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So, you want to get into audio sex stories? My guess is that many guys got bored with regular porn and are looking for something completely new. Audio sex stories are the perfect thing for them and they eat that shit up like crazy. Finally, the taboo topics you can explore are unmatched. Audio sex stories to listen to So, where can you find audio sex stories anyway? Introducing: LushStories. In my experience, this is one of the best audio sex story sites out there and why that is exactly is the topic that we will be discussing today.

Lush Stories has a huge repository of free audio sex stories that you can listen to.

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They also have plenty of regular stories that you can read, but we are not here to talk about those. Instead, what we are looking to do here is to explore all these audio sex stories, and figure out how you can find the best ones for you so you can really enjoy them. First things first, we need to talk a little bit about audio sex stories in general on LushStories.

You see, one of the main things about this site is that you can find an incredible of audio sex stories to listen to. With a good reader, Lush audio stories can be much better than reading. We all know that apps, such as audible, are getting more and more popular. It just seems like people are more willing to listen than to read stories in general, not just sex stories either. Register and listen to free audio stories The great thing about the audio stories here, unlike some other platforms, is that you can get them for free.

There are not many sites out there that will provide you with audio sex stories for free. So, if you want to enjoy some great content, and especially audio content that is determined as good or bad through community voting, then Lush Stories is a site you should check out. Enough audio content to last One thing that I found difficult is to determine how many audio sex stories there are on LushStories.

And there are many different ways to sort the stories too if you want to concentrate on the most popular ones for example, or the latest ones too. Right now, all you should know about the of stories in audio format that you can expect on Lush Stories is pretty big. Plus, new audio sex stories are getting ed every single day.

You can see this when you look at the latest stories. Even the low score ones are kind of fun to listen to since they are so damn genuine and all that. You can also download the audio sex story in. That is to say that you can download the text, not the mp3 file itself. With this. All of these features make for a heck of a reading and listening experience with these audio sex stories, and Lush audio stories really did enjoy myself with it all.

Some annoying features and One thing that I will say about one feature is that I have mixed feelings about it. Which feature is that? Instead, the score of an audio sex story can be anywhere from 0 to over like some of the stories on the site. I know many stories that are at like 12 score and they are absolute bangers!

So yeah, not so sure about that. Anyway, if you really want to enjoy yourself with some phenomenal content on LushStories, you are going to have to fucking endure those and that is something that I have a very tough time getting over.

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Lush audio stories

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