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My boyfriends and I were at the gym, like we were every Sunday. We usually focused on cardio. Weight training and gaining muscle was not something that really interested me, which was something that my boyfriend found quite annoying as muscles were something that really turned him on.

The two of us had met in freshman year of college and we were now seniors about to graduate. Looking over at my boyfriend he was still on his phone, he seemed to be distracted my something on it. I shook my head and continued running, as a tingling sensation spread over my face. I reached up to scratch where my face was tingling and ran my fingers through my beard. I looked over at my boyfriend, still sat on his phone typing away before looking at me with a large smile on his face.

I shrugged my shoulders as the same tingling feeling I felt in my face spread over my whole body. I slowed down on my treadmill before stepping off of it, that was my cardio warmup done, it was now time for the good stuff, the free weights.

I walked over to the weights in Male age progression stories of the large wall mirror and picked up one of the heaviest set. I was difficult as my arms were quite small, I could barely lift but they say go big or go home.

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I looked at myself in the mirror, my loose gym t-shirt hung off me as I started a few reps. Each rep felt amazing as the tingling increased and I watched myself in the mirror as I continued the reps, each rep becoming easier, almost as if the weights were becoming lighter. I placed the weights back and looked at myself in the mirror, my large frame barely fit in the t-shirt that I was wearing, it was almost skin tight on me. My large pecs could clearly be seen through it and I popped my pecs a few time with a grin on my face that could just be seen through my beard. I looked back over at my boyfriend who was walking towards me typing on his phone.

I reached up and pulled the sleeves of my t-shirt up, it was difficult considering my large shoulders but Male age progression stories managed. I looked back at the mirror, man I looked good in a tank top. I saw my boyfriend stand next to me in the mirror, he looked so much smaller stood next to me and my large frame. A look of realisation came over my boyfriends face as he pulled his phone back out and began typing.

The tingling started again, this time in my crotch. I reached down at grabbed my large package. The outline of it clearly visible in my tight gym shorts and grinned as I reached down and pulled my boyfriend close and walked towards the locker room for some fun. Good to be back! I first discovered that I had the power to transform others while I was at college. I must admit that at first I went a bit bad, making changes to nearly everyone that I saw. My college quickly became full of large muscular gay men and let me tell you that the rest of my time at college was interesting to say the least.

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That was a few years ago however, now I am a lot more selective of the people that I transform. When I spotted a father and son at the beach, I knew immediately that I would transform them. The son was a skinny as a rake, while the daddy was morbidly obese. The two of them were at the completely different ends of the spectrum.

I though for a second of what I could do to them before being my transformation. I began by transferring some of the d weight over to the son. Watching as the son plumped up, fat beginning to cover his body, all the while the d fat shrinking, stopping the transfer when the dad only weighed a few pounds more than his son.

The two of them immediately noticed the changes and looked down in shock at their bodies. The dad ran his hands over his smaller, although still large belly. While the son jiggled his new fat with a large smile on his face, he seemed to like being fatter. Male age progression stories began to turn the fat on their bodies into muscle and again watches as their bodies tightened, large muscles appearing as the fat melted and turned into hard muscle.

I paid particular attention to their pecs, forcing them to grow even bigger. I looked over my handiwork with a smile. Where there had once been a small skinny 18 year old there was now a large muscular man, with big juicy pecs. Next to his was his formerly morbidly obese father, who was now even larger than his son with thick thighs and even juicier pecs.

The final two changes I made was one that I gave to everyone that I changed. Firstly I made each of their penises twice as large, the dad must have been packing some serious equipment to begin with, because he was now spotting a large Male age progression stories in his speedos. The final change I made was to make them both gay and have a high sex drive. I smiled as I looked over the changes before I approached them knowing that they would both take me up on my offer for a hook up right there and then, and because of my powers, no one on the beach would even care.

This was not something that I was expecting when I promised the group of nerds 1lbs of muscle for every shot that they made until they missed, not expecting them to make a single shot.

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Turns out they were all really good at basketball, not something that you would have expected if you had seen them before. I just wonder how many more shots they can make, because at this rate we will be having a group of bodybuilders playing basketball in no time. Although the though of that does turn Male age progression stories on so I might just do that anyway. This town could do with more muscular men and with my powers, I am just the man to do it. I'm a 28 year old skinny, British guy with a Masters Degree. While I loved my time at university I can't help but think what my life would be like if I hadn't had gone to university and took up a manual job instead.

Not sure Male age progression stories many spins I will need, maybe 4? I understand your thinking. But I believe using the spinning app is too much of a risk when it comes to such a specific wish. I would prefer to use my own powers, just to be safe! So, a scholar. You have to be really smart for a master degree, so I think that we should take some of that intelligence! If you were smart, you would not have to do a manual job to begin with! I believe your IQ is between and ….

Now, most people start with their manual job at 16, maybe So if the math is correct, you have been doing this work for 11 years now. This means you can not be so skinny. You have worked in open air for so long, you have decently gained some muscle.

No, I think you would prefer working out! Feel the blood pump through your body! The testosterone! I think we have ourself a new you! You were never the smartest kid in class. You bullied some children because you were insecure about yourself. You were, and still are, the definition of toxic masculinity. Everyone who has a degree is some weak nerd in your eyes.

You are the Alpha. You are the king! I would like you all to meet the newest member of our construction team, Tucker. You might want to give him a wide berth, those pits really do stink quite a bit, I did make them that way after all. Just an hour ago Tucker here was rich, preppy lawyer in the law firm just over the road, shame he had to come over and insult me and my intelligence, just because we were making a bit too much noise.

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You should have seen the look on his face when I started to transform him into one of us. The sleeves of his suit jacket turned to dust and blew away in the breeze, leaving him in just a waistcoat and shirt. I knew the shirt had to go as well, so that blew away in the breeze. While the waistcoat turned a bright orange, with sliver stripes racing down Male age progression stories either side, until it became a high-vis jacket.

His suit pants disappeared leaving him standing there in just his underwear, aloug not for long as a messy and dirty pair of work pants soon appears on him. It looked funny seeing him just standing in the middle of the street in just a high-vis, not that any passersby were paying any attention, not that they could even see us at the moment. His skinny arms and pointed shoulders were on display for all to see and they would be next to change.

His muscles slowly began inflating, growing bigger by the second, he would be using them everyday now for manual labor, not more cushy desk job. His chest pushed out as two meaty pecs made their appearance. His now much bigger arms lifted up revealing almost hairless armpits, but like the rest of him, that would soon change. Hair began growing wildly and soon a large bush under his arms was on display for all to see.

The smell of BO wafted over to me and I held my nose, they guy stinks. The hair under his arms quickly spread out and cross his chest, covering his new pecs and raced down covering his six pack. I shook my head and soon the six pack disappeared as a small bear belly developed hiding them in a lay of fat, much better. His facial features reaprranging themselves and becoming sharper. His expensive looking haircut began to change, shrinking back I to his head until it was a buzzcut, got to keep hair short on the sites after all.

Next to change was his mentality, atleast outwardly anyway, I Male age progression stories him to know what he ly was and why he was changed, but not be able to control his new urges. A quick look through his memories showed me that he was gay and engaged to his partner of ten year. I toyed with the idea of turning him straight but went against it, instead I got rid of his partner and made him a bit of a slut. He love life now consisted almost exclusively of hookups, he even had a few regular hookups who paid to sick their faces into his hairy pits and give him a tounge bath.

I checked him over inspecting my work like any good builder does.

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Ah yeah, on final thing, a little reward for not fighting the changes as much as his last recruit. A prominent bulge became visible in between his legs as I gave him a dick that would help with his regular hookups and make any othe man envious. I always instill a good message into my team, treat other with respect or expect consequences. Shame some people have to my team to learn that. When Adam wished to be the strongest guy in the school, he was hoping to get bigger than Mason, his bully and the star of the school football team.

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But the next day he woke up in a completely different bed, his arms wrapped around a woman. Sliding out of the bed he awkwardly made his way to the bathroom and closed the door behind him. Turning on the light he looked in the mirror and was shocked to see the coach of the football team looking back at him. He spent the next few minutes touching and poking himself, running his hands through the beard that adorned his face and feeling up his now much larger muscles.

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Speaking of his old body, it approached him the first day he went into school, it was weird seeing his old body in front of him. Adam thought that coach would be unhappy to be in a scrawny geeky body, but he was happy, apparently he was unhappy with his old life, explaining that he was secretly gay, but never had the courage to come out, but now had the perfect opportunity.

Male age progression stories

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