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One of my biggest kinks is erotic lactation and adult breastfeeding. I run a few online groups that help connect other kinksters into this interest and help to set up in-person nursing meetups and play parties. When not playing in a party setting, many of us form 1-on-1 play partner bonds for regular nursing and play sessions that can vary from nonsexual to full-on orgasmic.

Here is a story about the latter. I also happen to be fully blind. Another person in our kink group thought she looked similar to Kristen Schaal, but more athletic.

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Brit definitely has a much deeper voice than Kristen. Brit and I initially met at a local munch, or public meetup, specifically meant for adult nursing relationships and erotic lactation. She did not have children, and had induced lactation with Domperidone and the help of her partner.

She was absolutely fascinated by her ability to produce milk and just loved playing with it, along with the satisfaction that comes with the pleasure she was able to inspire in others from what she was naturally creating herself. I was drawn to her voice Lactation fantasy stories story, and we got to talking through our online group when she ed up after the munch.

We had similar nerdy and geeky interests, could carry on fun conversations that blended between lighthearted and Lactation fantasy stories, and eventually decided to set up a nursing session together to see how we clicked together in person when not in a public space. We had a wonderful session when I first went to her house, primarily focusing on getting to know both her and her body, what she enjoyed, disliked, working out communication as she got used to a blind person exploring her. We discussed our hard limits, our interests, and after our first nursing session, we found that we clicked quite well and the following is what happened during our third nursing session together.

She sat me on the edge of her bed, stood in front of me and allowed me to slide my hands up and down her body, over her shirt, then she inhaled as I lightly started touching her breasts. I could feel her nipples growing under my touch, then proceeded to help her out of her shirt and bra. I reached out gently and found her erect nipples with my palms. They were warm and definitely ready for attention.

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I ran my fingers along each of them, circling to feel the texture difference between her breasts and her areolae, cupping each breast and squeezing them between my thumbs and index fingers, resting their supple weight in the web of my hands. I felt liquid start to form around the surface of her nipples. I leaned in and took one of her peach-colored nipples into my mouth and latched.

Her milk was light, fruity, and sweet with a definite melon-esque flavor to it. I was entranced and kept sucking at one breast while toying with her other nipple. My free hand circled around and Lactation fantasy stories her strong back, caressing her shoulders, neck, brushing up through her hair to get a sense of all of her.

I switched to her other breast and we talked about her sensitivity levels of each breast when I took a break tasting her delicious milk. I angled my head up towards her face and she leaned in. We kissed, her having no qualms at all about tasting her own milk on and around my mouth and tongue. I could feel the chemistry working between us as we kissed, enjoying the electricity of our growing arousal as we fell back on the bed.

I stripped out of my shirt and took off my pants while she did the same, and we intertwined ourselves back on her bed in just our underwear. We made out more while we kept exploring each other with our hands, then I moved back down to her breasts to continue nursing. Her nipples hardened as my tongue and mouth started working on them again, lips pursed around her areola, latching on and letting her milk flow naturally. I started using one finger to trace very slow curls and lines up her strong legs, coursing around her ass, spiraling around her lower back while maintaining even pressure and speed.

Her breathing quickened and she commented on how good it all felt as she coursed her fingers across my shoulders, back, and stomach. There is a fantastic rush of relaxing oxytocin when nursing, curled up together on the bed, our Lactation fantasy stories interlinked while facing each other, my face and mouth at the level of her breasts to give me easy and full access to both of her waiting nipples, with the mixture of calm and arousal flushing over us both while I drank from her.

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I pulled off of her breast and she cupped her other in her right hand, then squeezed from her areola down to her nipple, hand expressing her milk and making it spray upwards over us. I shuddered in pleasure when I felt it rain down on us, and started finding where it had landed on her skin and licked it up. We both laughed as she did it again, trying to aim for my mouth and hitting me in the face and beard, her milk getting everywhere.

I started expressing from her other breast and we had a hilarious time of getting her milk all over us. She really loved my reactions to feeling it hit me. We came together and made out some more before she flipped me over onto Lactation fantasy stories back and straddled me. She leaned over me, her soft hair caressing my shoulders while we kissed, then she positioned herself over my hips and started sliding herself down, her warm mound sliding down across my bulge. She lifted up for a second, reached down and grabbed my cock through my underwear, repositioning it so it lay straight and pointing upwards towards my belly, then lowered herself back onto me, sliding her clit along my shaft.

We were still in our underwear, her warmth and wetness teasing through the cloth Lactation fantasy stories she rolled her hips back and forth along my length. As she ground herself on me, her breasts were hanging down in front of my face, and I kept drinking her milk out of each one, pulling off and squeezing each in turn, spraying myself in the face, neck, and shoulders with it, much to our delight. I leaned up, pressed her breasts together so her hard nipples were touching, then sucked them both into my mouth at the same time.

Brit took a moment to enjoy what I was doing to her, then leaned back down and kissed me, then kissed my neck, shoulders, and started moving down my body. She lifted herself off my torso just enough to let her breasts hang down over me, then in a move I will always cherish and remember, slowly dragged her hard, leaking nipples down my chest, stomach, and hips, leaving warm milk trails on my skin.

The air coming in from her open windows blew across the room and the feeling of the milk cooling was just exquisite.

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I spread my legs to give her more room to move on her bed, and she gripped my waistband and started pulling my underwear down as she brought her nipples down my belly. I moved a bit more and lifted my hips so she could get my underwear off, then I laid back fully exposed and hard for her. Brit nestled between my open legs and let her breasts caress my cock. She held her breasts and rubbed her nipples around my head and slowly dragged them along my shaft. I could just feel the light, warm touches of her nipples and the slightly cool aftertouch of the milk left over on my skin as she moved her nipples away.

I told her how good she felt, and she giggled at my reactions as she kept teasing me. Her hands started lightly touching me, holding me upright against and in between her breasts, then leaning over to kiss and lick my head, her hair tickling the inside of my thighs. She leaned back, put her hair up with a hair tie she had on her wrist, then moved back in towards me, and then I felt it. Warm sprays started landing on and around my cock. She was squirting her milk all over my penis, and when I realized that, I moaned and pulsed my cock automatically. She coated me with her cream, then leaned down and started licking along my shaft, lapping up a mix of her milk and my Lactation fantasy stories from my tip, before engulfing me in her mouth.

I was stunned and ecstatic for having a fantasy realized and was doing all I could to not explode right then and there. She pulled back, squirted more of her sweet milk over me, then went back to sucking me off. Her mouth and tongue felt amazing on me, and she kept one hand at the base of my cock, squeezing me and stroking up and down my shaft following the movement of her mouth. I lightly touched a hand to her head to feel how she was moving and to play with her hair as she bobbed up and down on me. I started bucking my hips in time with her movement, throbbing each time her tongue hit that sensitive spot just at the point where my head met my shaft.

Brit would pull back and stroke me while kissing and sucking Lactation fantasy stories my tip, savoring my precum, then take me into her mouth again. She had built me up and I told her I was about to cum as that sensation grew, tingling around my tightening balls which were still dripping with her milk. She worked faster on me, stroking while I kept moaning, finally succumbing and letting loose a torrent of cum, spurt after spurt. She let my initial blast land in her mouth, then she pulled back and stroked the rest out of me, a massive eruption that hit both of us, coating her breasts and neck, and the rest landing all over my belly and chest.

I kept bucking, getting really sensitive as she kept stroking me, and I collapsed back into her pillows, dazed and happily covered in our combined cream. She went to wash up and brought me a warm and wet washcloth to wipe myself down before she got back into bed and we started cuddling again. I thanked her and we continued making out, and soon my hands were roaming her lithe body again, circling over her underwear and playing with her mound.

I popped myself on top of her and kissed my way down her body, sucking each nipple in turn, with a little squeeze of each to spray more milk on each other, then I made my way down between her muscular thighs. I kissed and lightly bit her inner thighs, teasing my way across her panties before nuzzling into them to take in her smell and arousal.

I could feel her creamy wetness through the fabric, then pulled back to peel her panties off. I laid down between her spread legs and started exploring her with my hands. She had a full patch of soft pubic hair that I curled my fingers through before sliding my index and middle Lactation fantasy stories down her labia, getting a sense of her shape. I leaned in and let my tongue course lightly between her folds, licking slowly from her perineum up to her clit, then repeating the motion with deeper and deeper tongue strokes, splitting her labia and tasting all she had to offer.

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I licked lightly around her hood to get her warmed up before gauging her reaction to me flicking her clit directly, then pursed my lips around her and sucked in, latching on her just as I did with her milky nipples. I flicked my tongue across her clit, then just applied suction, pulsing her hood and clit in and out while my fingers worked their way around her entrance.

Brit was moaning and breathing rapidly, her legs beginning to shake in pleasure while I worked my fingers in and out of her, massaging her G-spot in time to my tongue flicking across her clit. I pressed my hand into her taut lower belly, helping expose her clit a bit more as I rapidly licked Lactation fantasy stories it, enjoying the feel of her hair nuzzling into my nose, her warmth and her clean, citrusy taste.

We had discussed beforehand that she enjoys receiving oral but sometimes has a hard time orgasming from it, so eventually her hands coursed onto both sides of my head and she gently pulled, aling me to come up. I did as she wanted, and her hands found their way down and she started playing with herself while instructing me to suck her nipples. I did as she wanted, relishing what was left of her milk supply while she moaned and shook, me riding her motions with her hard nipple in my mouth and my free hand working her other breast, spraying her milk out over us.

Brit bucked her hips and moaned loudly as she reached her climax, bending at her hips and almost sitting upright before collapsing back on the bed, her hands limp while she rode out the afterglow.

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We were happily glowing together, naked and covered in our respective cream, happy to have found each other and to have been able to fully realize our mutual erotic lactation kink. After cuddling together and talking about what we had just experienced and enjoyed, we eventually got up, drank water, got dressed, and I ordered my Lyft home. While we were waiting for the car to arrive, we embraced and started kissing again in her entryway. I pulled back with a fun idea in mind, grinned as I pulled down her shirt to expose one of her breasts, and Lactation fantasy stories down to take her nipple in my mouth.

I quickly latched and sucked a little more milk out of her while she still had her arms around my shoulders, my hands reaching around to cup her ass from behind and slightly lifting her so I could get a better purchase around her areola. My phone chimed with the arrival of my Lyft, and we quickly got ourselves back together and she walked me out to the car. Hope you all enjoyed it and that I did the experience justice! Source: reddit. God, this has been such a fetish of mine for the longest time. I had no idea there were groups for that.

The people I date just always comment on how much I seem to love sucking their nipples. post. Next post. Next post A surprise tantric massage [Group].

Lactation fantasy stories

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