot the girl was screaming her lungs out as she ran out of the lunch room and outside, the stench is going to stay with her for a while due to the fart bomb.

As for the last one it looked a little dicy for the moment as I watched the jock Itching powder story eating the brownie. Luckily enough he decided not to, you should have seen the girl run, I think I overdid it I can't help wonder if the three blonds will plot revenge, or finally leave me alone

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Sarah Frost Diary