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Hello Readers. This Indian sex stories website and you readers have been a blessing in my life with all the love you guys have shown. Those s, comments, doubts, naughty and romantic chats, those video calls. Thanks a ton for all the love and I hope you keep me motivated and keep my mailbox flooding with ya mails.

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I love to try new things in making love. Let it be rubbing an ice cube on ya pussey while my tongue is deep inside you or you have any wild fantasies like you want a threesome with 2 girls and me or 1 girl and 2 guys. You girls you can definitely reach me for feel all that magical pleasure. Well this story is about a reader of ISS named Payal, who got in touch with after reading my story. We used to chat hours together, and soon became good friends who almost shared everything. Pictures, fantasies etc. Her curves can make anyone go crazy. Her figure is 34 30 She is fair, with black eyes and hair till mid waist.

Payal is 1 really 1 crazy reader, I have ever got to meet and pleasing her was 1 of the toughest thing for me coz she is 1 hungry princess who just wants more and more of oral. Even I love oral more than the intercourse coz I feel I can show my love for my girl, I can pamper her and explore every inch of her body with my lips and tongue. I was so pleased with the comments she had made. So we started to chat and soon we started to know each other a lot better. We became good friends and our chats turned into video calls. During our chats and calls I got to know that she is a proffressional dancer and soon I got goosebumps when a thought from my other reader ANJALI came to mind.

Coming back to the story, when Payal told me that she is professional dancer this idea came up to mind that we can could use this when I meet. I told her that her proffression, her skill could help me have a new experience which would be 1 of its kind and it would be my pleasure if a girl could seduce me with her hot and sexy dance moves. She was thrilled and excited with this idea and all she could say is Rohan, you are just too good.

You are very creative with your ideas and you have given me 1 proof of how good you can be. All I could manage to say is the pleasure is all mine. So we decided to meet Lap dance sex stories 2 days in her city and finally it was the day when I was supposed to meet her. I just had so many thoughts on mind like how will she start, what would Lap dance sex stories wear, how will she grind her hot ass on my dick, should I touch her while she is doing so, should I be standing or sitting etc etc etc. I finally checked into the hotel and it was around 9 am.

I was supposed to meet her around And she reached the room around I opened the door and I see my gorgeous girl standing right in front of me with a beautiful smile on her lips. All I could do is just look into those beautiful eyes and I almost fell in love with her right at that moment. She said hello Rohan and gave me a tight hug. While she gave me a hug which lasted for almost 10 to 15 seconds, she turned me and pushed me out of the room and locked the door from inside. I was a little puzzled with her move and just then I recieved a text on my phone saying come to the room when you are asked to.

I realised that she might wish to change into something special and I got a call after 10 mins and was asked to come in to the room. All I could see is a chair right in the center of the room with a black blindfold on it. She must have been in the bathroom and I recieved another text saying sit on the chair blindfolded.

This was getting better than what I could have imagined and i told her that I was ready. I could hear the door of bathroom open. She came close to me and she started to feel me from my neck to my back with her index finger. She asked me to keep my hands back of the chair and she tied my hands with a rope and I could feel that this would be the most exciting experience of my life. She got a Bluetooth speaker and she started to dance on my right hand side and I could feel her back on my arm.

Say near shoulder. I already started to get hard and she moved to the back and i could now feel her soft breast with my head and her thighs with tied hands. I could make out that she was Lap dance sex stories a short skirt. And I wanted to see her so badly and requested for the same. And she sat on my lap slowly removing the cloth from my eyes with her lips.

I could feel her breath on my face which kinda turned me on. And she just looked amazing in that sexy costume which was going with the theme. She started with her hot dance moves grinding her ass on her hard dick with her breast pressing against my chest. But something was far more better than that and it was that seducing expression she had on her face while her ass was busy grinding my thing.

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I wanted to stop this and smooch her right away. But as my hands were tied I was helpless. Lap dance sex stories could see that sexy curve on her waist, move like Shakira and then she started with her seducing belly dance. Looking at her stomach move like that was turning me crazy. And I had my jaw dropped till my knee just admiring the her sexy curves, with those amazing and seducing dance moves. She then turned the other way and now I could see her hot ass inviting me and she slowly started to move back towards me and started grind me with her ass and I could feel the precum in my undies flowing.

I started to kiss her on her shoulder and she continued to seduce me by grinding me on my dick. She then slowly got up from my lap and grabbed the elastic of my tracks and undies together making a gesture that she wants to take them off. I raised my hip for her to her better access and she took the undies and tracks in a go. Now I was sitting on the chair half naked, in just a tee with my dick which never felt so hard. She slowly took my dick in her hand, pushed it down and sat around it. She now started to feel my dick in circular motion and I felt as if I was literally fucking when she was grinding me like this.

I started to moan in pleasure and it just got better when she came back and leaned over me and now I could kiss and lick her back and shoulder like crazy. I started to kiss her on her neck and she started to take her top off still grinding my dick.

And all I could do is just to stare at her sexy back. She then started to pull my chair close to the bed and she pulled me to the center of the bed where I have my left hand touching the bed and I have to turn my face to the left in order to look at her. She started dancing playing with her hair, and then slowly taking those hands down to her skirt.

Never did I know that a dance could be ever be so seducing and just then she slowly started to strip and took her skirt and panty off matching those sexy dance moves. She threw her skirt and panties on my face. I started to smell her panties and just then I could feel her feet touching my left hand and I could see her sitting in doggie style giving me a perfect view of her beautiful clean shaven love hole.

She was moving her ass in rhythm and all I could manage to do is to lean on my left and I put my lips on her pussey for the first time. She never expected me to kiss her there so early, so she kinda shivered in the pleasure and asked me to keep my head still. She now started to grind my face making me feel every inch of her pussy lips on my lips and I took my tongue out and started to feel her pussey while she was grinding my face.

This was all I could take and I asked her to untie me and I pushed her on bed and started to kiss all over her face. I started to lick her ears and soon I ended up with a very passionate kiss. I was sucking her lower lip and it lasted for almost 10 to 15 mins and it was then that I realised she got hurt and started to bleed as we both got so wild.

I then moved down to her neck and started to give her a love bite there Lap dance sex stories my hand was busy feeling her soft breast. I started to pinch her nipple and then slowly started to lick her cleavage while my both hands were busy squeezing her breast. I could feel her nipple poking in my palm and I suddenly took her nipple in my mouth, sucking and licking it like a hungry kid.

I licked the tip of the nipple for a while. And then slowly moving towards her navel I started to lick it with my tongue deep in that navel.

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I then made her sit in the doggie style and I spread that ass wide and put my tongue deep inside her pussey. I could feel her pussey flowing with juices and she started to feel her breast in the excitement. I grabbed her ass tight and dug my face as deep as I could and started to fuck her with my tongue.

She now started to moan and I could feel her body tremble with pleasure as she was just about to squirt. I increased my speed and just started to move my tongue inside her warm wet pussey and in no time she squirted in my mouth. I tried to lick and drink every single drop of it. Then I grabbed her by waist and placed my penis on her pussy lips and started to feel and tease her there. And then I slowly started to drill her pussey.

Started to make love to her with slow and steady strokes. I then moved to a position where I was kneeling on my knees with my calf muscles and thighs Lap dance sex stories contact with each other and I asked her to ride me in this position. And just then I realised that my penis went a lot deeper than ever thought.

She started to moan saying Aww Rohannnn. Just then I asked her to lay on her sides and I Lap dance sex stories her left leg aside and now I was right in between both her legs and I started to fuck her a lot faster this time. And all she could manage to say is Oh Rohan faster, faster honey. Faster… Fuck me harder. Yes yes. I then fell on her and hugged for a while. She then gave me a blow job and made me hard again in no time. We made love in many more positions like she was standing on the floor leaning on the bed, she leaning on the wall and I made love to her from behind, me sitting on the chair and she was riding me, making out during the shower.

We continued to explore each others bodies over the next 2 days. Sucking her breast,licking her back, navel, thighs, cheeks. Say exploring every inch of her skin was my pleasure and I would love to thank ISS to get me in touch with such hot and romantic girls and woman. Please do reach me for any kind of romantic, naughty chats, to seek pleasure like this or if you want any advise or suggestions. Unlike other readers you would get a quick and a satisfying response from my side. You can reach me on. OR on hangouts as well.

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This is Rohan Sharma singing off. Stay blessed!!! What did you think of this story?? If IndianSexStories2. If you're on ISSstories.

Lap dance sex stories

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