Lisa simpson sex stories

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Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update. Lewd multi-chapter story. Jessica is granted with demonic powers with which she plans to spend a good time with the people she loves for a whole week. What kind of shenanigans the devilish young woman will create to satiate her luster? Multiple lemon scenarios, like bisex, yuri etc.

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Next chapters coming up. Skinner catches Bart in a compromising situation and forces a new punishment on him.

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Sexual hijinks ensue after the Simpson children are left without supervision for a weekend. This was going to be a long running story but I've decided to end it at chapter 7.

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The rest of the ideas I had for it will be done as one off stories and other small series. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Prequel to my "Waiting for Lisa" story, where Jessica's lustful journey began. Teacher Edna Krabappel presents herself at Lovejoy's home because she needs to talk with Jessica. The girl had done something compromising and the truth has to be unfolded. Viewer discretion advised.

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Lisa's daughter, Zia, learns about her mother's secret lesbian past. This story is partially inspired by the Season 23 episode: Holidays of Future Passed. This is the third in a series of stories about a fetish doll and a man seeking revenge against the people of Springfield and the price that he will pay. Is the doll a force for good or evil? And what is its agenda? Dear Teacher This story isn't connected to any Simpsons episode specifically, or story arc. Bart is a teen who's about to face the new programmed sex ed at his school.

Meanwhile, both his personality and feelings are starting to evolve, as his fascination towards his favorite teacher evolves as well Read it at your discretion if you're sensitive with young X mature relationships.

One-shot story.

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Jessica is friend with Lisa and, one day, comes to pay a visit at her place. However, there's another true reason Jessica came to Simpson's home Jessica and Marge. Minor yuri. Viewers advised. Lisa shows Marge her latest from school, and Marge rewards her with an early Christmas present. Bart helps to calm Lisa's nerves before performing Springfield's new anthem to the town.

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But his new apartment is missing one vital thing. Lisa experiences sexual desires early and finds Bart to be the only way go get relief. Blackmail By : Lennox Published : July 2, Lisa receives text messages from Bart threatening to expose her most intimate secret. Inspired by a series of pictures done by Torin N on Pixiv. Bart, on his own, floating in the ocean on a warm summer's day.

This story was inspired by a series of pictures by Fairy Cosmo which you can see on his site and loosely based on Blame It on Lisa season 13, episode For LisafestI decided to do something different instead of short stories. So here's one long story of Lisa and a bunch of other cartoon characters.

Lisa simpson sex stories

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