Liv and maddie sex story

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Maddie didn't really know what was wrong with her. Having sex for the first time with Diggie should have been magical, however all she felt was cheap. Diggie is a great guy and an outstanding boyfriend yet the only way she could get her pussy wet enough to fuck was to think about Willow in the gym shower. The water falling down on her body, the way the soap lathered up on her skin.

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What's wrong with me? I shouldn't think about her friend and teamate this way. Maddie always asummed that any feelings like this would go away when she gave in to Diggie's request for sex. But lying there she knew she would never sleep with him again.

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In fact she would end this relationship ASAP. She felt bad about that, but knew she wouldn't be happy with any guy. Maddie tried to advert her eyes as her twin sister changed out of yet another dress. Liv, not knowing what she was doing to Maddie striped down yet again. What to you think M" she asked holding the dress up to her nude body and looking to Maddie for approval. Maddie looked her up and down and tried to keep from feeling to wettness inbetween her thighs.

Liv smiled in respond and dropped the dress one her bed standing there in the buff in full display. Maddie looked in admeration at her sister's body, her full titsnarrow waist and shaved pussy.

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Wait What! Shaved pussy, when did that happen? Liv looked down and laughed in her high pitched way" Oh that, well Adien and I are going to get to that lvl soon and boys these day love a shaved pussy. Maddie snapped out of her daydream. I don't miss him, he wasn't right for me, in fact can we talk about something? I'm going to Kill him, where is he? Liv stopped and looked at her sister confused.

I'm not attrectived to any guy. Liv I like girls. Maddie stay silient waiting for her sister to process the information. Liv took a deep breath "Maddie you are my sister, best firend, and nothing you say can change how I feel about you. I will always love you. Maddie was getting ready for a shower when there was a loud knock at the door.

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Maddie turned the water on and started to get undressed. They may be idendical twins but maddie's sports gave her the better ass. Liv couldn't get that out of here head. She always wanted to try being with a girl, but in hollywood, you couldn't just try something out. Not without offending some group or another. As maddie jumped into the shower liv made a descion that would either blow up or be great. Maddie was just starting to lather up when the shower curtain opened and Liv jumped in before she could even thing to protest. Maddie not sure where this was going, tried to cover herself with her hands.

Maddie was shocked and held herself completely still until her brain realized what was happening, then she started to kiss her back. Will you do this for me M? Liv smiled and shook her head yes. The walls down kissing and hands were everywhere, as maddie kissed her way down to her twins hairless pussy she took a second to enjoy what was happening.

This felt right, sharing this with Liv knowing they would both treasure this forever. Maddie's hands cupped her sister's ass, squezing and enjoying taste of her sister's pussy. This was better than she ever dreamed. Having tasting herself many times she was surprised by how different Liv tasted.

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She loved it and kept digging deeper. Liv had been all natural for as long as she know her sister. She didn't know what to expect when she started down this road, but she was glad that it happened. Maddie was made this such a special thing.

She wouldn't ever forget this day. She leaned in and gave her a deep long kiss, while her hand reached down and started to play with pussy. Liv, taking her cue did the same. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Liv and Maddie. Maddie learns what she likes and maybe Liv does too. Chapter 2 is a rewrite of chapter one.

Same story, just a lot easier to read. Two Weeks later Maddie tried to advert her eyes as her twin sister changed out of yet another dress. Liv lightly moaned into the kiss to show her approval. Breaking the kiss maddie asked" Why? Chapter 1 2. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

Liv and maddie sex story

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Liv And Maddie Sex