Lesbian interactive story

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First, a plea from the heart. I ed this site as it purports to be an interactive adult writing site. Hardly what I came here for and was hopi Perhaps it is me being impatient or maybe my subject matter does not appeal. Whatever, I love to write and I write to live so I am going to plunge into a second story and hope some of th Unfortunately, the story was lost under unknown circumstances.

Since it would be a monumental effort to replace the story on CHYOO, I have decided to re-write it here in non-interactive form. Incidentally, there are three things you won't see in this Joanna picked up the plates and started to the kitchen. Lyssa grabbed more of the china and silverware and followed her. They continued this until the dishwasher was loaded.

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When they could hear the dishwasher running, they moved back to the dining room and finished cleaning up. They had been having dinner several times a week at Joanna's house Lesbian interactive story the past I reached down and pulled Annette up to me.

Her body slid between my thighs as she pushed and I pulled. Her small breasts settled into the pillow of my larger breasts. I kissed her lightly on the lips; more of a peck than a kiss. She pulled away and looked down at our breasts touching. They feel so good against mine," she cooed. Part 1 "Gee Spot Run" I seem to get into the darndest situations. It all began a couple of weeks ago, when I was jogging in the park and ran across my neighbor, Jane, as she was strolling on the wooded trails.

I slowed down to her leisurely pace, and tried to strike up a conversation as I caught my breath from my vigorous workout.

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She and I have been fri New Year's Eve was always something I looked forward to with mixed feelings, as I felt obligated to be social while everyone else got increasingly drunk. Neither the former, nor the latter appealed to me very much, and so I had turned the end of the year into something relaxed and quiet for me and my loved ones, ever since I'm living alone.

Eventually, once she'd convinced herself she wasn't drunk or still dreaming, she realized she was upside down in someone else's bed. Upside down with a pair of alien feet under her nose. The lights were off and dawn hadn't yet broken, so she went by touch and smell. Quickly deducing the It had been one long day.

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My best friend Annette and I had gone to the beach to watch our friends Mike and John surf. The sun came up hot and the wind was blowing an offshore breeze. John was one of the hottest local surfers and Mike was his cousin from Oceanside.

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I'm going to tell you about a sex toy that rocked me to my foundation and introduced me to a world of pleasure which I was wholly ignorant about. It was not just a world of sex, but of industry, luxury, money and most important of all, loving acceptance. But for SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think!

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Lesbian interactive story

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