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PM change Verification. ed: Oct 25, Messages: Oct 11, A few yards in front of her stood Mike. Mike couldn't see her; he didn't know his mother was anywhere around. Lisa had come upon her son by accident. She had not Kathy andrews erotic stories him from the picnic site deliberately. She had simply taken the same trail he had. Her mind was on other things. Her cunt had been itching from the time they started out before noon for the picnic. It had been itching for cock. Lisa loved fucking. She had always loved to fuck. She could no longer remember when she had first felt a beautiful, hard, throbbing cock sliding into her cunt.

It was a myth, to her, about a girl or boy always remembering that first fuck. She couldn't. She just remembered the ecstasy of a thick prick stretching her pussy, filling it, fucking deeply. But as much as she loved fucking, she had never been unfaithful to her husband when he was alive.

He had been plenty for her. He had kept that burning need between her thighs very well satisfied. But he wasn't alive now. He had been dead for over a year. But Lisa had not been dead. She had spent a short time in mourning, then turned to other men. Although she enjoyed fucking them, she was always left unsatisfied, as if something was empty inside her. She would come; Lisa always came and easily, too man didn't have to work her up to orgasms.

Lisa could come just thinking about a hard cock sliding into her wet, tight cunt. Sometimes she would come sitting in the strangest places, like the dentist's office. Once she thought of a hard cock, dripping and ready, she would come. She was troubled because she always had that empty feeling after a rousing session of fucking in a motel room with some eager man. She wasn't sure what was missing, all she knew was something important wasn't there. After the men left her, her cunt would still be burning for cock:, despite the fact that she had enjoyed some very hot orgasms.

Often, she fingerfucked after they left. But that didn't help, either. Going on this picnic with her son had been, she hoped, a way of taking her mind off cock. But it failed; her cunt yearned for a hard cock. Even as she walked slowly along the trail, her cunt was twitching and itching and burning. The crotch of her panties were soaked, and the insides of her thighs felt slippery with the juices. Why she had worn this silly dress on a picnic, she didn't know. Her only excuse was her mind wasn't functioning very well.

She had almost walked up on her son before she realized he was there. Mike was standing near a tall tree, his cock out of his pants. At first she thought he was taking a piss, but then she realized Mike was playing with his cock. He was facing her, looking down at his cock. Lisa's breath caught in her throat as she looked at her son's prick. It was long, very long, and quite thick.

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It surprised her that his cock was so big. The head was smooth and now swollen, and she could even see his piss hole. It was flaring and dripping, pre-cum juices glistening in the sunlight. He wasn't exactly jacking off. He was stroking his cock in a playful way. He was twisting it Kathy andrews erotic stories, lifting it up, as if he enjoyed playing with it a great deal. Lisa wondered why he didn't drop his pants.

It would be nice to see his balls. It would be very nice to see his cock and balls naked, to even reach out and caress them. She felt her cunt become hotter, almost steaming. She stood looking at her son, her eyes fixed upon his cock. An orgasm rippled through Lisa. She placed her hand to her mouth to stifle the soft mewl of pleasure as she came. The lips of her cunt swelled and her clitoris throbbed. Even her asshole tightened up in pleasure. She felt a tingling heat in her tits, making them swell tightly as her nipples thrust against the front of her dress.

She reeled with perverse pleasure as she watched her son playing with his hard cock. When he began to slide his fist back and forth, jacking off now, Lisa became weak. She had seen boys jack off when she was in school, and her husband used to jack off because he knew she enjoyed watching him. Lisa was an unusual woman. Nothing was perverse to her, nothing degraded her, humiliated her. She loved to do anything an erotic mind could come up with. Despite being quite satisfied with her husband, there were a few things he had refused to perform with and to her.

But that didn't stop her from thinking about them, and coming all the time as she did. Now, seeing her son jacking off as he leaned against that tree, here in the open, Lisa was very excited.

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Concealed behind some thick shrubbery, she lifted her dress and began to run her hands over her inner thighs and tease her cunt with her fingertips, her eyes smoldering with passion as she watched her son's fist move back and forth on his cock. Her cunt was going through some mild orgasms, but they were delicious orgasms. All her orgasms were delicious, mild or strong.

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She could hear her son panting softly as he beat on his cock. Let mother see that sweet, thick come juice spurt from your piss hole!

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Come, Mike! Come on the fucking grass! Jack off. Her other hand was squeezing Kathy andrews erotic stories one tight ass cheek. Her hips were moving back and forth as she rubbed her steamy cunt, her eyes glassy in erotic delight. Let mother see you come! The urge to slip up next to him and take his cock into her hand was almost overwhelming. Lisa wanted to step out into the open, her skirt about her waist, stand next to him and feel his hard prick, stroke it and jack him off.

And Mike, she knew, would be so excited. He would touch her, play with her tits and ass and cunt. Maybe he would fuck her. You can jack off on my cunt. Oh, baby, that would be so much fun! Mother's cunt is so hot. The white globs of come juice gushed from his piss hole, flying almost a foot in front of him.

Lisa's eyes glowed as she watched his cock spurting jizz time and again. She licked her lips. She pressed hard at her cunt, rubbing swiftly, her orgasm bubbling hotly. Finished, her son rested against the tree, his cock dangling now. The head glistened wetly. Lisa's mouth watered with the desire to run her tongue over his piss hole, to taste that sweetness there.

Mike shoved away from the tree, but he didn't tuck his cock away immediately. Lisa watched him hold his cock then he began to piss.

Kathy andrews erotic stories

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