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I'm a guy with a kinky fingernail fetish. I have 3 inch long bright red fingernails put on me and then I love to drive around and flaunt them to women mostly. The kinky part is when I get seen by usually 2 or 3 women together.

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Then, every time. I have the most uncontrollable orgasms I would love to see your nails.

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I hope you keep them long and in my case I like long nails with clear shiny nail polish the most. Sometimes red is a good colour too. I would like somehow to connect with you. I went to a nail salon and had them put 4 inch long nails on me and polished them bright red.

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I have this wild fetish for long fingernails. I came home and was so turned on.

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I know it's weird but it was so kinky for me - I am a men. It is your passion you are enjoying and I am the same way. I love long nails on men and reading your story has also turned me on as well. You need a Premium to access that feature! We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium. Long-fingernails Confessions Long-fingernails confession stories and sins.

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Confession Stories Confessions Current: long-fingernails. Views Recent Upvoted Comments. Fetish long fingernails nail polish fetish orgasms. Report Please to report. If you want to see me naughty Fetish long fingernails nail fetish fingernail polish.

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Long-fingernails Confessions