Kristen stewart sex stories

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Anyway, feedback is always appreciated and welcome, either through the forums or my through my profile. English is not my first language, so forgive any minor mistakes.

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Disclaimer: This story is not real; these events did not happen, nor are they likely to, a Disclaimer: This story isn't real; this is fiction, so this is not meant to represent how the celebrities act in real life and nothing of the sort. Fantasy is apparently still legal. Based on a friend's idea. After fighting against her desire to just stay in bed, she eventually got Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real.

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I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual. You see those big empty stars too? Maybe bump those up to five full ones? We wouldn't want them to be empty n My e-Mail address through the link below! Also, if you want to drop me a comment, feel free to use the box below! David Roberson earned a PhD in psychology when he was only twenty-two. He then worked in the psychology lab of an Ivy League university, doing tests on subliminal messaging, susceptibility, and influence.

He had dedicated his life to his work, and had no social life; though, he did have a rather active imagination, especially when it came to his sexual fanta An unemployed Michael came home one day and found a letter in the mail. Inside was a letter offering a job that would pay a ificant income but would require a year of service.

All other details would be kept confidential absent a screening test. An address was provided with instructions to go the next day at a specific time.

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Desperate, Michael arrived. The program was opened: Master PC. It asked for a name. The user entered a name, and a profile came up.

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He looked at the menu. He could change the person's body and mind. There was a drop down menu where he could alter the person's height, weight, measurements, and physiology such as bladder control, gas production, metabolism, etc. The user smiled, cracked Jason looked down at the two halves of the BLT sandwich laid open for the young man to see the meat in question.

Not soft. Not burnt People of minor age should not read this, even though it is not meant to harm anyone any harm done to reader's hands are no responsibility of mine. English is not my first lan Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction; none of these events ever occurred, and those celebrities shown here do not act this way. This is purely fantasy and should be treated as such; furthermore, no minors should continue reading this.

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There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Kristen Stewart Stories 2. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off. A Simple Confession by tevok on Dec 17,

Kristen stewart sex stories

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kristen stewart sex stories