Lesbian lactation stories

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For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Shop Indie eBooks. Home 1 Books 2. Add to Wishlist. ISBN Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview After a steamy one night stand, Renee develops a strange condition that causes her to lactate - and that attracts women, women who want to drink her new milk.

How will Renee deal with this strange curse, and what will she do when the woman she's had a crush on for months starts to get interested too? This word story contains lesbian sex, milking, mind control, and plenty of hot action.

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Adults only! Looking down at herself, Renee knew she'd start leaking again soon. She hadn't relieved the pressure enough and it had begun to build again. Standing, Renee headed to the bathroom. She'd be leaving soon, but she couldn't drive around with her breasts dripping.

She'd just milk herself — she blushed at the thought, knowing the pleasure it would bring — and then slip some paper towels into her bra to soak up anything else. Renee was unbuttoning her shirt in the bathroom when the door was pushed open. She straightened in shock — she'd stupidly forgotten Lesbian lactation stories lock it this time. A stammering excuse came to her lips, something about washing her shirt, but it disappeared instantly as she saw the identical look on the face of each woman who walked it.

It was Cheryl, Katrina, and Beth. They all worked in the same department as Renee, and they got along well enough, though Renee wouldn't have called them friends.

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She also had thought they were all straight as an arrow. Katrina was even married. But the way they looked at her spoke of nothing but desire, pure and deep. Product Details. Sabine Winters.

Lesbian lactation stories

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Lesbian Lactation