Lesbian peeing stories

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I had a good time at a festival. Listening to some bands, I drank some beers and enjoyed the music. After about 3 beers I needed to pee badly. I went to the women toilet area and there were long lines in front of every toilet. Thinking I could maybe hold it in long enough, I went to what I thought was the shortest line.

It went slow. After about 10 minutes, only 3 women had gotten in and there were about 25 more in front of me. Desperate to pee with a visible bulge under my top, I went to search for an alternative. I went around back where I found some bushes and trees along a road. Obviously, lots of people had been pissing here before me. There also seemed to be very few traffic on the road, so it was the ideal place to go. I did not waste time to search for the best spot. I pretty much pulled down my panties frm under my short skirt at the nearest tree and let it out.

And boy did I need to pee. A thick, powerful jet shot out, carving a small ditch into the mud. The piss foamed and splashed around and I was so relieved from the huge eruption of my warm nectar vulcano that Lesbian peeing stories did not notice a car stopping at the road. I had peed for what felt like 3 minutes when I finally felt empty again. I wiped with a tissue and pulled up my panty.

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When I just wanted to head back, I heard a voice behind me:. I turned around. There were two police officers, a fairly young blond woman and a middle aged man, standing about 5 meters away at the road. The car behind them was a police car. People even shit everywhere".

We caught Lesbian peeing stories red handed. Make that yellow handed". I went to them. We are at a festival. The lines were so long! She looked away and the man continued:. Such a behavior can not go unpunished if we want to stop people pissing and shitting everywhere they like. Show us your ID now please". Let's just go to my tent" and I turned around and wanted to lead the way. Suddenly someone grabbed my wrist, bent my arm up against my back which hurt! It was the male officer. He said "You are under arrest for fleeing from police when wanted for questioning and possible false indentity".

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What are you doing, you have no right to arrest me. Are these even official charges? I just wanted to get my ID". Now come, it stinks of your piss here" and he grabbed me and pulled me towards the squadcar. Get in the car. I got in. What else could a young woman like me do in that situation.

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They also got in and we drove off. They had me handcuffed behind my back and it hurt. The woman sat next to me on the backseat while the man was driving. It was silent for a minute, then I said to the woman "the handcuffs hurt, please, can you take them off? I won't run away. I am stuck in the car anyways! I need you restricted. Although I can put some lotion on your wrists so that it hurts less". With her other hand she What was going on??

She put her hand deep into her pants at the front and moaned softly into my ear while rubbing my wrists. After a while she took her hand out and three fingers were glistening. She put that hand behind my back as well and applied her pussy juice to my wrists. She replied "Yes, everything is fine. I can handle it" and she got out some tape from a bag in the back of the passanger seat. Ripping off a piece, she stuck it to my mouth like a kidnapper. I could not talk anymore! Then she put a black bag over my head.

Talking about kidnapping. After about 15 minutes in which absolutely nothing happened, the car stopped. The doors opened and people outside said "there you are". Soon after, I was pulled out of the car by several hands, then carried by people sayig things like "uh, she is a nice one" "where did you find her?

No answers came, but I felt hands all over me. They squeezed my ass, checking how firm I was. Also my breasts were felt up. Where am I? Are these really police officers? And of course I grew scared. After a short walk, I was put into what immediately felt like a cage.

I moved around and it was indeed a pretty small cage where I just fit in, sitting on my heels and calves. A lot of time passed, I don't know Lesbian peeing stories much, but I started to feel the need to pee again. My bladder was filling up and I was somewhere in a cage. While wondering for the 50th time what just Lesbian peeing stories and what was going on, I was moved.

The cage was carried somewhere. I would soon find out where. The bag was removed from my head and I was kneeling in the dark. Still handcuffed and with tape across my mouth.

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I looked around and to my big surprise, there were two other girls there, just like me. Their cages were to the right and left of mine. Lesbian peeing stories was light coming from hundreds of tiny holes above us and the "room" we were in just barely fit the three cages. Around as were metal walls and the ceiling was also made of metal, but with said holes in it. We looked at each other with frightened looks. My eyes had adjusted to the light now as I noticed one of the girls rocking back and forth. In between the movements, I got a quick glimpse at her belly. She had a huge bulge.

Someone was coming. Why would the chief have us all come to hear about these new traffic rules when he could have just sent an ? Sitting there and drinking coffee all day while we could be out on the road, earning the state some money. The chiefs methods are way out-dated".

I wanted to scream so that they would notice us, but I could not. So I hit my handcuffs against the cage, hoping they would hear it and investigate. It's coming? How big is this kidnap scandal? What is coming? I looked up and there were glistening drops forming at the holes where the light came through. All of a sudden, it started to rain down on us.

I immediately recognized the smell from my secret pee adventures. Yes, this was definitely pee. And putting things together, I realized: we were below a men's urinal tray where several men could pee at the same time standing next to each other.

After a brief golden shower, I was a bit wet but not too bad. The other girls had received a little more, as the men probably stood at the left and right sides of the tray, leaving room for each other. They were wearing the same camping wristband that I had. They were in their early twenties as well and I know how many female pee fetishists that age exist.

As to my knowlege: none. I never met another girl into pee. Then again, I was not really advertising it either. I had told a friend Lesbian peeing stories and she thought I needed treatment. Thinking about it, I was longing for treatment. Treatment like this. One of my biggest fantasies was to be a living urinal. Actually, the combination of urinal and pee shower was perfect. I secretly smiled as the two men pulled their dicks in and left.

Lesbian peeing stories

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