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Daniel was walking down the street. He had dark hair, was average in hight, at startling blue eyes, and wore t-shirts and skinny jeans in general. He was also a little chubby, being about lbs. About 15lbs of this was relatively new, meaning is t-shirt and jeans showed off his new flab well. Daniel turned into McDonalds. The guy at the counter was rather tall, thin with sandy hair and deep, green eyes and a long nose, with very lanky arms and legs, swamped by his company uniform.

Daniel approached the counter, his belly and moobs bouncing slight. Once he had got it, Daniel went over to a seat and began to eat. Keep reading. Ryan had never felt guilty about being a feeder or his love of big guys. From the Magic weight gain story he left for college, he took pleasure in sampling the largest and fattest guys on the dating scene, always ensuring they put on a few lbs before he moved on to the next guy. Sometimes they were aware that he had feeder tendencies, sometimes not. Ryan only had one equal, in his eyes, a guy named Kevin who he used to spend hours online chatting to, swapping feeder tips and stories of their escapades.

Between them they had fattened, secretly or not, scores of men they had dated. Hopefully there would be enough chubby boys to go around now the two of them were about.

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Ryan let Kevin get himself settled for a couple of weeks before inviting him out to get a coffee. It was exciting to meet him at last and the pair got along just as well in person as they had online. They sat themselves in a corner of the coffee house and spent their time eyeing up the cute fat boys that came in and out. It really was incredible how similar their tastes were.

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He was nothing like the usual guys he went for, being tall and lanky, with practically no ass on him at all. Nothing more than casual though. They both liked their fat boys too much. He was sweet and attentive, whilst understanding Ryan more than any of his other boyfriends had. His friends and family seemed pleased as well, him dating someone who was a normal size for a change; although why that had to matter so much annoyed Ryan greatly.

It felt like Kevin was really falling for him as well. Could a feeder and a feeder really work together? Kevin was the first and only skinny guy Ryan had dated, but he certainly found him sexy and even looked forward to seeing his skinny little naked ass hop out of the shower. Christmas came and went and Ryan felt thoroughly pampered by Kevin who had made the time away from work really special, with great food and even better sex. But, by the middle of January, the normal New Year blues had set in.

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But instead of being annoyed, Kevin always looked on the bright side and tried to make the best of it, sending Ryan off to work with a hearty meal and packed lunch. He really was a great cook, Ryan could see how Kevin had been such a great feeder in the past.

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The two boys had been dating for about three months, when Ryan suddenly started to wrestle more with his work pants. All these shifts were messing with him. Ryan would just have to cut down a little until things became less crazy at work and he could settle back into a good gym routine.

Kevin was working that evening so there was nothing to get excited about. He might as well have been single for how loved-up he would be this year. Of course I took it off! Ryan walked in to his living room to see a table beautifully decorated with flowers and several sets of cutlery ready to go. Ryan had never been especially romantic, but this was enough to melt even his heart.

Kevin cheered. Just sit down there and let me do the rest. What followed was the best food Ryan had ever eaten. By the end of the main course, he had to take himself off to get changed out of his work clothes. When Ryan walked in to the bedroom he saw a present sat there on the bed, beautifully wrapped. He decided not to disturb it and set about taking off his tight work pants, when Kevin walked in to the room carrying two large chocolate Sundaes. What is it? Ryan tugged at the paper until he uncovered a box of sexy underwear with a typical hunk decorating the box.

Ryan was horrified. Ryan had never been spoken to like this before. He had never gained weight before. He had always been so skinny and he certainly resented Kevin to bringing it up so casually. Even so, whether he was willing to admit it or not, he had a slight semi forming in his underpants. Kevin simply laughed it off and went back to hugging Ryan sweetly. Ryan could see Kevin watching him eating, every mouthful of the fattening Sundae. He had done it himself to many boyfriends in the past but had never been on the receiving end.

Kevin was a feeder after all, why not indulge him this once? Especially after all the effort he had been to. So, even when Kevin claimed to be too full to finish his, Ryan stepped in like a trooper and, with a full and bloated stomach, had the best sex of his life. There was no way he was going to let himself go though, Ryan Magic weight gain story whilst on his break at work. His pants may be incredibly tight at the moment but he would soon lose it. By the end of his shift he was ready to burst and hastily headed straight over to see Kevin to release the pent up sexual frustration of the day.

Kevin was good, but Ryan was on to him. He could see all the extra snacks that he was offering each night and how overindulged he liked Magic weight gain story keep him. It was the middle of March and thankfully the very end of a long shift when it happened. Ryan bent down to pick up some papers that had fallen out of his hand when he felt the material in the seat of his pants give way. But as his hand felt across his ass, he could feel the material had been torn in half right between his butt cheeks.

He made his way to his chair and swung his winter coat around his waist and tied it around himself before ing himself out for the day. He got a few strange glances. It was freezing outside still and everyone looked at him as he pulled fresh snow off his car windscreen while dressed in his shirt and a winter coat around his waist.

Ryan could hardly contain his embarrassment. Since he was practically living with Kevin these days, he went Magic weight gain story to his place to change. It was closer. Confused at being ignored, Kevin followed behind him and stood at the doorway whilst Ryan removed the coat with his back to him. They were old pants. We can get you some new ones. Ryan always felt so turned on when Kevin touched his ass like this. Within a few seconds he had a full on boner in his pants.

Ryan heaved himself out of bed. It was the end of the summer and fairly warm in the apartment so there was no need to get dressed. He had smelt the bacon cooking 20 minutes ago and had been salivating since then. He loved and hated how much Kevin was able to mess with his head like this. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror as he made his way to the table. He had been with Kevin eight months or so now and his body definitely showed it. Gone was his flat stomach, replaced by a tire of fat that surrounded his middle like a life belt, whilst his pudgy ass bounced along behind him.

He made his way to the living room, feeing warm inside from the sickening grin Kevin had on his face watching his freshly fattened boyfriend jiggling out for breakfast, whilst simultaneously hating himself for allowing this to happen. Ryan huffed, but tucked in none the less, whilst Kevin nibbled away at his fruit salad.

That always led to him overeating and regretting it later.

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