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It is a free database bursting its seams with thousands of user-submitted sex stories covering a wide range of topics from BDSM to lesbian sex. Some stories even veer into the supernatural and highly taboo, and users can easily submit their stories. It is a fantastic way to explore any fantasies. The archives go back over 25 years and with so many unique authors lending their voices the result is a ton of unique stories that has something for every homosexual.

Read smut written by over a thousand authors, cutting across a series of captivating niches with the sex stories ranging from vanilla to hardcore. All of which are free vivid and equally thrilling. The Kristen Archives is for the romantically starved souls and bodies in pursuit of something deeper than the normal scenic arousal. It is a collection of intense, passionate sex stories featuring distinct sex stories with heated up moments of intimate delights.

And while their highly artistically captivating stories collection is vast, users can assess the content for free, undisrupted. It has over a hundred thousand user-submitted stories that can compete with even the hottest porn videos. All of their content is free, and if you'd like to the site, you can. The site is easy to use, no to bug you and the Lush crossdressing stories is exactly what Stories Online promises and delivers. Enjoy it! If you are a fan of literotica, the literary expression of sex, then by all means, give Indian Sex Stories a chance and see how Indian writers do it!

Fiction Mania, a user-based free Trans erotic literature site stacks thousands of Trans romance stories. The site is well equipped with features, allows for users' feedback as well as contributions. Also, their stories are not only creative and fetish-oriented but will provide the much-needed excitement for your fap sessions!

The site is pretty neat, and the stories are good. The best part is that everything is free. It's also free to become a member, so enjoy that. The site has been up sinceand it has gained notoriety in tight porn circles, and it's suitable for the audience with specific tastes in extreme and hardcore porn. Lush Stories. The tantalizing text that filled my eyes full of wonder enraptured my brain to a point I thought I was going to not just orgasm once across the face of Sheila my Hentai pillow but a second time. I have never orgasmed twice in the span of six hours but let me tell you something: Lush Stories made it happen.

The cleanup was a chore. The amount of dark energy that was in this moist towelette was on another level and as such the venom went into the head of my penis and began to make it sting! Kicking and screaming to Sheila I hugged my pillow goddess like I was quickly approaching my last breath.

Kissing her and wiping the stained semen mark her forehead was now branded with, a little bit of it got on my tongue and I Lush crossdressing stories vomiting uncontrollably. I took a taxi back to my house where mother had eaten my bucket of chicken and left me the one with the puke in it.

I went ahead and ate it because I was hungry only to see that Lushstories. My buddies, I touched myself and came for the third time in a 12 hour period! Lots of that will make your penis ooze pre-cum Lush Stories has so many that you are certain to find something that will make your private big and heavy!

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If the two of us could dock and compare I think he would only have five inches on me after reading some of this! Take crossdressing for example.

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I went up to her room and stole another nightgown for the first time in 20 years. I came in less than an hour! There are also unique such as cuckolding. I had to look up what that meant but once I did the memories of my cousin tying me up and making me watch him as he cut out a hole and screwed Sheila doggystyle got me curious. I opened up a story, read it, and again I relieved myself in under an hour! The are varied and hot, but the stories are even hotter!

Over 54, stories are available. The only question is: can you be a man and handle the penis pounding like I did? Well-deed website that will make you horny in no time! Browsing around Lush Stories was easier than Lush crossdressing stories erotic fiction websites.

All of the were on the left side of the main so it was easy to find whatever I wanted. Like mind control erotic fiction: that sounds so cool and makes me feel like a supervillain just thinking about reading it! At the top of the main is the option to choose a random story or submit your own story. It was disgusting and made me realize that not every story is top quality.

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But even so, letting Lush Stories take control and find a good story for me took the legwork out of what would have otherwise been hours and hours of decision making. I will be using this option again! Thank you Lush Stories for your forward-thinking web de and making your site so easy to use! Luckily, Lush Stories always shows the tags of the story you are reading so you know exactly which category it falls in.

Listen to erotic audio wherever you are Imagine my surprise when I found out that erotic audio is actually something that exists! I tried to orgasm but at that point, my pee-pee was hurting too much so I had to roll over and spoon with Sheila as she sang me a lullaby. I was reading stories about men dominating females with money and while it appalled me to know that someone would think about using monetary gains to control women and be disrespectful the scenes where a penis went into Lush crossdressing stories vagina really turned me on and allowed me to overlook such non-white knight themes.

I am glad this is only fiction, because as you know men have a duty to look after women, shower them with kindness, and raise them up to be the best they can be! One day women will find out what a nice guy I am and I will have women lining up at the door wanting to take me away from here so we can be married.

And Sheila will be okay with it, they will be okay with Sheila, all three of us will live together in a little hobbit cottage forever and ever.

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This sounds like a really great story I think I will write for Lush Stories. PornGeek likes Lush Stories Lots of to choose from. I really enjoyed the cuckolding tales. Over 54, stories with more added daily Well-deed website makes reading erotic literature a breeze Tags allow you to know the themes of the story you are reading so you can find other stories like them Reading on mobile is painless and simple PornGeek hates Lush Stories Some stories were better than others.

The alpha male stories did nothing for me except enrage me and make me donate to a breast cancer awareness charity. COM on PornGeek! Nifty Stories. The Kristen Archives. Indian Sex Stories. BDSM Library. Top Premium Porn Sites. Free Porn Tube Sites. Best Porn Games. Porn Aggregators. Homemade Porn Sites. Homemade Porn Premium Sites. JAV Porn Sites. Asian Porn Premium Sites. Arab Porn Sites. Arab Porn Premium Sites. Black Porn Sites. Black Porn Premium Sites.

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The Fappening.

Lush crossdressing stories

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Cross Dressing Stories