Long hair play stories

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Hi everyone, my name is Kabir. I have a long hair fetish. This incident happened 2 years back with my neighbor. We stay in good society in Mumbai on the second floor adjacent to each other. I love foreplay, hair play, hair jobs more. Read the first part for the precap. Next morning I woke up a bit late and by the time Kiara left for her house. She had to go to some relatives place and would be coming in the evening. I was in seventh heaven. The thought only made my dick erect. I went to the washroom to relieve myself and get fresh. I had the entire afternoon to prepare for some special night moments.

Then bought chocolate which I tempered it at home, scented candles, bought two hair sticks, rubber band hair ties, a hair clip, two big bottles of almond hair oil, a pair of socks and a box of strawberry condoms.

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I immediately came home had lunch. I tempered the chocolate, cleaned my room and arranged a few candles. Then I messaged her to ask about her whereabouts. She told she will reach by and will have dinner with me. Then she will be with me only.

I could just think of the memories that will be made tonight. I ordered food from a local restaurant that she liked. She came to her place by She got fresh, changed into her loose t-shirt and pajamas, hair in high pony neat and tidy and came at my place by 8. The moment she entered my house, I began smooching her. Her lips were petals with dew on them.

She broke the kiss and told that she was super hungry. I lowered her pajamas at the same time I even lowered mine. I sat on the chair. I made her sit on my lap in such a way that she would face me. My dick resting in her pussy and moving in a slow rhythm. So she started feeding me. I started feeding her. Then she would eat it from my mouth and I would also do the same.

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This went for an hour. We did the dishes. Then I lit up the candles and invited her to my room. She was surprised by seeing the arrangement. I hugged her from behind and then kissed her on her lips. I massaged her boobs at the same time.

My dick was grinding in her ass crack. I removed her top and pajamas. Took scissors and made a cut in her bra and panty. She started scolding me. Also, I cut her rubber band having her hair open up like black and sun-kissed golden curtain. I then tore her bra and panty with my hands. She got shocked. I then gifted her the lingerie I had bought for her. Black colored lacy bra and black netted panty. I also gave her the hair sticks, hair tie, and the clip. She understood my fantasy and immediately wore the lingerie and tied a bun with the clip.

I started smelling her hair bun, kissed her nape and her bare back slowly and seductively.

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With every kiss and lick, she would arch her back. I was in no mood to stop. Also, I gave her a hickey in the back. She was already wet and even I was oozing pre-cum. I made her into doggie position and removed her panty. Licked and sniffed her asshole. I spanked her butt damn hard and even gave her a hickey on the left butt cheek.

I removed her lacy bra also. She was surprised to see me put such efforts and happy for the same.

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I applied chocolate on her neck, on her boobs and nipple, on her belly and finally the pussy. I tied her hands to the bed and started kissing and licking the chocolate from everywhere. Licking the pussy was amazing. I then took the oil bottle and poured it on her belly and boobs and gave her a massage. Oh, it was so smooth and soft feeling the curves of her body. I untied her and we went to the bathroom to clean her.

But then I poured oil on her back, rubbed her body against mine. Poured oil on her bun and massaged it. Opened her bun, opened the shampoo bottle and turned on not only the hot shower but also Kiara. Half an hour we cleaned and made out. Finally, we dried ourselves and I carried her on the bed. Combed her hair, blow dried, played with them until they were dry for her to make the braid. Then I kept smooching her super hard. She wanted my dick in her mouth but I wanted a hard fuck so wore a condom and took her in missionary for some time and fucked her hard.

I forgot the of times she came. Then I took her braid in my hand and entered her from behind with the doggy style. First I went slowly, enjoying Long hair play stories stroke and then faster as we both were about to cum and we came.

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I did not want the night to end without my favorite part happening. I licked her entire braid, removed the hair band with my mouth and opened her braid. Took my comb and started doing strokes. My dick started getting back into action. Kiara desperately wanted the dick in her mouth. She turned around and started sucking it like a lollipop. Oh, my-my it was heavenly amazing.

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I stopped her and told her to bun her hair up so that I could hold it and go for the deep throat. She made a huge tight bun with the rubber band. I smelled it, bit it and licked it. And again the blowjob session continued. I kept pulling her bun and it was a vigorous ruthless bun pulling she kept screaming. Long hair play stories I was just deep throating her. I told her I was about to cum. She immediately removed the dick took a gasp of air, turned around and helped me insert my dick in her voluminous bun.

My dick was throbbing and well supported by her rubber band. I came the longest in her bun in two days. It was amazing. I kissed her and thanked her. She thanked me for the surprise. It was actually super late and we slept off. Next day was the last day I was going to have with her and she promised she would return the favor. Hope you like the story. Also for airplay, hairjobs, sexting, foreplay, sex in Mumbai ping me up. — [ protected] thank you. What did you think of this story?? If IndianSexStories2. If you're on ISSstories.

Long hair play stories

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