Lesbian foot worship stories

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This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 2 posts. This is my first fiction girl on girl story. Tell me what you think. Samantha had always had a fetish for girls feet. She was 16, blonde, and had tiny feet with toes she had painted pink. She also had black makeup on around her eyes. She'd known about the fetish since she was about 10, but had never really gotten to put it into action.

Her best friend, Rachel, had some of the most beautiful feet she had ever seen. She was extremely tan with feet a little bigger than Sams, light soles, and toes usually painted white. She Lesbian foot worship stories jet black long hair. Rachel had a boyfriend, and Samantha did not. Rachel would usually brag about him and what they do together, even though they'd never actually had sex.

It was a Friday night and they were sitting in Rachel's room. She was talking about her boyfriend again, and had taken off her white socks letting Sam see her gorgeous feet. Sam was not listening, and just trying to get a look at her soles. I don't want to have him doing anything I wouldn't be prepared for, or unusual, like It turned her on to even talk about feet with Rachel. Having your feet and toes licked I mean, that's just what I've heard.

I totally wouldn't do it either. And wet. I thought you said you didn't like it. I mean, maybe under the right circumstances Then Rachel looked up. Her heart began beating five times faster then before. Could this actually be it?

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This was it. Neither of us have anything to lose. She was so eager she could barely contain herself. But she stayed calm. You'd do my right leg and I'd do yours. The smooth skin of the heel drove Sam wild, and the odor which was not too strong, but not to weak as well did the same. The fact that her bare foot was this close to her face felt like a dream. She was sitting on her feet, so she nelt back, slipped the white heel socks from her feet, and gave her right foot to Rachel.

He heart began to race again, but this time with much more anticipation. She looked up at Rachel Lesbian foot worship stories her pink toes in her hand, then back to Rachel's foot. She noticed her toes were small, and the ball and heel were much darker than the sole. Both of these things aroused her. She swallowed, both nervous and extremely excited, the most excited shed been in her whole life. What part of the foot would she start with?

She decided she'd just do a small lick on her big toe, and see where that goes. She brought the foot closer, opened her mouth, took out her tongue, and ran in over Rachel's tan, big toe. She felt the subtle grooves of her toe run across her tongue. It tasted salty with sweat. And then she retracted her tongue, loving the taste of her toe in her mouth. She looked up at Rachel. I guess it's my turn? She then ran her tongue across the top of the pad of the ball of her foot and the bottom of her pinky and second smallest toes.

That was Lesbian foot worship stories most magical feeling she could imagine. She wriggled her toes and felt Rachels cool saliva on them. That was enough for Sam. This is the best thing I've ever felt! She continued but licking all 5 toes, one at a time, then sucking them all at once. She almost exploded feeling Rachel wriggle her toes in her mouth. As she went down to the heel, she felt Rachel begin licking with the same enthusiasm as Sam. Rachels tongue was amazing. She felt it lick her entire sole, every one of her toes, and then her heel. It was heaven.

Sam then slid her wet tongue in between all of Rachels toes, which made Rachel take Sams toes from her mouth and moan. Thats amazing The first thing she did was lick in between all of Sams toes. This time, she began with the heel. When that was soaked, she licked up the sole, then the ball of the foot. Then she licked the bottom of her toes, then sucked them, then licked in between them. She was ecstatic. Rachel did the opposite. She began with sucking and licking the toes, then worked the soles and heels. Sam admired the wrinkles in the bottoms of Rachels feet, and how perfect her white toenails looked when contrasted with her tan skin.

This when on for a little, when they decided to stop, and put back on their white ankle socks. Again, they sat looking at magazines. Tapatalk promotion. Back to top.

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Lesbian foot worship stories

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