Jakes philapine sex stories

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Stories are posted by date originally authored. The oldest is first For that reason, it is radically different from the later thre. How a man who was too old to marry again ended up with four wives and avoided prison so far. A journal of my later years as edited and corrected from time to time. A story of a good man we hope and the women who force him nicely to marry them. How a man who was too old to marry again ended up with nine mistresses and avoided prison.

A story of a good man we hope and the women who enticed him leave his country and live a life very different from his Western past. How a man who was too old to marry again ended up with a wife and six mistresses and avoided prison. A story of a good man we hope and the women and girls who turned his world inside out.

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Part of the Jake's Universe. This is the 4th Thread Told from Jake's daughter vantage point. She grows into knowing what she wants. Return to the top.

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Assumes you have read Jake - The Philippines Joyfully. A friend of Jake finds himself either, on the road to hell, or he just won the Trifecta! It all depends on your point of view. But some things never change and the thing that changes least is the nature of a man's desires. Second Edition: All she wanted to do was finish a Doctoral Thesis.

She had a boyfriend and a decent life.

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But the process of discovery and research changed her forever. There is sex in this story Second Edition: — A romance. Marty's life changes because of a bet and he gets to win no matter who wins the bet. Marty's an average 'Joe. Marty is a guy who just can't catch break; but then when he does Second Editon: After 22 years of marriage, things go astray for Noah. Cultural pressures in a land he does not know create a current that pulls him along to a place he knows not.

But he ends up with a wife and two mistresses! Fourth Edition: The distance between harmless fantasy and reality is measured by the willingness of the dreamer to act upon the dream. Joshua had long dreamed. Now he had a plan. The of older men, who in the deepest reaches of their desires would like to have as brides what our society calls children, cannot be counted. They are essentially the male population less a small few. Second Edition: A romance, short story.

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Ten years of a marriage lost to Cancer. Howard is lost. CON, Mf. Fourth Edition: Who knew retirement could be so rewarding? This version could not be posted there due to content choices. Sixth Edition: Nice guys don't always finish last. Third Edition: He knows how to do things and he finds something that needs doing. But to do it, things are going to have to change. Con, MF, ff, Mff, incest, minimal sex. It's a matter of Belief. What's Love got to do with it?

Con, MF, Mf, Mff, ff. If life was so simple, maybe someone would know how to live it. Con, MF. Third Edition: A journey well planned, and the unintended consequences. A clueless foreigner and a very different culture. An expat finds his way during the quarantine with the help of his maid.

About all these stories. There is no violence, rape or brutality here, with the exception of a few scenes in Retirement and one scene in Bayan Na. There are also no bimbo's here, nor huge breasts nor ten-inch dicks. Here you will find bright women, trim bodies, and the consequences of the choices one must make at times in life. With one exception noted below, all are fiction. However, in the case Jakes philapine sex stories all the fiction involving the Philippines, the places are real, and details of life are real.

These are stories of diverging paths. There are four different directions we discover. Three Thre take him, at some point, to the Philippines. Only one, the first one, does not. The first three are told by Jake. The fourth Jake tale is told by Jake's step-daughter. Regardless of whether they reference Jake, all the other stories exist within the world of one of two possible "Jake Thre. To understand those stories, it is best to have already read the underlying Thread.

Fifth Edition: Reading is a dangerous thing!

Jakes philapine sex stories

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