Little cousin sex story

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Best regards, StanleyOG. Hello, You can now get verified on forum. The pictures that you will send me for verification won't be public Best regards, StanleyOG. PM change Verification. ed: Jul 4, Messages: Jul 4, It all happened long ago, during my younger cousin's birthday. I was an only child, in a family who's father had 4 brothers, and mother had 4 sisters and a brother, so I was still surrounded by a large amount of close cousins, both male and female.

At the time I was 19 years old, about 6'1, with a few piercings and tattoo's, nothing too extreme. I mention this only to point out that I was mostly nothing like any of my cousins, especially the females besides the anatomical differences of course. They all happened to be blonde, short, very stereotypically attractive, whereas I've always been very tall and wirey with very dark hair.

I should start by describing when I first had thoughts about the cousin in question, Stephanie. We grew up together, her mother watched me over summers every year and when my parents were away, and she had never even been a cousin in whom I really talked too or spent time with. She was 5 years younger than me, Little cousin sex story her brother was the same age, so she was too far behind in the gap for me to really have spent any time with her. However when I was 17 her 13both of our families got together and went on a vacation to Kona, Hawaii.

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There we all stayed in a friends house in pretty close quarters, and there was the first time I was forced to spend time with her since she had blossomed and fast! She was still only about 5'1 or 5'2, but she could have had a super model's body scaled down, her figure toned from years of cheerleading aggressively in competitions and what not. She had a beautiful face and long blonde hair, most of her height stemmed from her long slender legs, she had a nice round perfectly toned and tight ass that stuck out on her skinny frame, and perfect little perky tits which looked to be about 34 B or so, and just stuck onto her chest and hadn't an ounce of sag to their beautiful bouncy teen perk.

I understood completely that not only was she my cousin, that she was 13 and I was turning 18 in a few months, but during our tropical vacation I was forced to stare at her in her skimpy, tiny bikini's, watching her run and bounce around on the beach, sneaking peeks at her beatiful ass that almost always hung out of whatever shorts or bathing suit or skirt she happened to be wearing. The final straw was when everyone was retiring for the night upstairs, and Little cousin sex story happened to be sitting out looking at the ocean view on the deck when I heard running water, and noticed the bathroom window was wide open with no curtains.

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I got curious and took a peek, and happened to see none ot her than Stephanie, staring at herself butt naked in the mirror, smashing her boobs together, looking at her ass, making cute faces, the usual things I suppose girls do in the mirror. I was awestruck, staring at her beautiful tits that I had dreamed about catching a glance of the entire trip.

Of course nothing stemmed from that other than a major erection and a deeper fantasy, and nothing did happen shortly after, until a few months went by and I found myself at her house, and all of the adults drunk at the neighbors. The birthday was well over, and I was staying for a few drinks at the neighbors when I was asked to go over and check on the. I walked over and found myself in an empty house, all for a light glaring between a semi-closed door. Alexis although fully clothed, jumped and thinking of Stephanie, went to shoosh me out quickly, but Stephanie grabbed her hand as she approached and said "It's okay, he's my favorite cousin.

We go on awesome veacations together and it's nothing he Little cousin sex story seen before". I of course swallowed heavily, knowing very well that I had seen more, and wish I could again. Alexis was extremely short, just like her mother who was a family friend. She couldn't have been more than 4'10 or 11, with A tits and a cute little ass, and a skinny frame with an italian complexion, and long brown straight hair, nothing to snuff at, and she looked almost 16 or 17, when in fact she was 13 could have been 12 at this time.

We settled into her room to watch a movie, and I noticed that there were a few beer cans strewn about her room, obviously stolen from the party. It wasn't a large amount, maybe 4 or 5 cans, but enough to get two 90 pound 13 year old girls giddy and tipsy, which explained their excessive climbing around and horseplaying with each other.

Several times I found myself placed with stephanies round ass wagging back in front of my face as they wrestled around me and over me. Now I can't say how many times, but in this whole fray I had become utterly rock hard, and was positive that she had felt it several times, with her hands, ass, legs, whatever happened to find itself placed on top of my bulge.

Shortly after I noticed stephanie speaking to her friend in private in the corner, and returned with a blanket, promptly laying it out on top of me and Alexis and her slipping under teh covers to being watching the movie. The movie was uneventful for a while when I jumped at a sudden, certainly not accidental, grip on my member. Stephanie was between the two of us, so I glance suddenly to her thinking maybe it was an accident, but she was staring straight faced at the movie screen still, and her hand began to slide gently up and down my shaft, quickly returning it to it's once proud glory only moments ago.

Little cousin sex story couldn't help but be a little shocked, but also couldn't stop myself form enjoying the overly skilled manipulation of my cock from someone this age. At that point I noticed that Alexis Little cousin sex story become a little flush and was breathing heavily, most likely due to stephanie's hand which I could see had found it's way down her skirt, and under her thong.

I instantly couldn't help btu let out an excited moan, at this gorgeous underage blonde jacking me off while she played with her friends pussy. I was even more pleasantly surprised when she withdrew her hand from her friend and used them both to unbutton my pants and free my rock hard dick from it's denim chamber.

She didn't give me any time to expect anything, and before I knew it my dick, which stood erect about 8 inches, quickly disappeared into her throat. I was shocked at how someone her age could handle it better than most of the girls my age I had been with, as she massaged the shaft and gently swirled her tongue around the head, looking up at me every now and then and letting little moans off while it was deep in her mouth.

Alexis had become a mixture of surprised and what seemed to be fascination, as she watched stephanie take my dick down her throat with wide eyes. So as to not make her feel uncomfortable, my first reaction was to pull her closer, and remove her skirt, exposing her tiny little black thong, which barely covered what I was surprised to find, a completely shaved bare pussy. I began to play with her clit, and feel how wet stephanie had already gotten her, when I noticed stephanie had ceased with her oral pleasure to remove her shirt and shorts, exposing her sports bra once more, and a gorgeous pair of tiny black boy shorts, with lace and bows on them which didn't surprise me, as I had known she had a lot of sexy underwear bceause it was an ordeal that my aunt let her have such things to my grandmother.

She removed alexis' shirt with a lot of kissing and sensual touching, and I could tell right away that they had probably been experimenting for a while, as they were already very comfortable with being intimate with each other. After both of them had exposed their beautiful tits they both gathered in front of me on hands and knees and began Little cousin sex story each side of my dick to continously lick and suck their way up and down my dick, back to each tohers mouths, then back to my dick.

I was completely shocked at this point, two girls 12 and 13 in age, one my beautiful cousin who I had fantasized about, sharing my dick between them. It was amazing, and when Alexis grabbed my dick and aimed it at Stephanie until her was gainst her lips, Stephanie just slid it down her throat as Alexis held it for her, and rubbed her still boy shorts clad ass as it stuck up in the air.

I was seconds from cumming, when their tongues met from my dick and distracted them, instigating a session of them kissing and touching, as I watched gently stroking my dick. Stephanie got Alexis pinned down and her tongue disappeared into her pussy, flickering back to the clit and soaking up the juices which I could see from across the bed shining in the light. It was all I could take seeing stephanie's ass framed in those lacey boy shorts wagging back and forth with her face deep in her friends pussy. I positioned myself directly behind her and peeled her underwear from her ass, making sure to go slowly as her little pussy lips were exposed, peeking out from under her ass.

I did not hesitate, and had her pussy been less soaking wet and glistening from all the obvious excitement, it would not have slid in. After three inches or so I found resistance, and was amazed at how anything could be that tight. I knew from the experience she obviously had that she was not a virgint hough, and I was able to work it in slowly, getitng a little squeal eeach time I went deeper and deeper.

In under 10 seconds she was already panting, and I already had my dick completely buried in her underage snatch, and could feel the tightness gripping me all the way to my shaft. Alexis had started to warm up too, and was moaning regularly now, her fingers running through stephanies hair who was still obviously going strong on Alexis' clit, despite panting moans and the obvious distraction Little cousin sex story my penis going balls deep in her tiny pussy repeatedly.

It must have been under 5 mins. Without any warning she leaned forward and unsheathed my dick from her dripping pussy, and told me to lay down with a smile. I expected her to give me a beautiful ride, and was ready to see her gorgeous grapefruits bouncing up and down in my face, but instead she turned to Alexis, who seemed unsure and nervous. I did nothing to egg her on, not only because I didn't think she should be influenced, but because Stephanie was already egging her on too much for anyone else, rubbing her clit and kissing her neck, explaning how she wanted to see her get fucked and reminded her that her boyfriend who had recently taken her virginity had a small penis and didn' tknow how to use it.

Alexis seemed to acknowledge this, for it was the deciding factor for her to climb up, and position her tiny, much smaller looking than even stephanie's, pussy above my dick and pause their reluctantly, as I gazed up and down her very skinny body, to her unusually big ass, and her small but still perfectly shaped tits.

Stephanie got on her knees behind her and began to massage her clit, and kiss her neck, effectively causing Alexis to lower and my dick slowly to begin penetrating her. Her face was almost a look of shock as I got about 6 inches inside, and was beginning to think it might not be pleasant for her at all. However after about 7 inches or so she told me to not move, and stephanie began to massage my balls and Alexis ass, as Alexis began to take off indepently of my actions.

She worked my dick up and down, back and forth, moving faster and slower. I was amazed at how she worked her hips and was able to maneuver it in and out of her with such ease.

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She was unbelievably tight but also unbelievably wet, which I assume stephanie had something to do with, and I had thought I heard a couple orgasms. This was almost more than I could take, and Stephanie had repositioned herself spread eagle facing me, giving me a full view of her beautiful pussy, other than what was covered by her furiously working fingers. I felt myself growing close and managed to say "I'm going to cum", in time for Alexis to dismount, the friction of her pussy suctioning off my cock bringing me right to the edge.

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Stephanie promptly stopped playing with her clit and leaned parallel to me but on one elbow, taking my cock into her hand and directing it to her mouth where she began a gentle suckling motion on the head of my cock. I knew it was going to be a big one, and Alexis was just in time, crawling on her hands and knees on the other side of me towards my cock as I let loose a huge spurt into stephanies mouth, which was instantly greeted by a grunt of satisfaction.

She withrew and opened her mouth wide, fast enough for the second spurt to just catch her lip, rewarding her with most in her mouth and a good amount on her upper lip. It got sloppy on the second spurt, where Stephanie was hit directly in the right cheek close to her eye as she was attempting to transfer my cock to alexis mouth in an almost rehearsed speed, allowing the next spurt to land directly on Alexis face, and the remaining to be emptied into her young and wanting mouth, her little tiny lips wrapped tight around the head of my cock.

I wouldn't rule it out of ever happening again, and a similar Little cousin sex story almost occured just between me and her at a following new years eve when she was still She is currently 15 now and I am ed: Apr 19, Messages: Jul 5, ed: Dec 13, Messages: 9. ed: Aug 5, Messages: Jul 6, I really enjoyed your story and it was written well!!!

Little cousin sex story

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